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President Lungu expected in Muchinga province for a three day official visit.


President Edgar Lungu on Board Zambia airforce MA60 Presidential aircraft flying to the Copperbelt

President Edgar Lungu is this Saturday, January 20, 2018 expected to be in Muchinga Province for a three day official visit.

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba revealed this during a provincial heads of department meeting.

Dr. Kalumba revealed that the President Lungu is expected to arrive in Chinsali at 09:00 hours on Saturday.

According to a tentative programme availed to the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in Chinsali today, the head of state will on Saturday check on the on-going works at Chinsali first level general hospital and later on hold meetings with chiefs and party officials as well as touring the markets.

Dr. Kalumba said on Sunday, the President will congregate with Christians at St. John’s Catholic Church before proceeding to commissioning the police headquarters building.

Other projects which Mr. Lungu will visit are the 30 staff houses, water plant and the four storey provincial administration building.

The President is on Monday morning expected to travel to Nakonde and Mafinga districts to check on developmental projects taking place there.

Mr. Lungu is also expected to visit Chama, Lavushimanda and Kanchibiya districts where he will address members of the general public.


    • Why is he reading that newspaper which praise him, instead of LT which has both. It’s like reading post-card, no one ever sends “dislike or hate” cards.

    • Election rigger and extortionist who deprived and ordinary citizen her money and now taking over from RB as the Corruption Godfather playing along side the guy he took over from (RB). The two are the sick men of Zambia.

    • The man works ridiculously hard. I dare you state any president who works as well as his highness President Lungu.


    • Keep the nasty vendors away from the streets. Sell in the market and keep order. They burn the markets to filth the streets and bring disease and vermin. What kind of people are you!

    • proceeding to commission the police headquarters building.

      Other projects which Mr. Lungu will visit are the 30 staff houses, water plant, and the four-story provincial administration building.
      Does Mwinilunga or Monze have such type of infrastructure?
      Am sure they were built by the corrupt Chinese.

    • Then we had an old man called ‘Dick.’ Chasaya telling that government can’t be run by social media. Well government will be drawn into social media. We’ll have our government to be accountable. Chasaya graffiti was used as a way to communicate now it’s social media. If Jonathan’s government will not pay attention they are out. They are out anyway

    • President who? Mr Chakolwa. When are the next elections? Some voters can not wait for exit of PF and all their band of incompetents

  1. Kamwendo munjila, kikikiki.

    He is going to check his corrupt contracts he has given to the Chinese who have not even completed some of the buildings.

    • RB reloaded leading MMD reloaded. This goon has to go, after all he store the election and has brought cholera to his own citizens by his thieving habits that he started when he was a lawyer. Now he is masquerading as a President (rigger).

    • @Abena Ngoma ku Ngumbo, what is that comment mwebo, I can’t believe you can be so joking, hard working who.. alale!

    • @ Zambian Citizen
      you made me laugh, my ribs-out!..haha
      You and I, have promised each other to agree to disagree. You see, and to borrow your words “it’s jaw drop dropped” you cannot agree that is me “umwina ng’umbo”. It’s me Zambian Citizen!
      Mr Sata left PF for us, we will do the needful. We are back on the road to win 2021 with or without President Lungu, the man of good soul!

    • Anything can be said especially by UPND but surely this man is doing something. Nga ni ba kainde bena twalishiba efyo banashya Technical Fraud; evidence is there at the defunct Zambia Privatization Agency [now ZDA]. HH and GBM are and shall forever remain as thieves to us. Aba nibapompwe fye.

  2. Mr Edgar “fly every week” Wrungu is using a Chinese aircraft that is not even certified to fly within USA or Europe .Why do we settle for less?

  3. What did i say last week …that this lazy thing is craving for a flight. Nothing to week fasting and prayers the foools said really laughable.

    • Jay Jay. He is going round checking on progress of work and meeting the people in the country. He is working in Zambia. Even Building Inspectors at the ministry travel to sites once in a while to confirm what is going on. That’s part of working. The President is not going out of the country for a meeting or some gathering. Let the president work please.

    • Do you know what delegating is? We pay those Provincial ministers and PS alot of money…you dont need this work shy moron to go there waving his little fist.

  4. What time does this president have to do more “presidential” work at State House than behave like a building superintendent?? He has a guy employed in his office for Project Evaluation (a job Lucky Mulusa did at one time). At this rate he may just as well take and be a construction site foreman. It is a known fact he does not leave a site without an envelop from the Chinamen contractor. It explains why he will be more inclined to visit projects in far – flung places than take a visit to appreciate the state of UTH which is only ten minutes from his residence and he has never been there. The carpark has taken forever to complete. He should some of the money from the fire tenders to complete these works. The people of Chinsali should tell this wasteful corrupt man where to get off!!

    • The President also needs to be on the ground and not just depend on reports. An African President shouldn’t be detached from the common man on the ground simply because our local leaders only report the good things to the President but the President needs to see for himself.

    • Mwansa Original, are you new to Lusaka Times? Otherwise you would have known who Mushota is by now. She holds a PHD.

    • @mwansa Original
      You are welcome, declare your position PF or NOT?
      Mushota-PhD, is one of the longest serving and BEST blogger at LT, She is PF.
      She is married to a white man, and together live happily in The Monarch. Don’t try her, she will trash you into your correct place.
      Bushe nimwebo Ba wesu? muli ba ku Luapula ntondo namwe? yous name sounds like you hail from Luapula.

  5. Good move in 6.5 provinces and please deliver in those areas before 2021 because 6.5 provinces are the hearts of PF!!forget about 3.5 provinces which is full of die hard tribalists who will still vote for Kainde in 2021.If you are to retain power as PF in 2021,its votes from there which shall enable you to achieve that goal!!many voters in those provinces are still full time PF-just associate with them on regular basis Mr President!!

  6. Money for taxpayers down the cholera drain. How much of that flying cost could to provide safe environment for the poor souls in kanyama?

  7. …it looks like Mutati has put his foot down. no money for useless trips abroad …but as soon as they clinch a loan…it will be trip after trip….

  8. you so called jay jay fimo fimo you are sick in your head to much water typical of upnd bitter souls of satan heart ,what do you do in your life apart from insult president lungu day and nit you fool ,evil sent if you think your tribes man hh will lure soon you will hang yourself ,tell me which president ever in zambia has visited nearly or parts of the country than lungu ,And tell me whats wrong for him to visit his pipo and check on going projects ,ba upnd you are enemies of progress that why God through the pipo has rejected hh several times the last nail in hh coffin is 2021 wait and see

  9. I wanna see Lungu make a 3 day working visit to Chibolya ,Kalingalinga and Misisi to alleviate poverty ,clean up and familiarization with the living conditions of Zambia’s poor.

  10. What’s wrong with the Presidential plane or are there no more inaugurations going on somewhere beyond the borders for Lungu to settle for Muchinga?

  11. Seems to be alot of intelligent and ethical people on this blog. If these dinosaurs can run a country, I’m sure we can do better. How does one form a party and get into Zambian politics?

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