Saturday, July 20, 2024

President Lungu’s Morning Workout in Pictures


President Edgar Lungu joined by some cabinet ministers spotted doing his regular 10km run and body exercises afterwards

Workout over Christimas


  1. Hello, what ministers are these??, these are kids from unza, Edgar is married he should not be sleeping in the road like that ati training, what if his trousers falls off around these kids

    • @shu shu shu
      Mwaiche, married men train with respect somewhere indoors not seen,,,, not with abaiche so,,, what if Edgar farts pa abaiche while training,, , what are going to say Iwe ka shu shu shu

  2. It must feel good to see Lungu fail to make 10 press ups. “Allo upo tiyeni kwasala tutatu!” Lol
    Glad his taking his health very serious.

  3. Man of the exercise is Freedom Sikazwe.

    Fortunately none of the girls in the picture is beautiful enough to attract the attention of a Head of State.

  4. there are pipo in zambia who cant do the training because of hunger, i do think they can be pleased by seen the president doing this, awe naleka ndelolelafye, high electricity tariffs, fuel and very high cost of living

    • In Africa president come into power looking old and leave looking young, it’s the opposite with America and Europe, they come into power looking young and leave all grey haired and looking old a classic example is Obama.

  5. My president is fitter than your Kainde and GBM!!keep it up Sir as we need you to rule Zambia up to 2026!!
    Come 2021 ni PF nafuti nafuti!!
    Zonda uzalema kalusa!!!

  6. Isn’t there a gym at state house? Exercising to be seen is not necessary. Gym equipment is not expensive so they can buy and install at state house for the president and his body guards to use.

    • Then you will complain about the President wasting money on gym equipment whilst there are no medicines in hospital and also engage in endless debate about the price of a cross-trainer, dumb belsl, treadmills etc. Zambia has great weather, why not utilise it by training in the great outdoors?

  7. They are trying to live the lifestyle of those that live in countries where everything functions. 90% of Zambians can only dream of such a lifestyle. Did they exercise when they lived ku komboni?

  8. @LT. These photos are old and were taken in 2016 around election time along the State Lodge road new kasama, either before or after the election. Lungu was staying there at the time.

  9. Anybody knows what road this is? The road seemed to have been occupied with impunity. What if the car comes speeding and what gives these chaps the right to turn a public road into a gym? This is a police case. the Mayor of the city needs to move in and clean up this mess before it gets out of hand. This is no different with turning a public road into a market place by street vendors. Total irresponsibility if you ask me.

    And Kampyongo, that is not how you do a plank. Go and watch that youtube clip again

  10. Keeping fit is good for HE especially that he quaffs alcohol. It helps in the cleansing and detoxing the body. Keep it up sir.

  11. Cant believe this news as well. By the way don’t all these ministers have their own yards where they can do he morning work out. who is paying the instructor.

  12. The morning after merry – making and imbibing on Jameson. These are certainly, old photographs; Chitotela’s tummy has now ballooned three times more from “eating” on contracts awarded to Chinamen.

  13. It is a mast Presidents shut have work outs , as Rupiya Banda and those who worked with Mwanawasa they will tell you , but not showing off . one day mukalanga kateka aleposa ichambeshi . where are the advisers , advice your man not to show off when people are hungry and cholera on there door step

    • Presdos exercise mat is a double mutika chamboniza bed luxury Enjoy Mr President..vintu ivi bonse tifuna

  14. Keep fit all of us. Just to be seen to be talking without saying anything wont help you much. APASHILI PAKULEKA BA MWINE. Keep it going!

  15. Zambians, Zambians why insult the President? Is it just the hate for the man or this is the new form of politics campaigning with insults? Surely this is not the way to go bane.

  16. The next thing you will see is Kachema also jogging! The chap fears President Lungu to the core. Do you remember the hat copy which never yielded anything? Keep it your Excellency, you need that to ensure that in your planning meetings no ones takes a nap.

  17. Me I wonder why our party can mobilize thousands of hoodlums for election campaigns but can’t mobilize a handful to help cleanup the cholera infested streets of Lusaka.

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