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ECL commends cooperating partners for support towards Zambia’s economic development

Headlines ECL commends cooperating partners for support towards Zambia’s economic development

President Edgar Lungu been ushered for the official picture with High Commissioners and Ambassadors with at State House during the New year greeting ceremony with High Commissioners and Ambassadors accredited to the republic of Zambia
President Edgar Lungu been ushered for the official picture with High Commissioners and Ambassadors with at State House during the New year greeting ceremony with High Commissioners and Ambassadors accredited to the republic of Zambia

President Edgar Lungu has commended Zambia’s cooperating partners and development agencies for their continued support to the country’s economic development.

President Lungu says the continued sustained support has helped in advancing Zambia’s social and economic development.

ZANIS reports that President Lungu said this when he addressed diplomats accredited to Zambia at the annual meet and greet diplomats at State House in Lusaka yesterday.

The President has described 2017 as a fruitful and rewarding year for Zambia as a result of the many bilateral and multilateral cooperation that the country engaged with different governments and international organisations.

President Lungu said his hosting of several Heads of State in 2017 demonstrates his government’s efforts in enhancing its relations with other countries in order to spur trade.

He said this has helped to showcase the country’s manufacturing sector and market the country’s tourism resulting in several Joint Permanent Commissions being established with many countries to consolidate frameworks of collaboration in various economic sectors.

The Head of State stated that Zambia’s economy grew by 4 per cent and attributed it to largely improved copper prices and output, better rainfall which triggered productivity in the agriculture sector and relieved the energy production deficit the country experienced in 2016.

He further said his government will use the Seventh National Development Plan(7NDP) to be the foundation for the attainment of the vision 2030 of becoming a prosperous middle income country.

President Lungu added that Zambia will continue with her historical call of promoting peace and security in the region and the world through her membership to SADC, COMESA, International Conference on the Great Lakes and the African Union in devising oversight mechanisms to neutralize rebel forces in war ravaged countries.

The President said as Zambia assumes the Chairmanship of the SADC Organ Troika on Defence, Peace and Security in August this year, it will continue to play a pivotal role in mitigating political instability in the region and support measures aimed at ending guns and violence in Africa.

He also called for more international support to help the country address the challenges faced and posed by the escalating influx of refugees in the country.

President Lungu said though tremendous strides have been made to address the challenges of re-settling thousands of refugees entering Zambia, there is need for continued assistance to meet basic needs of the over 14,000 refugees who are largely in Nchelenge district.

The Head of State noted that Zambia will continue to invest in youths because Africa’s future lies in its young people who comprise the majority of the population that need equal access to opportunities.

He pointed out that the country will continue to campaign against early and child marriages stating that Zambia’s efforts in combating the vice have been rewarding following a reduction of child marriages by 10 per cent.

And speaking on behalf of the diplomats, Dean of the Diplomatic Corp Balbina Da Silva who is also Angolan Ambassador to Zambia commended President Lungu for availing them time from his national duties to meet them.

Ambassador Da Silva further praised President Lungu for steering Zambia to economic and social advancement despite a global economic and financial slow down in 2017.

She said Zambia continues to remain a model through her continued efforts in promoting peace and security in Africa and the world at large.

Ambassador Da Silva also conveyed condolences to President Lungu on the

deaths of over 60 people that have died from the prevailing cholera pandemic in the country where over 3,000 cases have been recorded.

President Edgar Lungu interacts with High Commissioners and Ambassadors at State House during the New year greeting ceremony with Diplomats and Ambassador accredited to the republic of Zambia
President Edgar Lungu interacts with High Commissioners and Ambassadors at State House during the New year greeting ceremony with Diplomats and Ambassador accredited to the republic of Zambia


  1. All these diplomatic emergency gatherings just to convince them that the government is not corrupt, because their beloved minister Harry Kalaba said so.
    Diplomatic meetings every 2 days?

    • Most of these diplomats are more informed about the situation in Zambia than Lungu.They know his PF govt is corrupt,inept, inefficient and hopeless. Pf all the president we have had, Edgar is the most clueless

    • So why does the president need red carpet at his residence (state House)? Anyway forgive my ignorance but if I check other presidents from powerful nations, I do not see rolling of red carpet at every event especially at the official residence.

    • PF media like LT has been giving us fake news that luapula wants Harry Kalaba to resign as MP as well, but the pictures have just seen from mansa on zambian eagle tell a different story.

  2. Both speeches are too Political, very flowery with the least effort of wanting to sound negative. That’s a good thing. However, it could be well if we spell out the realities of the situation. Failure is what drives us to want to achieve more than we attempted, so let us acknowledge them so we can bounce back with fervency and go beyond our expectations.

  3. It appears that Endemically Corrupt Leader of Plunderers Federation forgot to mention three greatest achievements of his tenure, disregard of the rule of law, institutionalized corruption financed by shameless borrowings and “de facto” suspension of human rights?

    • am sure your hear is now turning grey out of strss.

      you have 8 more yrs of blood pressure.

      the day you will get first mp in lsk and cb then you know u5 is being accepted.

      as things stand he just a leader of a tribe

      Dont cheat u5 that he is popular.

      we dont like him . keep him as your president not state house

    • @ graduated imbec!le

      Do not worry about me. I am living in a Country where corruption is not existent. Furthermore, roads and streets are always clean and there are no potholes.
      Can you imagine that if there is surplus in direct tax revenue, the Government returns that surplus to the Tax-Payers? By the way the head of Government has spent only 11 days out of country in 2017!!!
      Highest rate of PAYE at 22%; Corporate Tax at 16% and VAT equivalent at 7.5%, free primary education, some of the best universities in the world, air-conditioned and very affordable urban transport, some of the best hospitals in the world; very profitable airline and airport which has been voted best in the world nine times in last ten years.
      I pity not just your imbec!lity but also your lack of exposure to…

    • at just asking. dont exhibit your inferioty complex. its clear what tribe you. Living abroad is not an achievement you villager

    • You are really a grade seven from your village. You can’t even spell “hair’. What is “hear”? Go back to school to learn simple English. What is “he just a leader?” Zambia is that state because of jackasses like you.

  4. In 2011 you took over an economy growing at 6.4% and drove it down to 3.3% and yet you wanna call it “economic development” ???

    Bwana Lungu that’s called economic regression especially when you factor in the higher debt burden.

  5. Another agenda set for discussion by upndees. These peoples, do they have anything anything original to discuss apart from topics set for them by the government? No, nothing at all starting from head to toe. And you can rest assured that they have forgotten what they started yesterday, ati opposition party! What a wasted effort and time for their parents.

  6. Higher indebtedness and economic enslavement by lots of foreign entities seems to be the PF economic blueprint .

  7. Talking up fake archivments while people are dying of cholera right in the capital city due to lack of clean drinking water and acceptable sanitation for millions…..right in the capital city where he resides …..

    Reports say those diplomats that attended refused to eat and drink at state house incase they get cholera …..

    Shameless lungu to even look those people in the eye …..

    • why eat at statehouse when . whats so special about food. min of health has directed no to eat at public gatherings not even at US embassy.

  8. lusaka was dirty because of u5 who surpots street vendin.

    govt built market s u5 has burnt everyhting including tipas that ferry garbage

    • Hehehehe …….you have run out of excuses badala……….zambians are watching……..bytheway your 1 million dollar fire tenders could not control a fire in Livingstone….

  9. Is this president on crack or trying to convince himself that all is well in Zambia? The only problem Zambians have is they have to vote for one of the thieves, so it’s a lose lose for the poor Zambians and one’s trying to get up in the world. Lungu’s actions don’t match his words, I’m glad more people can now access the net and call him out on his BS. He’s all talk and no trousers. #staywoke

  10. i though sparka lilo was productive. yet he sleeps on a keyboard. you think you can convince us. no no no no.

    u5 is a politica reject.

    thats why he has no mp in lsk and cb

    40mps from one province one tribe. whats that. its tribalism

    if u5 won he will even start lookin for people that call him oval head. u5. privitisation thief. tribalist. egoist.

    he is a childish dimwitt. 5 time loser and he will die tryin. thats defination of DULLNESS

    • Grade 7 graduate indeed, where did you do you social studies? Last time i checked mpongwe and lufwanyama constituencies are still on the copperbelt and proudly represented by upnd mps, what about mukuba ward in kitwe? Who is the councilor, is chilanga, kafue and chirundu not part of lusaka? Before pf could even win a single ward in lusaka, 2001,2006, do you know who was running lusaka?

    • Grade 7 graduate is simply a grade seven failure. Go play you tribal politics somewhere else or simply go join your friend Kambwili, that’s where you belong. Must say, it’s true education or lack thereof, does make a big difference to ones thinking. Go back to school!!!

    • Hehehehe ……grade 7

      Your corrupt theif lungu has spent billions yet we still millions of citizens in Lusaka without clean drinking water ,…..can you comment ??

    • 2001,2006,when lusaka had upnd, fdd and mmd MPs did we experience cholera outbreak huge proportions like the current one?

  11. Grade 7 graduate, which u are obviously proud of and shows in your grammar and spelling, can you please tell us how long did MCS continue in politics before succeeding.
    Am sure you agree with the elder statesman chikwanda with regard to the intellectual vacuum in the pf.
    No need to give an example.

    • sata was charismatic. u5 is gloamy through out as if he came from body viewing

      He is a nightmare

      it is sata who said this boy is u5 and its an insult to compare the 2

  12. Just re- read the headlines,, ecl commends cooperating partners for support…………. well if they weren’t cooperating then they wouldn’t be supporting. The intellectual vacuum sucks in another!

  13. Vamos acabar tambem com Patrocinho das Musicos malandros para ficar so com boa Relacoes Bilaterais. Esse jogo ja foi apanhado.

  14. 40 mps in lusaka

    cb zero mp

    lsk zero mp

    ati. swebo swebo swebo.

    this chaps will bring goat traders in cairo road. How can you incite cadres to oppose cleanliness.

    as am talkin Hungry Lion is on fire at his instigation in livingstone

    u5 is a leader of dimwitts

    i come from eastern province and we want to make it u5 free come 2021

    2026 u5 will lose again

    2031 kambwili should stand u5 running mate

  15. Your cooperating partners know about you more than you think. No amount of charm offensive or grandstanding will convince them that you not a corrupt government and as such your efforts are an exercise in futility!! Explain the fire tender, bloated Lusaka/Ndola road contract and other contracts, illegal sale of mukula, etc, etc? With every day we are moving closer to the day of reckoning. It sad incredible that you have convinced yourself that everybody believes your story that even an infant will not consider as truth! Stop fooling yourself King Rat! Your credibility as a leader went down the tube a long time ago. You are a menace we should keep away from national coffers at all costs!!

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