Thursday, February 29, 2024

Mumbi Phiri on performance of PF in 2017



  1. The brain works 365 days 24 hours 7 days a week since one is born; until you hear or join PF. Indeed, light is faster than sound and so you see PF established first, appear clothed with normal sense. Then when you hear them speak such as Mumbi Phiri, claiming to be sharing sound advise. It only then you realy believe that it 99.9% sound. 0.1% advise. What wasted years Zambia!. Who will save thee, Zambia?

    • I have never heard this lady talk only read her proclamation online LT, so I was listening until to the point she says the police have never investigated who killed that girl murdered last year during elections campaign – I am sure referring to Mapenzi Chibulo(M.Y.S.R.I.P), she said the police never investigated who murdered her because the Police did not have guns. Really?What a crap…..and I cant continue to listen anymore.
      I also find the interviewer out of energy, low caliber and no wonder such politicians can go out and talk rub.b.ish because they have a feeling, they are controlling the scene.

  2. Mrs mumbi phiri…

    I did not even bother listening to your rubbish considering Millions of our citizens wallow in poverty with millions with clean drinking water or acceptable sanitation while you and your corrupt theif lungu think you are doing well…..unemployment at a all time high despite spending $17 billion….shame shame shame to the pro poor party…

  3. Tribalists above have spoken. Very childish comments. Mumbi has finished you that’s why you can’t counter her but resorts to insults. She has told that the girl was shot by someone within upnd so they put a blame on pf. Police didn’t have guns moreover the bullet which was retrieved never belonged to the zp.

  4. By the way I have never heard hh pass a comment on the post election xenophobia in Namwala, not a word for or against or neutral. Very surprising for a person who wants us to believe that he is a democrat or human rights defender. Or maybe he only defends his human rights in Mukobeko? Selfish koswe musankwa uyu.

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