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Friday, February 21, 2020

Sixteen solar panels stolen from hammer mill in Solwezi

Rural News Sixteen solar panels stolen from hammer mill in Solwezi

Sixteen solar panels that supply power to a solar hammer mill under the Presidential Empowerment Initiative in Kapijimpanga area in Solwezi district have been stolen by unknown people.

North-Western Province Commissioner of Police Auxensio Daka has confirmed the incident to ZANIS in Solwezi today.

Mr. Daka said a security guard, Davy Muntanga manning the hammer mill reported that the panels were stolen yesterday at 02:30 hours in Kimbwi village.

He stated that Police picked up one panel in the nearby bush about 300 metres away from the hammer mill.

Mr. Daka said no arrest has been made so far but a docket on the theft case has since been opened.

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    • Yaa agree with Mushota. Theft happens at state house and mukula by known people. But those petty thrives in silwezi are unknown. Who cares?

  1. “a security guard, Davy Muntanga manning the hammer mill reported that the panels were stolen yesterday at 02:30 hours in Kimbwi village.”

    Too much idiocy in the country- there is a security guard manning the place and stuff is still stolen no trace of thieves. Jokers all around, OMG!!

  2. Panels are portable and fairly in high demand.
    Please do not look too far, DRC. Stealing panels is like stealing a hammer mill – where can you hide it?

    Two security guards could do the job or the panels must firmly be affixed to the ground.

  3. These must be small, domestic panels for 16 of them to be stolen so easily.

    Industrial solar panels here are usually extra large and require an immense effort to dismantle, let alone to transport. The disassembly of a single module is too complex and time consuming and the risk of detection is too high.

    Besides, the components are all interlocked with each other into a giant unit so that the smaller pieces are useless on their own. They are also marked in a suitable manner so that they can still be assigned to the owner in case of a theft.

    With German antitheft technology, you don’t need conniving security guards.

  4. It’s a straight forward case, lockup the guard. He’s paid to guard those assets. Queer things happen in UPND strongholds

  5. Backward people. How can u develop with this kind of mentality. Instead of doing something to improve their lives all they think about is steal. Unfortunately u find there are people who support this. This is normal in Africa and like someone has already said THEY DON’T CARE. In Africa people can throw garbage anywhere and then complain that the towns are dirty. It’s like someone who does toilet around where he is sitting and then turns around to complain ati palenunka. Did you expect poop to spread out a lavender aroma? No tafyakachitikepo.

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