FILE: Nevers Mumba on stage with Senior Chief Mukuni of the Bene Mukuni people
MOVEMENT for Multi-Party Democracy (MMD) youths on the Copperbelt have continued demanding that embattled Dr Nevers Mumba to stop masquerading as MMD president as they only recognize Felix Mutati as the legitimate Party president.

In a statement released to ZANIS in Kitwe yesterday, MMD Copperbelt Provincial Youth Chairman James Phiri warned Dr. Mumba to stay away from the MMD claiming that he failed to run the party when he was the opposition party president.

Mr. Phiri said if Dr. Mumba was truly a man of God, he should respect the fact that MMD members no longer want him to lead the party.

Dr. Mumba has no followers on the Copperbelt and that his presence in the province over the weekend was meant to cause confusion in the party, he said.

He said that Dr Mumba should stop imposing himself on the party as the MMD was a democratic party where leaders are chosen to lead at a given time unlike imposing themselves.

In 2016, Dr. Mumba was declared by the court as the legitimate president for the MMD following a court suit he filed against the Felix Mutati faction which elected the latter as party president.

The divisions over the two leaders have continued to tear apart the party as most senior officials have crossed over to either the United Party for National Development (UPND) or the ruling Patriotic Front (PF).

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  1. MMD are you sure Mutati has the party interest at heart? Do you think he will risk his job and represent you?
    Think twice


  2. Does MMD exist? What I know is that some members migrated to PF while other went to UPND in protest at Mumba’s leadership or lack of it. What now remains is for the registrar to withdraw the Registration Certificate from whoever is keeping it. By the way Nevers Mumba gets very strange judgments from the High Court, I remember the one that declared him as the legitimate candidate against the Party’s wishes


  3. God does not like people to misuse his name. This guy is a thief. When he was in Canada as a diplomat or whatever his title, him and Nzowa were involved in corruption deals. By the way, Nzowa is now a rich person claiming refugee status in Canada saying his family will be killed should they return to Zambia. He is in a status called “LIMBO” because the Canadian government does not know whether to grand him and his children Permanent Residence. He owns homes from stolen Zambian money. All President Lungu has to do is contact Immigration Canada to get the truth. These people are thieves and Nevers is one of them and he is aware of Nzowa’s immigration status. Profiting off Zambia!



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