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Eight year old juvenile accidentally shots brother to death

Rural News Eight year old juvenile accidentally shots brother to death

An 8 -year -old juvenile of Mafinga District in Muchinga Province has accidently shot to death his young brother.

Meanwhile, the father to the victim and deceased who’s believed to be the owner of the gun which was used in the shooting is believed to have gone into hiding in the neighboring Malawi.

Muchinga Police Commissioner Chola Katanga who confirmed the shooting to ZANIS in Mafinga yesterday, said the incident occurred on 17th January 2018 at around 08:00 hours at Chimalila Village in Chief Mwenechifungwes’ area.

He said the male juvenile shot dead his young brother aged 4 years of the same abode using a homemade Muzzle Loader gun after he picked up the said gun which fired accidentally just after picking it blowing off the his brothers head.

Mr Katanga explained that according to the findings from police officers that visited the scene of crime, the head of the deceased’s body and scalp were blown off together with the brains and were completely separated from the body.

He further explained that the walls and floor of the house were the shooting took place was completely covered with stains of splashed clots of blood.

The Police Commissioner added that Police investigations further revealed that the father to the deceased, Wamanya Kaonga who has since fled to Malawi, has illegally owned the said Muzzle Loader gun which was found beside the body of the deceased juvenile.

Mr Katanga further revealed that the officers also learnt that the mother to the deceased, Anna Nalwimba and the second wife Irene Nalwimba, had gone to the field leaving the deceased with his elder brother who later picked up the said gun which fired accidentally just after picking it up.

He said a docket of murder against the male juvenile has been opened and will be forwarded to the National Prosecutions Authority (NPA) for advice considering the age of the assailant.

Mr Katanga said the father to the children who is the owner of the firearm will be charged for the offence of failing to secure a firearm and unlawful possession of the same.

Commissioner Katanga said the firearm and the expanded ammunition have also been recovered and kept as exhibits.

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    • Another George mpombo failing to secure a firearm, and why is his two wives bearing the same surnames? Are they sisters?

    • The fugitive dad probably handed the gun to the son and asked him to threaten the killed boy, perhaps just to say “you should not steal food from the kitchen”. Mr. Kaonga is the culprit here.

      Last year a Mr. Mwale in Chipata shot dead his son for wearing pants belonging to the step mother …

    • “Divide & Rule” you seem to be very dull ati?? HIS WIVES HAVE THE SAME SURNAME BECOZ THEY ARE HIS WIVES!!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Very said development. The trauma on the little boy must be terrible. He needs psycho-social counselling.

    Very said indeed. What a sh!thole country…

  2. no malice aforethought. doli capacito. the father may be charged for unlawful possession and failing to keep proper custody of a firearm.
    DPP must guide….. my opinion

  3. Very traumatizing. Mr Kaonga should just surrender to the police. These things should be left just lying around.

  4. George Mpombo should advise here, having gone through something similar (though not exactly the same), particularly on the counselling side.
    Wamanya should be charged with circumstantial evidence for poaching. That gun is used for poaching. An ordinary gun shot at close range cannot dismember a head. This gun is meant for killing big animals. That he is a suspected poacher explains why he ran away.

  5. Muzzle loader, so the gun was pre-loaded and the kid just took it out and it went bang! Or the kid loaded it? Just saying#

  6. “The Penal Code, Cap. 87 of the Laws of Zambia:

    Section 14. (1) A person under the age of eight years is not criminally responsible for any act or omission.
    (2) A person under the age of twelve years is not criminally responsible for an act or omission, unless it is proved that at the time of doing the act or making the omission he had capacity to know that he ought not to do the act or make the omission.
    (3)… “

    • This is demostration that our police are embarrasingly incompetent. A person under 8 YEARS charged for murder? What was the motive?

  7. The 8yr old boy be jailed for life imprisonment the boy will be doing light duties until age of 16 will start heavy duties similar to what HH went through. I believe the family is UPND

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