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Police unconditionally discharge NDC members

General News Police unconditionally discharge NDC members

NDC Supporters escoting Kambwili to the Police station

The three National Democratic Congress members who were arrested by police in Lusaka yesterday have been released from custody unconditionally.

NDC National Youth Chairman Charles Kabwita said the trio were released Wednesday morning.

Mr. Kabwita has described the trio as heroes of the struggle who deserve to be praised for their bravery and love for the NDC.

Mr. Kabwita said the NDC is disappointed that officers from the police service elected to arrest NDC member’s at the height of political skirmishes on Tuesday even when perpetrators of yesterday’s violence are know.

The NDC strongman says police should jack up and stop being political.

The three NDC members who have been released include NDC Lusaka District Chairman Andrew Lupindula, Overt Kasongo and Joseph Chingangu.

The three were charged with conduct likely yo cause a breach of peace.


    • Bemba doesn’t behave like that.It clearly shows that the move was politically motivated.Tayali is a politcal prostitute

    • Ever read about the French revolution? A large group of recently “empowered” Frenchmen figured they should chop the head off of anyone who didn’t agree with them. There was terror: Simple accusations led to the guillotine until the recently empowered lunatics turned on themselves.

      Violent Panga-Family has now turned upon itself. It’s pressed the self-destruct button.

    • Why do their names sound like niba kasai? Is this chingangu Joseph that boxer, who once was mingling with the klichtko brothers, what has happened to the brother to become a low life cadre for NDC?

    • What a coincidence yesterday i was watching Anthony Joshua, today am reading about our boxer turned cadre, come on ba chingangu even crazy tyson has changed, and was recently just talking about his plans setting up legal farm ranches for…

  1. You have encouraged them to do what they did. I am just wondering, since when did Zambia Police become so charitable? My goodness, Kambwili and Musenge still have a lot of money. The Commanding Officer should have let the traffic section handle this case, they know how to deal with all who contravene the Law

  2. The police are now selectively arresting people as evidenced from these arrests .What about those PF thieves who nearly murdered an innocent person :Are they being shielded by this corrupt government ?

    • I think police have released them quick quick after realising that they are one and the same, if it was upnd members, police would have made sure they appear in court, even when they don’t even know what charge to press on them.

  3. Its only under this PF were a machete carrying thug /cadre assaults opponents at the police station and goes free while the assaulted gets locked up! Somebody tap the president on the shoulder and remind him that he has to tame his cadres/thugs. We dont want him to come and dabwa 10 months on, please remind that he has to set the tone otherwise his consenting to the terrible behaviour of his cadres!

  4. @Bembaman

    Please read the poster behind the procession – PF cadres did not challenge the police to arrest them …. Also read the statement about why their leader was at the Police, under arrest..it was for fraud? For our informed, uneducated and often hungry youth, FRAUD is not a an offense.

  5. *** For our badly uninformed, uneducated and often hungry youth, FRAUD is not a CRIME.
    By law, signing a document or a cheque as a director when in fact not, (mind you CKs son is a director of the so called MWAMONA CONSTRUCTION COMPANY) which is already under financial strain like GBM’s because of lack of business. no more grz contracts..

  6. Is this the same Joseph Chingangu who stole laptops from students at UNZA. I can’t imagine what will happen when he will be appointed minister of mukula tree under NDC government.

  7. ZAMBIANS let’s not just start commenting on issues from hear say.i was standing just about 4metres from the man being attached by a panga I saw it all .I failed to runaway .I was shocked. I shouted to the young man who was taking pictures ,” STOP YOU WILL Be KILLED. but he never bothered. He looked so free and at peace.

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