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Vice President Inonge Wina to represent President Edgar Lungu at 30th Africa Union

Headlines Vice President Inonge Wina to represent President Edgar Lungu at 30th Africa...

resident Lungu Chats with Vice President Inonge Wina at KK international airport 5
File: President Lungu Chats with Vice President Inonge Wina at KK international airport 5
Vice President Inonge Wina is expected in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia tomorrow, Friday 26th January 2018 to represent President Edgar Lungu at this year’s 30th ordinary session of the African Union Heads of State and Government Summit.

The summit is scheduled to take place from 28th to 29 January.

Ambassador Sikaneta expressed confidence that the Vice President‘s participation at this year’s 30th ordinary session of the African Union of Heads of State and Government Summit demonstrates great importance that President Lungu attaches to women empowerment.

She observed that Mrs. Wina’s attendance is the first in history as the female Vice President at the continental body since the country joined the then Organisation of African Unity (OAU) now African Union (AU) on December 16, 1964.

ZANIS reports from Addis Ababa, that Zambia’s Ambassador to Ethiopia Susan Sikaneta disclosed this in an interview today.

The Vice President who arrives at 20:30hours, Ethiopian time, is scheduled to participate in a number of engagements that awaits her.

She noted that the summit will table a number of important issues that are of great benefit to the country.

Ambassador Sikaneta added that the Vice President will be joined by the three cabinet ministers who include Foreign Affairs Joseph Malanji, Mines and Mineral development Christopher Yaluma and Home Affairs Stephen Kampyongo.

Ambassador Sikaneta further described the Vice President’s presence at the summit as significant in that, it will further raise the status Zambia’s participation.

She highlighted that chief on the agenda will include two main issues which will be the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government Summit endorsing Zambia as the host of the Economic, Social and Cultural Council, ECOSOCC, this year.

She explained that ECOSOCC is an important advisory organ of the AU which, the Heads of State in January, 2016, decided to relocate to Lusaka, Zambia.

“In the past two years, we have been working on the legal processes and financial implications concerning the move to Zambia”, she pointed out.

The Ambassador indicated that by March-April, this year, the relocation process should be in place.

Ambassador Sikaneta also mentioned the adoption of decision of which country will host the African Minerals Development Centre whose responsibility is to implement the continent’s mining vision.

In view of this establishment, four countries namely Guinea, Kenya, Sudan and Zambia bid to participate in hosting the African Minerals Development Centre.

She pointed out that Zambia came first on the score card after evaluations of the bidding process were examined in the four countries.

She, however, remains optimistic that Zambia will scoop the offer of hosting the African Minerals Development Centre.

At bilateral level, the Vice President will be engaged in eight (8) meetings among them the Leader of State of Palestine Mahmoud Abbas, United Nations Chief Antonio Guterres and the African Union Commission (AUC) chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat.

On other fronts of Silencing the Guns 2020, Ambassador Sikaneta stated that Zambia has continued to play a leading role in coming up with a roadmap of Silencing the Guns 2020.

“It was crafted in Zambia under the leadership of President Lungu who chaired the meeting and gave guidelines on how to proceed”, she explained.

The Vice President will also discuss issues on the C10, elimination of hunger in Africa including the subject of gender, among others.

The Vice President is also expected to meet investors from the Hujian Group of China who have already expressed interest in opening up a shoe manufacturing company in the country.

She said the company is expected to create about 5, 000 jobs for the youth.

The other important engagement and of national interest is the re-establishment of Zambia Airways where the Chief Executive Officer will meet the Vice President.

The Assembly is the African Union supreme decision making organ comprising Heads of State and Government from all member states.

The Assembly determines the Africa Union’s policies, establishes its policies, adopts its annual programme and also monitors implementation of its policies and decisions.

Rwanda’s President Paul Kagame will take over from Alpha Conde of Guinea.

Mr. Conde who reigned over the AU business from January 2017, is expected to handover the chair on January 28 2018 during the Assembly’s Official opening in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

Among the continental issues to be tabled include the conflict in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), a development which came about due to fighting between the Government of that country and the militia group.

The result of the conflicts resulted in a poor state of affairs as more that 13, 000 refugees have sought asylum in Zambia.

Meanwhile, Ethiopia’s Minister of Foreign Affairs, Workneh Gebeyehu has held discussions with African Union Commission (AUC) Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat at the African Union Headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia.

According to the local media of that country, Dr. Gebeyehu has assured AUC Chairperson of Ethiopia’s readiness and commitment to carry out the summit successfully.

On Monday, January 23, 2018, the AU Summit started with the 35th session of the Permanent Representative Committee.

As the Permanent Representative Committee ended yesterday, the 32rd session of the Executive Council has opened today, the 25th January 2018.

It is expected to conclude business on 26th January, 2018.

It works in support of the AU and is responsible to the Assembly.

All the member states take part in the Executive Council whose representation is at Foreign Affairs level.

This year’s African Union theme is dubbed, ‘winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation.’ The Organisation of African Unity (OAU), a successor of the African Union was established in May, 1963.


    • This is news because Jonathan often just goes wherever any plane is going. So if he suddenly does not go it should rightfully be news. Well done LT. Some people have online PhD’s and cannot see the newsy side of this article. Shame!

    • @Mushota your comments are too vague for a supposedly PhD holder! Why do you think this is not news worthy! Firstly it tells me that ECL is reading and maybe even commenting on this blog!
      2. It’s also tells me GRZ is recognisant of the cost-saving implications.
      3. In the USA, presidency always moves to the president is.
      4. In Zimbabwe, the president Mugabe used to send his VP away when he wants to be dodgy.
      So it’s is your analysis which stimulates the mind not the no-brainer one liners of the simpleton you are!

    • All of a sudden, Edgar is afraid of flying,,,,, I tell you people of luapula are making my friend lungu sleepless,,,,forget cholera! Kalaba has shaken lungu to the core

    • This is news. He hasn’t forced himself to gate crash George Weah’s inauguration, and now he has done something he isn’t accustomed to: delegating gogo to Addis.

    • I also wouldn’t go for that meeting if the first question from my colleagues will be “how is the cholera situation in your country?”

    • He does NOT like the Theme ……….. ‘winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation.’ …. Super Humbly Dumbly

    • I pity the next President because the intray will take another few years to empty at State House of the Republic of Zambia. Lungu has been an absentee President with no care in the world. Nikabolala kabili!

    • I agree with Mushota. Is this or really news Lusaka Times or you are now like ZNBC, TIMES OF ZAMBIA, ZAMBIA DAILY MAIL AND THE NATION NEWSPAPERS?

  1. Wonders never cease. I can’t believe the President is not travelling. Can they tell us the truth as to why? I don’t believe it is because of Pilato’s song as reported in some media. Something is up.

    • @ndobo suppose it was Kalaba who was influencing the president to travel knowing well that accompanying the president was more profitable than with a lower ranking official. I am sure Kalaba has made enough money from those trips to last his clan generations.

  2. Yaluma who has been mentioned in the FIC report as one of the Minister with unexplained large deposit and Kampyongo has featured prominently in the fire tenders scam. These should be last people to attend a conference or indaba on against corruption. Lungu is such a joker, he has been at the helm of a regime reeking with a stench of corruption and plunder. The PF government has lost both credibility and trust of the people.

  3. Mr lungu should be commended for hidding the concerns of the people regarding his excessive travels…….responding to the concerns of Zambians will make life easier for all….now we are concerned about perceived corruption…

  4. Is Jonathan now scared that he will come back and find his seat taken? If only he had heeded our calls we would have saved a lot of money

  5. I think HARRY KALABA IS missing such trips , Zambia is big baba u can see now Joe MALANJI is travelling and his reporting of a foreign trip is very professional , not HK he would justify why it is important for his boss to travel. U SEE Hon. malanji gives insights of what will be discussed not explaining that oh please HE NEEDs to go bla bla bla …

    • I agree with you Kalaba was what Chiluba could label as ‘Ka puti.” He was busy tantalizing his boss on foreign trips just to knock him off.

    • They feel foolish that ecl has stopped travelling.
      They are a shameless lot.Wheres HH, the police are looking for you baba!

  6. Women empowerment, come on something is bothering Lungu. How many unnecessary trips has the President made which he could have easily delegated? This is simple image building!! It goes to show that Lungu reads the comments especially those on here. He got criticised about his travels hence, the name Kamwendo munjila!

  7. Looking at the theme and the situation in the country the president should have travelled. I guess all eyes would be on him considering that the discussion would focus on “Winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation”. Poor VP carrying the burden! Anyway perhaps Kampyongo will bring some important lessons and messages home.

  8. “The other important engagement and of national interest is the re-establishment of Zambia Airways where the Chief Executive Officer will meet the Vice President”

    Why even call this pointless airline Zambia Airways …really laughable..i know it will look good to the illerates when campaigning!!

  9. If he had gone you’re going to say sh1t, now he’s not going you’re disappointed but still have to find some sh1t to say. You don’t plan his programs so just leave the man alone.

  10. Its good Mr walk the walk has started listening when we are telling him to stay home and save taxi payers money. Iam sure his feet are itching missing a trip.

  11. The AU Summit will welcome the new President for Zimbabwe ,Emmerson Mnangagwa and hopefully pay tribute to former President Mugabe for having surrendered Power peacefully. The AU must thank the Zimbabwe Defence Forces for intervening and bringing about a peaceful handover of Power. The Zimbabwe precedent should help the AU and SADC resolve the DRC Crisis in a similar manner.

  12. Lungu is skipping this AU Summit becoz the DRC Conflict is on the Agenda. President Joseph Kabila is illegally clinging to Power even though his term of office expired in December 2016. In terms of the DRC Constitution Kabila’s Presidency is illegal and illegitimate. Constitutionally Lungu’s Presidency is illegal and invalid. In Zimbabwe ED has ascended to the Presidency thru a Military Coup. DRC, Zimbabwe and Zambia have illegal and illegitimate Presidency Constitutionally. Lungu doesn’t want to be embarrassed when the Constitutional debate starts becoz he abrogated the Zambian Constitution in so many ways.

  13. My concern is that they are meeting a chinesecompanybthat will set up a shoe manufacturing factory, creating 5000 jobs,,must be a big factory.
    So we now put zamshoes out of business who have supported local industry for a ngwee from China
    Zambia the new china

  14. Koswe, should just stay home. Not only that, theme made home not to go, because he is corrupted to the core. Shame on him. Let him stay home, thank God, Weah Liberian president did not invite him. As for Zimbabwe, he has to ask and remind them to attend. Koswe, stay home once and for.

    • Desperation at its best. What has she done for you to be insulting her. Looking at your grammar, I think you also don’t have education to talk about.

  15. finally the boss is getting the message and after finding the mess he is finding around the country lets hope he will go back to state house and start working.

  16. The ONLY REASON our Dear Leader ECL has decided not to go to this Summit is because of the THEME of the Summit which is titled: ‘winning the Fight against Corruption: A Sustainable Path to Africa’s Transformation.’ If you are a corrupt President with scandals in the newspapers everyday involving millions of dollars, you won’t want to embarrass yourself by attending such a conference.

  17. Thumbs up to Mr Edgar Chagwa Lungu for listening to what people are saying about him travelling too much. He did not go for George weah’s inauguration and now the AU summit. Let us watch and see but for now it is a tick.

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