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Government to introduce laws against social media misuse


Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba with Officials from Zambia Railways
Transport and Communications Minister Brian Mushimba with Officials from Zambia Railways
Transport and Communications Minister Brain Mushimba has clarified and reassured the public that government will not shut down social media but regulate its use.

Mr. Mushimba said he will be taking three bills to parliament that supports productive use of internet and social media.

He said the bills will be cyber security and cyber-crime bill, e-commerce bill and data protection bill.

He said government was concerned with the ongoing abuse of the internet which manifested in cyber bullying, posting of fake news, fraud and the creation of fake accounts on social media.

The minister pointed out that the growth of many economies depends on how people make use of the internet because of the importance of technology in advancing and supporting economic activities.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mushimba said this when he addressed journalists in Lusaka during a conference on the 30 percent heavy bulk cargo from roads to railways.

Mr. Mushimba said people should stop bullying and threatening others but use the internet to promote social integration and development.

He explained that social media has power to ruin an individual’s life hence it was important to protect the affected people.

The Minister has since tasked agencies such as the Zambia Information and Communications Technology Authority (ZICTA) and the Zambia police (ZP) to ensure that existing laws regulating social media are not being broken.

Mr. Mushimba further stated that government was planning to increase efficiency in government service provision using the internet.

He said this will be done in an information technology (IT) environment which is regulated.

He explained that it was the responsibility of government to protect consumers and to make sure every citizen is not exposed to danger.


  1. I’m not sure I like the idea of concentrating on curbing freedom of speech.

    But what do I know ?

    I have a PhD



    • The Minister wants to silence divergent views but for as long as he did not create internet, he will lamentably fail. What are they scared of?

      Yes we need Chinese investment but obviously not Chinese mannerisms towards NET user or netizens crackdown. I repeat UNLESS it hinges on CRIMINAL ACTS not civil disobedience. LEAVE social media off government paws. LEAVE our world alone. We do not need a president or minister in cyberspace.

  2. Hon Minister please also regulate on the time citizens spend on the net as we are now having people less productive since they spend most of the time politicking on social media campaigning for HH.

  3. So Mwangagwa’s visit was fruitful – he has taught Lungu how to use the military to influence elections and how to “shut” down social media legally ! Watch when the bill comes out we will no longer be able to use whatsapp, facebook and internet freely! Down with dictators !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Breaking news!!!! A recent online survey proved that JK is more popular than HH by 70%? HH has now postponed the UPND convention as he fears that JK may challenge him.

  5. @4 Kumawa: I suppose this is the sort of falsehoods the Hon. Minister intends to curb through the intended bills. Excellent project Hon. Minister.

  6. That would be a good move hon. Minister, but it will be more beautiful to start with the civil service first.
    Most people who introduces abuse are people working in Government and the the entir community pics it up.
    Your accident for a example. If at all was another person this time could have been very big issue , but since it was you in government then it is a small issue.
    Usually when you put laws these laws are reinforced only on people who are not working in government or not known to be rich.

  7. Govt regulates speed on the roads to protect citizens. Govt regulates produce and put expiry dates on foods in supermarkets to protect citizens. Govt regulates other potential abuses that the public could be exposed to. A Govt that leaves its citizens exposed unchecked is a bad Govt. I support the minsters in ensuring consumer protection is extended to the internet. We have seen cyber bullying and criminal activities on the internet. The public has to be protected as we enjoy the internet and social media. Bravo minister.

  8. “He said the bills will be cyber security and cyber-crime bill, e-commerce bill and data protection bill.”

    Brian simply needs to be vague as docile Zambians including UPND MPs are too lazy to read the small print that they will blamely vote this through…only when they are arrested on Facebook will they wake up

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