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AU closes with a core to promote closer alliance with the private sector

General News AU closes with a core to promote closer alliance with the private...

Vice President Inonge Wina at AU Summit
Vice President Inonge Wina at AU Summit

The 30th ordinary session of the Assembly of the African Union Heads of State and Government closed its business this evening with the new AU Chairperson encouraging member states to promote the establishment of closer collaboration with the private sector for enhanced economic growth and development.

Paul Kagame, who is also President of Rwanda, further said consultation and collaboration with critical partners is essential for Africa if it is to achieve its many challenges that it faces in the present day.

During the official opening of the 30th ordinary session of the Assembly of the Heads of State and Government, President Paul Kagame, said despite the challenges facing the continent, it is important to act in the present day by fusing the economies with technology for advanced development.

“Africa is important and the free movement of the people is achievable in 2018,” he emphasized.

He stated that Africa’s defining challenge is to create a pathway to prosperity for its peoples especially the young people.

On young people, Mr. Kagame appealed to them not to take for granted the advise availed to them by their grandparents including their parents or elders.

“Elders should be able to enjoy the pleasure , of telling you how hard they had it at your age, so you don’t take things for granted, and are inspired to work even harder”, he explained.

He also observed that the people of Africa have in some ways, for a long time perpetuated the narrative that the continent is a burden.

Mr. Kagame was quick to squash the narrative and instead challenged the continent to begin to respond to such situations with focus and facts in order to underscore a common humanity.

While in Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, the Vice President participated in the African Union Peace and Security Council presentations where she reaffirmed Zambia’s unwavering commitment to fulfilling principles of the African Union Peace and Security Council including other international organisations.

Mrs. Wina urged the African Union member states that have not yet ratified to the international treaties on institute of security studies, small arms surveyor and regional centre for small arms and light weapons to do so, as this is key in addressing the continued spread of weapons, ammunition and funds that continue to contribution towards the destabilisation of the continent.

She informed the Assembly that as Zambia continues to play a role in combating the acts of terrorism, radicalisation and extremism, she is aware that the exercise requires concerted efforts from other stakeholders if the spread of such acts is to be contained.

The Vice President condemned the acts of corruption describing it as a cancer that destroys the fabric of society.

Mrs. Wina took recognition of the African Union member states’ commitment to fight corruption despite challenges surrounding the scourge.

She added that the action taken is a positive step in the right direction as the continent will be able to achieve its developmental goals.

Mrs. Wina further added that in order for African countries to transform the continent, there is need to fight corruption both at national and international level.

And the United Nations Secretary General Antonio Guterres said the United Nations remains committed in affirming its strong partnership to the membership and the people of Africa.

On migration, Mr Guterres challenged the union stating that migration is a positive globe phenomenon which powers economic growth and reduces inequalities.

Meanwhile, Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari was elected Anti- Corruption Champion of the AU.

President Buhari in his recent statements has vowed that looters of Nigeria’s treasury will not sleep well.

“Justice will be done to all in the war against corruption. As religious leaders, l urge you to tell your followers to respect the rights of others”, the President said.

Issues that engulfed the summit include corruption, conflicts and self-financing resources.

During the official opening of this year’s 32nd session of African Union Executive Council, the African Union Commission Chairperson Moussa Faki Mahamat cited the need for African leaders to strengthen their financial independence in order to avoid dependency syndrome from the developed world.

He emphasised that financial independence among African countries is crucial and therefore, should not be viewed as irrational but a collective responsibility.

Mr. Mahamat further observed that time has come for the continent to look ahead and focus on building its financial capacities through its abundant natural resources and other expertise.

“Africa is gradually positioning itself to begin financing its own economic growth and development,” he stated.

More than 20 Presidents attended the summit.


  1. President Buhari has been appointed the AU Champion to fight Corruptiont in Africa . With Rampant Corruption in most African govts how will Buhari achieve his Mission? What will he do to the most Corrupt Lungu govt in Zambia? Indeed what will be Lungu’s contribution towards fighting Corruption in Africa? Charity begins at home. Lungu and his govt are the most Corrupt so what will Lungu do to eradicate corruption in his govt? Lungu is surrounded by Corrupt Ministers, Advisers and Criminals. There is no war of Corruption that can be fought without casualties so Lungu has to fire these corrupt Advisers and Ministers otherwise Zambians will fire him soon. Lungu is between a Rock and a Hard Place. Which way Lungu?

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