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Rev. Sumaili bemoans high divorce cases

General News Rev. Sumaili bemoans high divorce cases

Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of Religious and National Guidance Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has expressed concern over the 28,000 divorce cases the country recorded in 2017.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday, Reverend Sumaili said that it is regrettable that a Christian nation like Zambia is recording such a large number of divorce cases.

“According to the word of God, it is only death that should separate couples. When two people enter a sacrament of marriage, it is a life covenant and not a trial and error,” she said.

Reverend Sumaili explained that it is important that enough time is given in courtship to enable couples to get to know each other well and accept their short comings.

She added that inner virtues should be the attraction above the outward appearances of people and not the material things.

The Minister explained has called on Churches and family to take the leading role of counselling both women and men before entering marriage, adding that in most cases only women receive counsel.

“Counselling before marriage is important in that the couple is given knowledge and wisdom to go about marital problems, “she explained.

Reverend Sumaili however, attributed abuse of alcohol by both men and women, infidelity, gender based violence and external negative influence to be the driving factors of many divorce cases.

Meanwhile, the Reverend has urged all couples to put Jesus Christ in the Centre of their marriages and to build marriages on Christian values and principles.


  1. Christian nation with unGodly filthy streets and high divorce/adultery cases.Yeah Christian nation my foot.

  2. What do you expect when Christianity has become the most corrupt religion in the world. Jesus Christ feed thousands of pepple but now the thousands are feeding one person in the name of the Pastor. My foot.

  3. Reverend its actually good news that people are divorcing than killing each other. The bible is somehow outdated and needs to be updated. Longtime when it was writen women used to marry at 13 men at 15. This helped them not to engage in fornication. Today you can’t marry at that age because you are not financially stable. So between this time and time of stability the only thing you do is either lust or fornicate. To avoid this you marry early which ends up in divorce. Which ever way its SIN, SIN,SIN. Promote health sex life until people are matured enough.

  4. We have a lot of marriage counsellors but the only problem is that couples do not listen to them when being counselled. Just like with the word of God. There are so many hearers but doers are few. There are people who are just not teachable.

  5. What about the non-Christians? Ministerial statements ought to be well-thought out. I find these statements from a Minister quite shallow in terms of her determination to resolving a national problem. Too casual to be effective.

  6. Godfridah, don’t get surprised. There are many factors to this divorce mania. Some of them are highlighted below.
    1. Most girls now enter marriages with phones full of past boy friends numbers. Meaning they can still meet at the pressing of one button.
    2. Most of them don’t know how to cook. Their parents like Godfridah are too busy to teach them.
    3. Most of them are not submissive to their husbands. They think they are equal.
    4. Their dressing is an embarrassment to their in laws especially the so called ‘educated’. who would like to keep such a wife.

    • What century are you in? Who wants to be with a submissive woman who has no opinions? I refuse to bring up my daughter to be no more than a living punch bag held captive in the kitchen.

  7. This dull minister is quoting useless statistics. Are these divorce cases among christians only? What is the point of telling the nation how many people are getting divorced without telling us how many are getting married? Christianity has nothing to do with the rate of divorce. Non-christians also divorce too.

  8. Psalm 127 “Unless the Lord builds the house,
    They labor in vain who build it;
    Unless the Lord guards the city,
    The watchman stays awake in vain”

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