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Zambia ‘Exports’ 42 Teachers to Seychelles

General News Zambia 'Exports' 42 Teachers to Seychelles

Teaching Service Commission Chairperson Stanley M’hango says 42 Zambian Teachers will go to Seychelles to work as expatriate Teachers.

Mr. M’hango explained that the Zambian government was approached by the government of Seychelles to see if it can help them with human resource in the education sector.

In an interview with ZANIS, Mr. M’hango said the teachers were selected after undergoing intensive interviews and that they will be working in Seychelles for the period of 2 years with the possibility of renewing the contract.

He observed that the quality of Zambian teachers is what has attracted Seychelles to solicit for Teachers from Zambia to teach in that country.

Mr. M’hango added that the recognition of teaching as a profession in the country has also added value to the education sector in the country.

He disclosed that in Africa there are only 3 countries which have recognized teaching as a profession and Zambia is one of them.

Mr. M’hango stated that it was easy to enter into an agreement with the government of Seychelles because Zambia has a Teaching Profession council in place.

He further noted that it is for this reason the Teaching Service Commission will always make sure that all teachers conduct themselves in a professional manner so as to attract countries which might want human resource in the education sector.

Mr. M’hango affirmed that the Zambian Government will continue training more Teachers to ensure that the country has enough teachers.


    • Congratulation, but there must have some corruption in selecting those 42 Teachers. I am a a Zedian and I know how far Zedians are will to roll corruption.

    • Zambia has done a lot in helping other countries, especially our neighbors. Sometimes it seems like we’re not given the credit we deserve. In the 90s Botswana used a lot of Zambian teachers to educate their people. We also helped many of our neighbors to get their independence from the colonialists. South Africa, Zimbabwe, Namibia come to mind. For this, I humbly salute my country Zambia.

  1. Please rep Zambia in Seychelles like you have done in RSA and Botswana ..be professional as always don’t marry all their beautiful women.

  2. 42 Teachers to teach which subjects? How I wish Seychelles paid $42,000,000 to the Zambian government which was lost on fire tenders.

    • Good question for thats the information the TSC chairman should have shared. I am sure the Seychelles are not looking for just general teachers if not for specific subjects! Of the 42 teachers how many are married, single, males and, females? Are they primary or secondary school teachers? We may even discover that Zambia is exporting teachers that are needed for critical subjects as sciences!

  3. why THE number 42 !!!! This is a very unlucky number in ZAMBIA , Hon . Mulusa was fired over the number 42. Well seyshelles women are very beautiful please let these teachers go with their UGLY spouses OTHERWISE the men will never come back, they will marry and forget ZED. I am talking from experience, i did the same to my family and iam very happy with my woman from seyshells

  4. Can some one explain what exactly is the meaning of corruption? This days it seems Zambians more corrupt than before. I ask this because every thing that is happening in our Country is said to be involving corruption. One person said: If you smile to some one you are asking him/her to notice you , you’re corrupting him/her, If you greet some one you are corrupting him, waise is when you visit a sick person your are looking for favour. If you’re looking for anything corruption becomes the driving force. Sine most people look at every thing happening in Zambia to be corruption oriented, its because pur heart, heads Souls, and physical bodies are corrupt. Let us just for a month think positive you will see what YAHWEH will do yo Zambia. Until then we shall continue lamenting without…

  5. Do you know that even just voting, it is corruption. Under normal circumstances people to be voted for should not promise anything. By promising it simply mean you want them to see what is not there so that they can do you a favour. In short you are corrupting mind and their thinking will be impaired. This is also corruption. Also as I am writing to who ever will read this I may end up corrupting that person. Imagine a babe is hungry and starts crying, the mother or father give him Sweet the baby will stop crying. What it simply mean that the babe had been corrupted so that it can keep quite. So let us not just point fingers at others when we, we may be even waise than those we are pointing at. May YAHWEH through His begotten Son have mercy on Zambia. Have a blessed day hood day…

    • People who were tasked for this exercise were just picking friends and relatives leaving people with experience and qualifications. In short people especially in Western province were not picked on merit

  6. Two years contract specifically. Meanwhile you’ve got Indians who’ve been in Zambia for over ten years working as expatriates. All they do is bribe someone at Ministry of home affairs every time to renew their work permits. Meanwhile, a Zambian can never get a Job in India. It’s practically impossible for a Zambian to get employed in India. I keep wondering why we allow Indians to come and work in our country getting paid a lot of money which goes to benefit their country economically when our economy is struggling. Meanwhile, you get beaten or even killed just for being black in India. There should be a deliberate policy to only allow expatriates from non racist countries into Zambia where even Qualified Zambians can go and work.

  7. Why am I not among the 42 who underwent “interviews”.? When and where was this advert done for transparency. ????

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