Ministry of Health says it cannot help people living with albinism with protective clothing as requested but will continue to provide them with sun screen lotions.

Speaking in an interview with ZANIS today, the Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Kennedy Malama said the sun screen lotions that the ministry provides for people living with albinism is all the Ministry can do.

Recently, the National Albinism Networking Association of Zambia (NANAZ) President Dickson Konkola urged government and well-wishers to assist persons living with albinism with protective clothing during this period that the country is experiencing extreme heat.

He said the temperature is above 30 in most places which hinders the albinos to work as they are badly affected with the heat.

Mr. Konkola said the sun screen lotion being given to them by the ministry of health is not enough to protect the people living with albinism because they are finding it difficult to conduct their various activities under the heat.

He revealed that people living with albinism need long sleeved shirts, clothes with appropriate material among other things which would help shield them from the sun.

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  1. They do not only need sun screen lotion, people living with albinism seriously need jobs in government. These guys are been discriminated in companies because of their problem with sight.



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