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Government refutes reports about the sale of NRDC

Headlines Government refutes reports about the sale of NRDC

Chief Government Spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga
Chief Government Spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga

Government has clarified that the Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) has not been sold as reported in some sections of social media.

Chief Government Spokesperson Kampamba Mulenga explained that there is an unsolicited proposal from AVIC International to develop a brand new Natural Resources Development College (NRDC) on a 1,662.23 hectare piece of land with a view to turning the current NRDC land into a commercial city within a city.

Ms. Mulenga however, said AVIC has not returned with any concrete proposal and therefore, government has not made any decision on the matter.

Ms. Mulenga who is also Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services said AVIC in their earlier proposal, stated that the proposed new campus is meant to offer a conducive learning environment for students.

She said government is cognizant of the fact that NRDC was built in 1965 to cater for a population of 300 students.

She added that today, the population of students has swelled to 2, 024 and is likely to reach 4, 000 by 2019.

Ms. Mulenga explained that the college infrastructure which sits on a land size of only 304 hectares is surrounded by residential areas, namely; Mtendere, PHI and Avondale making it difficult for Government to expand the campus.

She said AVIC, on the other hand, proposed that once developed, the new NRDC will be self-sustaining as it will engage in income generating activities because of the massive land.

Ms. Mulenga said students will be able to undertake various agricultural practicals as compared to the current situation where students have limited number of practicals to conduct due to limited space.

She said AVIC envisages an increased number of bed spaces once the new campus is built.

“I wish to inform members of the public that government is currently awaiting a detailed proposal from AVIC,” Ms. Mulenga said.

She further added that Government’s vision is to provide quality education to its citizens and any proposal to that effect will be judged on its own merit.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS in Lusaka yesterday.


  1. It certainly looks like the deal is still underway Madam Spokesperson since Government is still awaiting a detailed proposal from Avic, whether solicited or unsolicited.
    Ignore the Under 5 detractors like Akainde but also do things correctly whilst in power.

    • You see HH is right something fishy is going on there regarding NRDC. Well done HH for exposing this corrupt PF government

    • In short she is saying that a wealthy guy (business man) proposes to marry a poor ugly girl from the slums ( nrdc ). The people who will be hurt most are the beaches amaule ( upnd ) , chisolola ( kambwili) , prostitutes ( category of tayali milupi nevers, saatanists indoshi (hh) and lastly amashilu ( rtr brig general, mulongoti and ck ). Marriage proposal (nkobekela techupo) is not wedding.

      All those fitting in my above description should understand that a business proposal doesn’t entail that you’ve already clinched a deal. No sale of land has happened. Pf is concerned about the non viability of the same land which is now accommodating squatters who will later grow to yet another dirty slum in a city. Oppose with reasoning not just for the sake of it.

    • Kudos, kudos to you! The idea is is very objective. speaking as a former student the institution needs to beupgraded and updated to match with the times. this can’t happen at the current site. But GRZ/AVIC should first construct and complete the new campus before disposing the current ramshackle…

    • The idea is good. The only reason people are shooting it down is because the people mandated to transact the deal are tinted with corruption and the masses are suspicious that they will be dribbled. I have said it before and Iam saying it now, integrity is very important. Once you lose it, nobody trusts you even if you mean well.

    • Kampamba Mulenga, where do we stand regarding the PF Ministers re-imbursing back the money, can you update please, when they will payback?

  2. Madame, why every single “deal” (LOL) involving any Chinese entity is always subject to the cloak of secrecy?
    Does “special relationship” with new colonial power requires that Zambians be kept unaware of THEIRS ASSETS been disposed at rock-bottom price?
    Lastly, are you still formulating Government position regarding KKIA disposal, and if so, when will be clarification available?

  3. Cry my beloved country, these so called leaders selling all our prime land to the Chinese, we will soon be owned by the Chinese it’s happening in the Caribbean, Chinese buying all the land to build hotels and stuff leaving the locals without any good land. Pretty soon they will buy UNZA

    • And this is the very same cartel of thugs who came to power promising in their campaign that they will chase the Chinese in ninety days. That evil liar Sata!!!!

  4. The problem with the PF Government is ignorance look the PPP policy and Act is there , and that if one sends a unsolicited proposal the Ministry concerned is required to publish this for a month in all public media to attract public competition and if no body comes up a better competing idea then it goes through .But most our people donot have an idea about it , so is some Ministers themselves .

  5. Young lady Kampamba; you and PF have been caught pants down and you can’t lie to us on this one; why not get Avic or someone else to plan and re develop Kalingalinga, Misisi, Mtendere, Kanyama or Garden etc compounds into commercial and residential satellite cities? It can be done; if NRDC is small; build a second compus somewhere else; but leave NRDC head campus where it is;

  6. People said that NRDC was not sold to AVIC international, HH’s supporters insulted the whole day on thuesday. This is a reason why people saying that HH can’t make good President of this country, his assertions aren’t trustworthy.Its seems that desperation of being a president is eating HIM , now is becoming a skilled liar hoping for people of Zambia to vote for him.Another sad thing is that, apart from lies he is busy using cheap human rights advocates like Laura Miti. Poor Pirato also joined Supporting HH’s evil schemes, pirato is trotting around the world (leaving his children and a wife) denouncing the ECL and the government forgetting that In Zambia we have diplomatic relations and the same countries where they are seeking their support have diplomats in Zambia and they are able…

  7. They’ve sold everything ,our corrupt authorities didn’t even think of leaving a public park near Lsk CBD similar to Uhuru park in Nairobi or the public park in Harare.

  8. They have tactfully reversed. It took this lady a bit of time to come out with this statement after speaking about the game parks. What a mess we have – dunderheads running the show I must admit.

  9. ECL and PF are really very corrupt scumbags to core.
    How can they even allow AVIC to come with such nonsensical proposals?

    Who will be staying in that commercial city after NRDC is bought and relocated?
    Won’t it just become China Town??
    Anyways, the name Mulenga says it all – corruption and greediness.

    I have no doubt AVIC is just hoodwinking corrupt ECL and PF so as to build a China Town there!
    I don’t understand how a human being (ECL) can be so greedy and corrupt.
    Isn’t what they have already stolen not enough??

    And then, you have fools like Mr Kudos who doesn’t reason or think correctly except being tribal about HH all the time.

  10. It’s so shameful that African leaders can sell their own land and properties for the sake of money.They can even sell their souls for a day for the sake of money.They don’t think about the future.They better eat today and forget about tomorrow.What kind of leadership is this mwelesa?Why are we so stupid kanshi?Why can’t we invest in education so that we can do the same thing white people do?Are we sure we can’t run industries on our own?No wonder president Trump has said that for the past 50 years African leaders have failed to build infrastructure for their own people,failed to help their own people ,killed their people,sold their land and fail to leave office. Lungu is doing the same.He has sold the country without thinking about his grand childrens.He thinks his children will be in…

  11. Cont
    .Lungu thinks his children will be in USA.Why running from your own country sure ?u can cry when you’re in these countries people run to how Africans are insulted?I don’t know why these leaders fail to learn anything.kutipwa kwena. People used to tell us in Europe why do you run from your countries?What brand or mark of vehicle have you made in Africa?

  12. HH thinks Edgar Lungu is a privatization thief like himself-no baba!!Zambians know you as someone who got rich with FTJ Chiluba through privatization!!!Kainde must reverse the mines he sold for a song,a move which has killed a lot of ex-miners who lost jobs after those firms were sold!!
    As for ECL,we expect you to do right things while in office.Over NRDC consult us Zambians like you did about ICC issue.I for one think,yes relocating NRDC would be a splendid idea.but get views from other Zambians but not from evil Kainde!!HH must be 100% ignored because he is an anti development in Zambia!!

  13. Though the plan to build a brand new campus on a 1000 hectares sounds good , transparency and let the public put proposals towards this arrangement….

  14. Amagenge britain and usa are busy TRADING with Chinz, we are busy selling our heritage .
    If you have data google AVIC, google china in the pacific, google china in sri lanka.
    Then you will see where we are headed.
    AVIC is given the loan by chinese govt then after work or at certain point that loan then becomes responsibilty of Zambian government. Maybe thats why there is a discrepancy in figures that mutati quoted and the true figures of our debt. Information minister even confirmed this when asked about the $230 million loan from exim, she said the contractor has the money it hasnt come to us. Read her statement then understand.the roads, malls airports arent for us they are for the chinese because they have overpopulation

  15. Really laughable by proposal to turn it commerical city she means shopping mall and flats for the rich.
    Since when does a govt invite proposals any how?

  16. Is it AVIC that came up with that proposal or it’s the govt that sold this proposal to the former?
    My advice is that let this transaction be debated and all relevant parties and the general public be allowed to have a say.

  17. S.Country! Trump is right.

    We never learn, do we? The universities in Europe were build much earlier than NRDC and they have not being replaced. The argument of the college being old is extremely trivia and flimsy. The age of the institution has its own intrinsic value, it preserves the cultural history aspects. This is very apparent when you see the gothic architectures that most European and American universities have. Students of architecture and cultural history would appreciate this fact better. I am cognizant that aesthetic appreciation of the artifacts of humanity is beyond most African people due to the fact the the schooling they have received has not eradicated the philistine characteristics.Additionally satellite campuses can be built if the present campus is too small…

    • We have a lot of undeveloped land around Lusaka, let AVIC go and develop these areas so that the city can be decongested. Much of Zambia is still bush, there is need to spread out these new developments.

  18. Wenye, don’t cite makomboni around as a constraint to expanding NRDC. Madam minister have you been to NRDC to surely say such? The current campus is just occupying a small part of the whole entire vacant land on which it sits. From Great east Road to campus mabwana like you can’t walk madam minister. So what expansion failed there? The mumbwa land was acquired to replace the ranch that was shared by those who shred it. Don’t whatever with NRDC. Age is no reason to sell it.

  19. Think the Government is correct on this issue and doing great .Also future president is correct using lies .He does non mean what he says but trying to put those in Government in hot sit so that they perform and be transparent. Sad that most people are taking these matters so serious and personal.we call it politics where the truth is an enemy.

  20. If you don’t lie and put up alarming statements in African politics especially Zambia no media will cover you and no popularity. So don’t blame my future president That’s the way we do things in politics.

  21. This is not a bad idea but why cant government undertake it? Why do AVIC have to do it? At what cost will AVIC do it? This is my objection. ZNS can build new facilities for NRDC and achieve all that AVIC is proposing. Lets cut out these crooked middlemen.

  22. Comment: PF These Chinese you’re giving land the time will come when will chase them from our country. 2021 is coming wait will get back our land.

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