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Government commended for its move to ‘ export’ teachers to Seychelles

General News Government commended for its move to ‘ export’ teachers to Seychelles

The Teaching fraternity in Northern Province have welcomed government’s move to send expatriate teachers to Seychelles.

National Union for Public and Private Educators of Zambia (NUPEZ) Provincial Chairperson Fraser Sinyangwe said the move by the Seychelles government to get Zambian teachers as expatriates is a boost to the teaching fraternity.

Mr. Sinyange explained that this will help the Zambian teachers to learn and acquire knowledge from their counterparts in Seychelles.

He added that the move is evident that Zambia is one of the countries which has well qualified teachers.

Mr. Sinyangwe has commended the Seychelles government for giving Zambian teachers an opportunity to be expatriates in their country, adding that this shows that they emulate the quality of education in Zambia.

He has called on the teachers selected to go Seychelles to ensure that they uphold are professionalism in executing their duties.

Government recently announced that 42 Zambian teachers will be sent to Seychelles to work as expatriate teachers.


  1. The best teachers died of aids in Botswana,, remember the exodus??? Yes,,, the current zambian teachers are masese,, I pit the Creole and French speaking seychellerna 95%… and only 5% english speaking

  2. why pick 42 u know for sure this number 42 is a bad number in Zambia as it is linked to Corruption Now our men in a nobble profession u send them off with a 42 What does that mean ? OR what do u wish all the 42 , please drop one or increase by 1 to go with a blessed number like 39 or 43. Anyone with contacts for any of the selected teachers please send me so i can advise one not to go

  3. GRZ should start a policy of exporting some of our unemployed graduates to work in developed countries ……this will bring massive Benifits to zambia.

    The Indians and chinises have seen this and are exploiting this ….activily encouraging qualified grads to work abroad….knowing the money they send is a bounous and when they retire back home that is more money comming back home…

  4. Export of service is a very welcome move to bring in much needed forex in the country.we have been importing too much from CIMA?ACCA,CIM and other international examining bodies.Guys make sure the money little as it may be let it come and be invested in our mother country.congrats guys.

  5. In selecting the 42 teachers, ensure that there is transparency and that the teachers are selected from every province.

  6. Whilst this is to be commended and justification of the quality of Zambian Teachers, please address the upkeep of schools in Zambia and the issue of alcoholism and disruption where teachers fear students and the dedicated teachers have to work in very difficult conditions.

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