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Government lifts ban on public gatherings

Headlines Government lifts ban on public gatherings

Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Minister of Health, Hon Dr Chitalu Chilufya

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya says government is on the verge of completely eliminating the Cholera pandemic. Dr. Chilufya said 16 cases were recorded in the last 24hrs and no deaths were recorded.

He emphasized that there has been a drastic reduction of infections in the epidemic centers. The Health Minister reaffirmed President Edgar Lungu’s determination towards the Cholera fight.

He further announced that the ban on the public has been lifted but emphasized that churches should practice maximum hygiene.

And Permanent Secretary for General Education Henry Tukombe has urged school authorities not to send back pupils from areas that are cholera epidemic centers.

He parents should report school authorities that chase pupils so that appropriate action is taken.

Minister of Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili has called on the churches to exercise high levels of hygiene now that the ban on public gathering has been lifted.
The Ministry of General Education has announced that more schools in Lusaka’s epi centres are being cleared for re-opening.

This follows the cholera outbreak which hit most parts of Lusaka district due to the escalating cases of cholera.

Ministry of General Education Principal Education Standards Officer Grace Sikolongo announced at a media briefing in Lusaka yesterday.

Ms. Sikolongo said a total of 48 schools in epidemic centres have been cleared while 13 government schools are not cleared for re-opening.

Initially, government closed over 190 primary and secondary schools following the cholera outbreak that has claimed over 70 people so far.

She said 63 schools in non-epidemic centres have been cleared to open on Monday 5 February, 2018 while, six will remain closed.

Lusaka district has got a total of 727 Schools categorised as State, private and community schools which are divided into 10 zones.

The zones include Chipata, Chilenje, Chibolya, Emmasdale, Mumuni, Lusaka Central, Kaunda Square, Matero and Lilanda.

The Educational Principal Chief stated that government through her Ministry working closely with its Health counterpart have put in place measures for creating a clean and safe environment for learners (pupils) as well as teachers.

Ms. Sikolongo said despite the disturbance in the 2018 academic calendar, the Ministry of General Education will ensure that schools adjust the mode of delivery of syllabus content visa-a-vis time allocated as well as sensitise both pupils and teachers in the wake of cholera.

And David Kaunda (DK) Secondary School Head Teacher Teddy Chibwe declared his school ready for opening on February 5.

Mr. Chibwe said his institution will adhere to proper sanitary conditions and revive its sickbay.

The School Head further disclosed that his institution will provide oral rehydration salt (ORS) at all times in preparation to arresting the situation.

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    • This whole article is just messed like this Minister it is talking of “completely” eradicating cholera really? Why does it coming back then? I don’t get the last part about the ORS to arrest the situation ….what situation ? Hehehe bwafya

    • Yeah lifting ban after conducting a political rally where many unemployed people including old women and children attended.

    • Ban should only be lifted when they can demonstrate a reduction of cased for 10 consecutive days after a very heavy downpour. Otherwise the cholera outbreak is an indictment of the PF misrule since 2011

    • on the verge of completely eliminating the Cholera pandemic??
      Dream on cholera has been with us from the 80s and you think we can completely eliminate it by having brought the army to cosmetically clean up Lusaka cbd?

  1. He further announced that the ban on the public has been lifted but emphasized that churches should practice maximum hygiene. Now we can pray in peace. Including meeting our beloved leader. Hon. L Kalaba. Thank you, Bwana Minister. I wonder if this cholera thing was for real!!!!!!!!!!! I can smell a rat.

  2. Forget the inconsequential lift on public gatherings .When is GRZ nailing and screwing completely shut the menace of street vending?

  3. And when is PF govt lifting all the trash and filthy liquid slurry filling the trenches all around road side vendors areas especially in Lusaka?

  4. Muslims gathered for prayers 5 times everyday and no one got cholera. Please go to church to pray, not to weewee and poopoo

  5. Didn’t know there was cholera PANDEMIC ie affecting all countries in the world. I only knew of the cholera EPIDEMIC in Zambia!

  6. Millions of people remain with no clean drinking water and sh.it in holes polluting the whole water system right in the capital city …..even in chawama where lungu was MP, same even worse.
    Yet you spent 10s of millions on firetrucks….

    Mr health minister, advise the ministry of education to make into the primary school cariculum an environmental awareness subject to teach our people going onto the streets to look after and love our environment…..those street people the majority come from pitlatrine use areas but have gone to primary school, that is where they can be taught about looking after our enviroment…

  7. And how much have you received from well wishers and how much have you spent? dont just give us numbers of patients, we are not interested.. Busy announcing numbers of cases as though its elections time.

  8. Now these Businessmen Pastors will have to make up for lost revenue by conducting overnite prayer meetings from Monday to Sunday to steal as much money as possible from the utterly docile Zambians who are duped with religious folly.
    I suggest you force these churches to have Hand sanitizer at the front entrances.

  9. The only positive of this sad epidemic is it has exposed the myth of Zambia moving forward with lungu ……cholera is an indisputable silent witness to grinding gutter poverty millions of Zambians are in…….despite borrowing and spending billions , millions of our citizens remain without jobs and live in abject poverty….cholera does not lie…

    There needs to be a radical change by lungu if he is to salvage any credibility he had, lungu needs to be in gum boots not those $2000 shoes he wears…

  10. So the enforcement of cleanliness is almost done! What a shame to even be reading this sort of thing. Fellow citizens… CLEAN UP and WASH UP! Sha!!!!

  11. Dr kabwalala wama ambulances, now at it with donation of money materials for the cholera. I have no respect for this person, he looks humble but dangerous in his dealings. We are watching you.

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