Newly appointed Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Chalwe Lombe during the Swearing in Ceremony at State House on April 8,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary Chalwe Lombe during the Swearing in Ceremony at State House on April 8,2015 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA

Government has directed Missions abroad to re-align their operations in order to promote the aspirations of the Seventh National Development Plan (7NDP).

Ministry of Foreign Affairs Permanent Secretary for International Relations and Cooperation, Chalwe Lombe says diplomats have an important role in helping government achieve certain targets in the plan.

Ambassador Lombe says President Edgar Lungu has given clear guidelines on the direction of the country’s national development.

The Permanent Secretary said this today during a meeting with Diplomats at the Zambian Mission in Tokyo, Japan.

Ambassador Lombe said he expects Missions abroad  such as the one in Tokyo to enhance cooperation and trade so that Japan is part of government’s agenda to enhance the well being of Zambians.

“We would like the Japanese to be part of government’s agenda. We have an agenda which is the 7NDP. So we are inviting cooperating partners, private sector and government to come on board and work with Zambia and explore the opportunities that exist,” He said.

Ambassador Lombe said Zambia and Japan have long standing relations; the mission in Japan must continue to engage the Japanese government in order to strengthen existing relations and explore new areas of cooperation.

He is optimistic that the 7NDP once implemented will yield great results as it caters across all sectors of the economy.

And Zambia’s Ambassador to Japan, H.E Ndiyoi Mutiti said the mission in Tokyo has continued to strengthen bilateral relations with Japan more especially to enhance economic interactions.

Ambassador Mutiti said the mission is committed to ensure that Zambia benefits from its relations with Japan in an effort to contribute to national development.

She said she will ensure that principles in the 7NDP are well sold to the Japanese government and private sector to increase their participation in Zambia’s development agenda.

During his 5 day visit to Japan, Ambassador Lombe is scheduled to hold talks with Japanese Foreign Affairs Vice Minister, government agencies and companies.

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  1. People want to believe those aspirations… but how are resources going to be spent.

    We have seen overpriced contracts and fire tracks as big Warning shots. We want to believe and we support you, but look at what you have left behind. A liteny of destruction on resources.

    The BIG question is, will the spirit of 7th NDP be fully followed? If history is a teacher, I’d let the Zambian people judge.

    If Zambians are going to believe this, measures to stop what happened recurring should have been put in place. We surely cannot develop on the same model that allow such decisions we have seen in the past no matter how nobble the intentions are.

    Thank you


  2. It seems to me that in Zambia, everyday, you have mention Lungu in everything that you say or else you lose your job. ‘Lungu said this and Lungu said that’. No Lungu, no job!


  3. – We thought Congolese FTJ was a thief after abusing $-Million Zamtroop account to buy suits & underwear until Malawian RB & sons came and showed us what real theft/corruption is by stealing through oil deals & even shutting down Indeni for 3-months in order for his sons to supply fuel to the whole country.

    – Just when we thought RB & sons were the worst thieves we’ve seen until another Malawian Yao called Lungu (who claims to have been born in a whites-only Hospital in N/Rhodesia) came & showed us that rigging elections & bribing high court judges is the way, that stealing $-billions is childs-play through Road contracts, Fire-trucks, Chinese bribes, mukula tree logging, selling national assets to tu ma Cho-Cho-Lee, stealing GRZ shares in ZCCM-IH shares whilst indebting the Country…


  4. This is one Chalwe Lombe now appointed P.S.International Relations removed as one only P.S of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.This P.S made a lot of confusion and contributed to the Minister’s resignation in a way.He in most cases did a lot of things single handedly and made a lot of in roads alone without the knowledge of the Minister. Even when a lot of changes were being made at the Ministry HQ, Mr Lombe was always out abroad.When Minister was resigning, he was away even when the Head Of State was making changes appointing another P.S at the Ministry Chalwe was away in Ethiopia in search of dollars and today just a day after appointment he is already in Japan waisting resources and yet the Embassy in Japan is up and running with all Diplomats Intact who understand and are able to…


  5. That is all we need so that Hajealousy party will be infuriated the more! They have no plan but to rant!



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