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Zambia commended for hosting Congolese asylum seekers

General News Zambia commended for hosting Congolese asylum seekers

President Edgar Lungu talking to some refugees during the tour of Kenani Transit refugee camp in Nchelenge

The Catholic Church Apostolic Nuncio to Zambia and Malawi Archbishop, Julio Murat has commended the Zambian government for hosting the Congolese asylum seekers in the country.

Archbishop Murat who visited to Kenani Refugee Transit Centre and Mantapala Refugee Resettlement in Nchelenge said Zambia should be commended for opening its borders to asylum seekers who are fleeing from the civil war in their home country.

He said Zambia’s open door policy for refugees is admirable and a good example to the whole world.

The Archbishop has since appealed to the international community to assist Zambia with humanitarian aid to ensure that the country comfortably hosts the refugees.

He stated that the Catholic Church through the local parish will continue to work with the Zambia government in hosting the Congolese asylum seekers.

The visiting Archbishop and the Bishop of Mansa Diocese held a mass at Kenani Refugee Transit Centre and toured part of the facility.

Archbishop Murat also donated assorted washing and cleaning pastes to the refugees.

And United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) Country Representative, Pierrine Aylara said it was not an easy undertaking for the Zambian government to host refugees in the country.

Ms. Aylara said government deserves commendation for hosting the thousands of asylum seekers from the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

The number of Congolese asylum seekers who have entered Zambia from August 2017 when Kenani Transit Centre was opened has reached about 14,540 prompting government to establish a resettlement area in Chief Kambwali in Nchelenge district.


  1. It’s reported that Uganda has been inflating refugees numbers so it gets extra money which is channeled to certain officials. Hope UN are keeping the correct figures here.

  2. Ndanje before you even point your accusing finger at the UN or any other institution / individual what have you done personally to cushion the suffering of these innocent brothers and sisters running away from their homes because of greedy politicians?

  3. God has blessed Zambia with peace for over 50 years, even when the decolonisation wars were raging in our region. God should continue to open our hearts so that we can continue to be a blessing to others, by affording shelter and love for those displaced from their own countries. I have been thinking that Zambia should offer the UN to settle a number of the Rohinja in Zambia from Maynmar. They have suffered too much and have only known hatred from the Burmese.
    As for the Congolese, welcome brothers and sisters. We are the same people. It is only an artificial line on the ground that separates us. The UN should tell Joseph Kabila that the ICC is waiting for him. The whole SADC should shun him and suspend Congo government from SADC Meetings.

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