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Friday, February 21, 2020

Elephants trample Mbala villager to death

Rural News Elephants trample Mbala villager to death

Four elephants have entered Mbala’s Kasesha village from the neighboring Republic of Tanzania and killed one man in the area.

The incident happened on Monday around 14:00 hours when the villagers wanted to chase the elephants from destroying their maize fields.

District Commissioner, Kedrick Sikombe has confirmed the entry of four elephants and killing of a man to ZANIS in Mbala yesterday.

He says after the struggle to chase away the animals, the elephants pounced on a man named as Alex Lyawawa Ngogi and killed him instantly.

The DC has suspected that the villagers provoked the elephants by shooting them with catapults when the animals pounced on Ngogi and killed him.

The body of Mr Ngogi was put to rest at Kasesha village yesterday.

Mr Sikombe says he has dispatched a group of ZAWA officers to Kasesha village to assess the situation.

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    • If they were Zambians elephants they could been huntered like in Livingston. But because they are foreign elephants they can do what they want.

    • @NOSTRADAMUS, They are not Tanzanian Elephants. In fact there are no Zambian or Tanzanian elephants. They are just elephants. Do not exaggerate human importance. Elephants are not interested in the lines you draw on the ground, which you call boundaries. Elephants will go where ever they want. When ever necessary humans should just defend themselves, but should be conscious that we have to share the earth with other creatures. We have no better right to be here.

  1. These are villagers that give a bad name to all villagers by thinking they can possibly chase a herd of elephants with slings and stones. So the maize field was more precious than his life and he decided to stand in the way of these massive animals?

    Even my grandfather used to say “Abena Nsofu nga baisa ni mutule!” – meaning it’s every man for himself when the elephants come around.

  2. Shocking how we describe fellow citizen. Why not say a Mbala resident or a Zambian resident of Mbala. A Villager paints a negative picture of a person. Could that explain maybe why he was trampled to death ( because he was a villager?)

  3. People with no understanding when it comes to wildlife will utter nonsense such as kill the animals. Some people don’t seem to know those very animals pay for the food they eat and keep them employed. When tourists come to Zambia to see those very elephants generates revenue for hotels who can pay employees. Hotels support local farmers by buying their fresh produce. Farmers pay employees and buy fertilizer from store owners. When people are paid they buy food and clothing and that money goes back to the government who pay civil servants. This is how tourism works but its the people in charge of of managing tourism in Zambia who have no clue in managing it and people don’t benefit from it or see the rewards. This is human error involved!

  4. @Nostradamus why kill wildlife when it brings benefits to tourism? This is human error at play. Those animals felt provoked by humans who constantly threaten their existence and murder them for their tusks. Where there is food, one simply must move out of the way when it comes to elephants. This is where our Ministry of Tourism comes in, but we seem to have an incompetent Permanent Secretary and Minister of Tourism and Arts with no skills in tourism. Usually people are compensated for such damages, but this ministry will never reimburse them even though money meant for those things is there. This is what causes wildlife human conflict and why people end up dying as in such a case. Our minister cannot even buy a coffin for a game ranger so imagine compensating for crops!

  5. Okay this one is a Mbala villager, what if the person was from Lusaka what was the person going to be described as? May our dear departed colleague rest in peace.

  6. Mbala /Mpulungu is laying in the Elephant corridor as Nsumbu National Park is closer there with some National parks in Tanzania . Its only fair to give way to those animals whenever they are in transit . Zawa should always be alert on such cases , hopefully they shall drive those animals towards Nsumbu other than Selengeti .
    The Government should surely compensate the families whose crops have been destroyed, elephants are national trophies.

  7. Its no longer Zawa but dept of national parks and wild life. When animals cross the border they become Zambian. So those where not Tanzanian elephants because they were on our soils.

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