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HH castigated for politicising challenges faced in the 2017/2018 farming season

General News HH castigated for politicising challenges faced in the 2017/2018 farming season

Hakainde Hichilema
The Patriotic Front leadership in Southern Province has castigated opposition UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema for allegedly politicising challenges faced in the 2017/2018 farming season.

PF Southern Province Information and Publicity Secretary Trymore Mwenda also says partisan attacks on President Edgar Lungu over the sluggish rainfall pattern are laughable.

Mr. Mwenda has told ZNBC news that President Lungu has acknowledged the challenges in the e-voucher system and has pledged a better service in the next farming season.

He further states that the coming of the e-voucher system has broadened farmers choice, unlike where farmers were restricted to only growing maize.

He says it is disappointing that people who wish to lead the country can go to an extent of calling for a national disaster where there is no need to do so.

Mr. Mwenda said President Lungu deserves the support of all well-meaning people because he is working round the clock to take development to all corners of the country.

His comments come in the wake of remarks attributed to the UPND leader when he recently visited some farming communities in central province.

And New Generation Party leader Humphrey Siulapwa has advised United Party for National Development – UPND- leader, Hakainde Hichilema to refrain from disrespecting the Head of State.

Speaking to journalists during a media briefing in Lusaka on Wednesday, Mr. Siulapwa said Mr. Hichilema should stop accusing the head of state of being corrupt as he has no evidence to that effect.

He has also challenged the UPND leader to go to court if he has evidence of corruption.

Mr. Siulapwa notes that Mr. Hichilema should spend more time telling the Zambian people what he will do for them if ever he gets elected into office.

He has further warned that if Mr. Hichilema does not stop disrespecting the President, the New Generation Party will de-campaign the UPND and request for a Commission of inquiry over the Opposition leader’s alleged involvement in the privatisation of Zambian companies.

Mr. Siulapwa has observed that Mr. Hichilema’s assertion that the recent political occurrences in Zimbabwe could also occur in Zambia is irresponsible and tantamount to advocating for anarchy.

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    • So what will be left to politicize …. that is the problem in Zambia you want to discuss tribalism ati ndiye politics. When Cholera is discssued ati dont politicize cholera …. now ati don’t politicize challenges in Agric … what is politics to you Sir? Isn’t it the reason you vote for leaders to sort out these challenges in health, education, agriculture and many others?? So why do you want to make others of your kind believe that this is not an issue to be politicized? Pure madne$$ coming from another PF dununa Butiza

  1. “He has further warned that if Mr. Hichilema does not stop disrespecting the President, the New Generation Party will de-campaign the UPND and request for a Commission of inquiry over the Opposition leader’s alleged involvement in the privatization of Zambian companies.”
    Kwena insala yamusebanya.If you have evidence why not submit it.Nawakwi and ZPA also have the evidence, but I just wonder why they have not persecuted him?
    You are useless and irrelevant.Better just shut your beak.

  2. The patriotic behind needs to organize prayers for double H. My suggestion is that this year every well meaning Zambian should come together to pray for HH. We need to exorcise the demon of wanting to be in statehouse at all costs. The only thing he wants is to do is sit on the statehouse toilet. This is sh1thole politics.

    It doesnt matter who is in the toilet, this country is a sh!thole.The stench of the sh1t will not start smelling sweet by putting a different person on the toilet seat.

    Double H will NEVER develop this country. The stench of the sh1thole will only go away when everyone does their little bit in improving their corner. ECL or HH will never come wipe your a$$ clean for you, you need to do that everyday on your own.

  3. What is wrong with the thinking of some of us Zambians? HH is right the season is a flop. How many people have received farming inputs on time? wHAT DO YOU THINK IS THE JOB OF OPPOSITION? is it not to bring out the wrongs of the ruling party?

    • Tell all those that want to call a spade a spoon to visit chainama. They might need help because such are people that mislead their leaders. You are better off telling your leader the truth and you will be set free. Things are not well for the common man, that is the bottom line, period, kwamana,kwapwa,kwasila!

  4. The e-voucher is man made but not the rains. RSA has not been able to predict the drought especially in Cape Town despite advanced weather equipment. U.S. was caught unaware with the coldest winter but you know who claims he can predict the weather. Thankfully there are a number of Zambians who can not be cheated.

  5. Ok the E-Voucher has been a challenge but is essential in curbing the abuse of FISP. Those charged with its implementation must not wait until the farming time but must go to work right now so that come time for farming the system will be fully ready. I won’t comment on the weather, only the god called HH can have power over this.

  6. When you are an evil man you up will always wish bad and evil things to happen to your friends. This is what hh was wishing to happen to late Data and he died and they celebrated and now they are wishing ECL bwana it can’t never. Atase

    • Mumitwe yenu ba panicking fools mwaisulafye amenshi namano yabukabolala, kabili mulefwaikwasanasana amapepo yamaka.
      Mose alimupepi, nangula mungachita shani Less wamaka aalapususha abantu bakwe.

  7. Tell hh to go go and prevent flash floods in North western if he can control nature. E-voucher without rains is nothing at all.

  8. The most selfish and dull leader to grace the Zambian political landscape! I could have voted for Chama Chakomboka than this white collar thief!

  9. Elect the electable man who everyone wants to eliminate for his honesty and no tolerance for nonsense! 2021 here we come

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