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President Lungu says it is unfair for people to refer to him as corrupt

Headlines President Lungu says it is unfair for people to refer to...

President Edgar Lungu before addressing the Nation on New Year's Eve.
President Edgar Lungu before addressing the Nation on New Year’s Eve.
President Edgar Lungu has taken a swipe at people that are calling him a corrupt President.

President Lungu said it is unfair for people to refer to him as corrupt even when it has been proved that it is some officers from ministries that have been found guilty.

The President said the fight against corruption calls for a multi-sectoral approach and not be left to government alone because everyone is affected by its adverse effects.

President Lungu said this in Lusaka yesterday during the ministers and controlling officers’ workshop on prudent financial management practices under the theme “promoting ethical conduct, integrity and accountability in the public sector to enhance public service delivery”.

The Head of State pointed out that prudent use of public resources in line ministries is essential as it ensures that funds are shared equally.

President Lungu stated that prudent use of resources also helps in sustaining national development in the country and drives the nation forward.

He has since directed the Minister of Finance to migrate all government Ministries to Integrated Financial Management Information System(IFMIS)saying there should be no resistance to the directive.

President Lungu called for hard work and fearless commitment by the Auditor General’s office in its execution of duty.

Speaking earlier, Minister of Finance, Felix Mutati said the launch of the workshop demonstrates a clear testimony of government’s commitment to fighting corruption.

Mr. Mutati said his ministry is committed to ensuring the prudent use of financial resources is upheld at all stages of release of funds.

He said the ministry will continue to monitor the funds being spent appropriately by all spending agencies to avoid misuse.


    • Like a prostitute preaching chastity and sexual abstinence. Or Satan the Devil condemning sinful practices. You have one hell of a hypocrite right there in Zambia’s state house.

    • Then Edgar do something, fire Kaizer in NATIONAL interest. Clean up!!!
      Kabimba was fired for nothing, but we didn’t like him as a nation. From that day Sata was beloved, rest is history.

    • Time to get real guys. The president is here to stay. PF is here to stay. Your small ‘god’ Kaponya (HH) is not even eligible to stand in 2021. Too much of anything is bad. Too much loosing by (HH) is making you all pathological haters. SHlT Holes!

    • – We told you guys that this drunkard is corrupt & evil, but you were too busy dancing DUNUNA REVERSE to listen.
      – We told you LAZ cancelled his Lawyers practicing license after swindling K36,000 from a Lafarge Widow but you chose to ignore the tell-tale signs.
      Today he swims in pockets of Chinese. State House meeting schedule is one Chinese delegation after another.
      This Malawian drunkard is busy sell the country to foreigners:-

      – ZNBC sold to Chinese
      – NRDC Avic (Chinese),
      – Kamwala Remand to Lamise (Lebanese),
      – RTSA sold to Lebanese & Austrians
      – ZAF Twin Palm land to Chinese.
      – Lusaka East Forest reserve to Avic (Chinese)
      – Chimbokaila sold to Chinese
      – Luburma Market sold to Chinese
      – Lusaka City Market sold to Chinese
      – Chichele Lodge sold to Lebanese
      – ZCCM-IH…

    • CONT’D….

      – ZCCM-IH sold to Israeli shelf company (owned by Lungu himself)
      – Zambian Airways given to Ethiopians
      – 100 year old Mukula trees auctioned to Chinese

    • Tasila and Ester Lungu you need to join the masses because at the rate you father and husband respectively, is going, you will be the next to BE SOLD! There is already a market for Tasila. The immediate market is Tayali, but I am sure he will find a market for bana Daliso, kabili ni kabolala!

    • Iwe Mr Kudos Don’t act like an be an idi.o.t.
      As head of the atate the buck stops at Lungu. If there are corrupt govt. officials,it is your duty to discipline them. Why hasn’t he taken action?The only action he knows is to stop the opposition from meeting their people and of course selling mukula trees to the corupt chi chong traders.

      Any failure by any of the Ministries is a reflection on Him as head of state. There is nothing like sinazibe?
      Don’t just support blindly waunfwa.If you can’t see anything wrong the awya this country is going then indeed it is you actually who is a Mr.Sithole

    • He does not care as he knows Zambians are too docile to do anything all these will retire happily all you people will do is pray to Jesus to forgive Lazy Lungu.

    • Iwe Mr Kudos Don’t act like an be an idi.o.t.
      As head of state, the buck stops at Lungu. If there are corrupt govt. officials, it is his your duty to discipline them. Why hasn’t he taken action?The only action he knows is to stop the opposition from meeting their people and of course selling mukula trees to the corrupt chi Chong traders.

      Any failure by any of the Ministries is a reflection on Him as head of state. There is nothing like sinazibe?
      Don’t just support blindly waunfwa.If you can’t see anything wrong the way this country is being run then indeed it is you actually who is a Mr.Sithole

    • Lying and stealing – what a combination! Therein lies an irrefutable proof that you are contemptuously corrupt!

    • I believe him. If he is corrupt then he is better than the friend to Obasanjo. Nigerians top the corruption table and one cant be a friend for nothing.

    • Every time this guy says something, he confirms that he really doesn’t know what he’s doing. The ministers in his cabinet work for him. He hired them. He’s their boss. Which means he’s responsible for whatever they do. ECL, the ministers are your hired helpers, to help you run the country. That’s why you’ve power over them to tell them what to do, and even to fire them if they’re not performing. Here is an example why people say you’re corrupt. In 2016 your ministers were asked by the CONCOURT to pay back the money they illegally got by occupying their offices after the dissolution of parliament. They reaffirmed the judgment in 2017. When the CONCOURT decision came out, you said nothing. You were just quiet, instead of actively supporting the CONCOURT. Try and do this, if you…

    • (Continued).. want to show that you’re not corrupt: Have your ministers audited, from the time they came into office to this day. Check their bank accounts, and see how much money they’ve accumulated from the day they started working for you. Let them account for every Ngwee in the bank accounts, and properties they’ve accumulated since they took office. You also have to account for your own increase in wealth. Let the auditors audit you too. Whoever fails to account for their sudden increase in wealth forfeits it to the State, and then gets fired, with the possibility of prison time. But we know you won’t do that, which in people’s eyes makes you an accomplice, and an active participant in the corruption.

    • You’re right, its a lame excuse from an alcohol abuser still in a rehab kkkkkk. Has he forgotten what he told the nation about his ministers and huge amounts in bank their accounts? Why blame only those in ministries and not the ministers too? What does this man take Zambians for?
      Hypocrisy is an understatement indeed!

  1. Really? Fire tenders, Ambulances, Mukula Trees, Dual Carriage, Auditor Generals Report? Ministers and President getting rich quick? If all this corruption is happening under his nose, who then shall we call corrupt?

    No one has been prosecuted? Your Exellency, there is a stench of corruption in the governments diaper and it’s ain’t the people of Zambia who put it there.

    The PF Administation is a corrupt Administration period. Time will prove who is wrong.

    • Two justifications: He is either also very corrupt or he is extremely utterly dull. My conclusion is that he is both.

    • If president and his Ministers are accumulating wealth yet they cannot explain sources what does he expect? Let him tell us his source of wealth Kambwili talks about. Failure to respond to Kambwili’s allegations is tantamount to admitting that you are corrupt Mr president.

  2. ”President Lungu said it is unfair for people to refer to him as corrupt even when it has been proved that it is some officers from ministries that have been found guilty.”
    which officers have been found guilty Mr President..you address the specific allegations leveled at you dont dodge by throwing mad at the “officers”,and what kind of a President are you who cant take action against these same “OFFICERS”

    • If he fires individuals tongas will start complaining ati we are been discriminated because it’s in the public domain that these bantustans are in the crusade of doing all sorts of evil just to prove that pf is mismanaging resources. Fire them in the interest of the nation.

  3. Mr President ignore the SHlT HOLE opposition blabber mouths whose heads are full of sewage material.
    Kaponya (HH) and Kambwili have nothing to talk about

    • You need serious prayers Kudos. This same HH you are calling names will be your President one day. I pray that you and your fellow morally corrupted PF cadres live to witness that. Lesa nimalyotola, alalyotola . Mark my words

    • Kiki hh president over which country? Zambians go to vote against hh not pf continuity. If we did not want pf we could’ve done that along time ago.

    • Kudos you must be gaining alot for you to support so blindly. You are also a beneficiary of crime or the mastermind.

    • @ ERB … I have been reading what people are saying and came to your comment. “not everything is tribe” You TONGAS lost my respect and am not the only one, same as other non TONGAS who look at your ideologies pathetically.

      HERE IS MY REASON… Despite being a qualified accountant, I was refused to work at GRANT THORNTON where your ayatollah was the FAT CAT. I British lady who presided over the selection process told me that despite you being an exceptional candidate, you are in a wrong tribe. Basically, she was telling me that I did not get the job because I was not TONGA. HH presided against you pathetic tribalists as your boss. TODAY YOU WANT TO SAY EVERYTHING IS NOT TRIBLE? SW!NE!!!

      MACHA CHILEMENE is on record during a campaign saying ababemba mulenya. You CUUUNTS of a tribe!…

    • @ ERB… CONTINUED! You have turned me into something I never thought I would be… The rest of Zambia is matching you toe to toe lets go… you unleashed it, bring it own! this was a vow I made when that job was turned down cause of tribe and its steaming forward!

      Even though my wife is HALF TONGA and HALF SCOTTISH. She understands this cause you puuusies are unreasonable!

      MWE MBWANMWE!!! all of you tribalists MATHAFKERS !!!!!!

  4. Omg! Is this guy serious? How do you complain of being labeled corrupt and go on to say some ministers have been found wanting and you are the head of state and done nothing about it. What the hell do you expect Mr President? Does this dummy listen to himself when he speaks? Grow up Mr president. Seems like this is the only language you will understand. Only then will you begin to act like an adult. We will address you like a child. Moreover do you think people don’t know about your personal construction projects in Lusaka? What do you expect when your children, daliso and tasila to be specific are busy flashing money. Where did daliso get the money to get a land cruiser vx 2016, ford ranger and a BMW X5 2017 model within a space of 1 year. Where did he get the money to get those…

  5. Properties behind sandys creation. Where did tasila get the money to put up those structures on the forest reserve near the barracks. The flats in new kasama, ibex, lilayi, meanwood, jack. Does this ring a bell? It is unprecedented for a sitting president to be exposed in this manner. The system is against you. Wake up before it’s too late. Your time to account is near. Don’t be deceived. Kaizer and Amos won’t even be there with you when that time comes. Lobe muntu wandi

    • Zambians will need to put into office a new president in 2021, who will promise to hold these corrupt people accountable. The new president’s first job will be to audit all these crooks, including ECL. Whoever cannot account for the wealth they’ve accumulated forfeits it to the State, and sent to prison. Don’t let them get away with this. We don’t want corruption in Zambia anymore.

  6. The heat from the IMF has now reached Lungu, it is unfair, really? What did we do to deserve this kind of mediocre leadership? This man doesn’t know whether he is coming or going. After enriching yourself with 23million in less than two years, that you did not even work for, you are now pointing fingers at civil servants. Your immunity will be removed one day and you will surely pay. As for Mutati, paying lip service to the fight against corruption wont make the IMF give you us1.3 billion, be real.

  7. Oh really? So how did you get so filthy rich within a short time you have been a president on your salary alone? Please explain and don’t pretend you don’t know what time it is.

    And how come no one within your government has been fired despite so many scandals that are known by the public… mind the public only knows a tiny bit. CHIEF CORRUPT #1!


  9. With this advent of corrupt allegations I would suggest that a mechanism be established to look into buying and contracting works , where all political parties will be part of the system that will endose buying and contracts for the govt .
    If that system is put into place it will reduce the suspicion that has become an issue on every stage of expenses, but without such the war will continue raging without end.

  10. The buck stops at your doorstep your Excellency.
    Why haven’t you taken action against the ‘corrupt ministry officials’?
    Mwanawasa would have given the same excuse, but he understood that as head of state he was ultimately responsible. He embraced that and cleansed the government. But you sir are shirking your responsibility. Any failure in your government is a reflection on you as head of government. That’s how the world works. If you can’t swallow that then you shouldn’t be in state house

  11. “promoting ethical conduct, integrity and accountability in the public sector to enhance public service delivery”.
    coming from the pf thieves, this’ oxymoron,(for lack of a better term)

    I don’t think lungu is a smart guy. I think he doesn’t understand management and most definitely doesn’t understand his current position.

    • @ mukolwe

      if you must use oxymoron, call him honest, visionary, vise, anointed, never convicted, a real leader of a democratic party which promote rule ow law, accountability, independence of the Judiciary….

  12. The truth is all humans are corrupt in every part of the world no one human is perfect except Jesus .
    What has saved the resources from corrupt human being are strong institutions which monitor all the public resources. With out credible institutions corruption will continue to destroy zambian economy let me tell you you cannot trust any human and you cannot defend any person to be innocent .
    Those allegations are not just pass words they need to be investigated with out such the rot remains just saying no no no doesn’t solve any problem.

  13. It will be written in history books that lungu was the most corrupt president ever……..lungus corruption is dragging Zambia down…….42/42 , selling off Zambian assets , mukula, not empowering Zambians like bringing in lamise to take over RATSA to partner with the Austrians despite there being Zambians to do the same……..$62 million import of ZAF uniforms when we grow cotton……all this is an intricate linked corruption web with lungu at the centre and his gang at state house ..

  14. See how this corrupt thief tries to perryaway the corruption allegations with one sentence………the whole nation is concerned about his corruption and he offers one sentence to silence critics ???

    That is not enough…..

  15. The President should be seen to be fighting corruption, not saying mere words. That’s why people are not taking him seriously.Actions speak louder than words

    • Why change the subject of discussion? Now we are talking about ECL. You can write an article on HH’s corruption so that we comment.

    • Iwe grade7 , don’t mix cases.Echo waponene. The one in dock now is called Edgar. Stick to this case if you want to pass. HH’s casevwill be called later.

  16. Corruption is written all over him. It is the food he eats, the water he drinks and the air he breathes.

  17. THE POPE OF CORRUPTION, Jona Chakolwa -1st has Spoken, ati I am not corrupt, whist presiding @ The New Vatican of Corruption – Nkhwazi House.

  18. Your Excellence, UPND chaps especially their ring leader are so bitter and angry you have no clue such that they spend hours if not days to find ways of frustrating you and your drive to develop this country. Remember sir that HH has never addressed you as President in case your advisers haven’t brought this to your attention and that in itself speaks mountains and valleys.
    They will scheme anything negative about you just to try and sway you from doing what the people voted you for so that they can use failures as excuse to woo people on their side. Some of us read and research a lot and our conclusion in many utterances from UPND is to distract you from delivering. The good news though is that you are the Head of State regardless of their opinion or belief and you can either make or…

    • Iwe Malinso iwe…are you one of the people looting the national coffers? Or you’re too dumb to see that ECL and his gang are corrupt? Can you explain to us how his wealth increased from K3 million in 2015 to K23 million in 2016? Just a span of one year? We’re not all UPND cadres, for your information. We’re just concerned citizens, who see the obvious. So you’re either one of them or you’re just an ignoramus.

  19. contd
    The good news though is that you are the Head of State regardless of their opinion or belief and you can either make or break Zambia. Just ensure those that you have appointed in higher offices live to the people’s expectations by delivering development and manage things, HH is heartless.
    For instance, if you seriously take development to the Copperbelt, Lusaka, Central, Luapula, Northern, Muchinga, Eastern and North Western Provinces between now and 2020, believe you me, the key to State House shall forever remain with PF.

    • So you are insinuating that it is the Tongas ONLY who have been convited of corrupt practices? What did you smoke?Cholera feaces?

    • Malinso, you are a real …. creeper, you are pathetic in your crawling, by the way what happened to the cops that were found with fake kwacha? were they UPND cops? OR IS THERE A BIG FISH INVOLVED IN THIS SCHEME ALSO?

  20. Lungu manufactures all the corrupt schemes at State House. Who is fooling who? The man stinks corruption an does not know it? he is a joker. Every dog has his day, the adage goes and this man is no exception. What is not corrupt about him when he is synonymous with the vice?

  21. I haven’t been to Zambia for a while, I have been in the US so I dont know what the situation is but I think we have to be very careful with the western media and what they say about our leaders. There is corruption here in the US its just more sophisticated and I know for a fact that the press is not free. They have edited my videos on youtube, there are certain things that they edit out and this hinders the freedom of people especially minorities, Africans especially. I Just made a video concerning Barbara Bush and they have stopped it from circulating that’s just one example. Now don’t misunderstand me American press is a lot more liberal than african press, there are things shown on american TV that would never be shown on ours. My point being, As a journalist, facts are the most…

  22. FACTS
    a) I made $3m years in 15 years as a private medical doctor.
    b) A lawyer makes about $5m in the same period.
    c) An African President makes about $20m made up of pension, gratuity, life insurance etc, at the end of 2 terms, enough for anyone and dependants to live on for the rest of his life . This IS cheap MONEY which Akainde is prepared to die for.
    If ECL’s account is less than $10m as at now, then the fellow is indeed CORRUPT.

    • And because “…lawyer makes about $5m in the same period…”, this Endemically Corrupt Leader needed to embezzle K 36,000 from a widow and get CONVICTED by the HIGH COURT of Zambia and de-barred by LAZ?


  23. Well said Mr President!!Kainde followers must be ignored because they simply make noise for nothing!!
    A rich man looks very nice unlike bo Kainde!!

    • @Njimbu, why do you stup!d dull people always think that people who’re criticizing ECL and his minions are UPND cadres? There could be some UPND cadres among the critics, but it’s not everyone you ignoramus. Some of us are just concerned independent citizens, who see the rot that’s taking place in the country. You don’t need to be a UPND cadre to see that corruption is taking place in Zambia and ECL is at the center of it. Can you explain how ECL, who had K3 million in 2015, increased his wealth to K23 million by 2016? Can you? Have you asked him that question? You’re either so stup!d that you couldn’t recognize corruption if it walked up to you and slapped you in the face, or you’re one of his corrupt gang.

  24. Njimbu, tell your foreigner president to reduce on corruption otherwise he won’t even seen that 2021. There is hunger in Zed now, not everyone is happy with a biting economy. So instead of assuming 2021 is yours start working to fix issues people are encountering now.

  25. The list of Corruption allegations made about Lungu and his Ministers is well known. AU has declared 2018 as an Anti Corruption Year in Africa. Due to Corruption and State Capture President Jacob Zuma has been forced to resign. Lungu has also been accused of Rampant Corruption and State Capture. The question is what is Lungu about it? Lungu is now said that he is filthy rich from lucrative Corruption Deals in his govt. What is Lungu doing about fighting Corruption in his govt. The fish rots from the head downwards. Which way ECL?

  26. Kaponya govt full of sewage level material – no wonder the cholera,the corruption ($42m firetrucks) and the stench emanating from them is overpowering.

  27. Mr. President UPND is an Antiestablishment institution. It is there to dream, hallucinate, confuse and destroy. It is a party that you can compare to the former Post Newspaper, if you will! They don’t know what corruption is but are witchhunters. You have done a great job in leading Zambia to development. The corrupt guy is the one who has money put in Panama to avoid paying taxes at home! The corrupt guy is the guy who swindled Zambia of a fortune during privatization and he became rich overnight. Zambia is stronger than one man – an Under Five.

  28. Stay focused Mr. President and keep pointing on the projects – the work you are doing! The party of fires and arson is no party!

    • @Sharon…can you explain how ECL’s wealth increased from K3 million in 2015 to K23 million by 2016–within a span of one year? Can you? Have you ever asked him that question? If not, then you don’t know what you’re talking about. You’re either too stup!d to know, or you’re one of the corrupt lot.

  29. When we were growing up in Chimwemwe, this guy, ECL nobody wanted him on their mushimupombwa football side and everyone wanted him to be a goal keeper on the other side. When he was a keeper on the other side, you knew you were winners. Because it was just pomoos through his crooked legs. Frankly, I could never have dreamed that the guy would one day be called president of Zambia.

    We are cursed. And some people still believe we have a leader. Guys, some of us grew up with him. Let us be serious with national issues.

  30. “The President said the fight against corruption calls for a multi-sectoral approach and not be left to government alone because everyone is affected by its adverse effects.”

    Then define three branch of the Government, and free press.

    “The only security of all is in a free press. The force of public opinion cannot be resisted, when permitted freely to be expressed. The agitation it produces must be submitted to. It is necessary, to keep the waters pure.” ~ Thomas Jefferson

    “Our press was protected by the First Amendment … to inform, to arouse, to reflect, to state our dangers and our opportunities, to indicate our crises and our choices, to lead, mold, educate and sometimes even anger public opinion.” ~ John F. Kennedy

  31. Imbecile koswe. When Edger Lungu is out as an fake president, I would like to see this nabulwe in Prison immediately. Anything other than Lungu in Prison will mean that whomever will be president at that time, will be corrupt too.

  32. Lungu is a clown, fraud and the only place Lungu is fit for is HELL. I am saying this as someone from Eastern province is that matters to you dull tribal imbeciles. Lungu is worthless and corrupt. I am ready to give HH the benefit of the doubt as I believe we as a country can never go any worse that what Lungu has done.
    Lungu is very weak and he lets the Chinese and all his PF Minions loot on daily basis. Lungu himself is busy stealing everyday. Any Zambian not having an issue with that is not patriotic to the Country Zambia. Lungu is worse that the devil himself.

  33. “With this in mind the framers wrote the Constitution to provide for a separation of powers, or three separate branches of government. … This is done through checks and balances. A branch may use its powers to check the powers of the other two in order to maintain a balance of power among the three branches of government.“

    free from outside control; not depending on another’s authority) of three branch of government and free press will help to fight corruption.

  34. It is indeed very unfair to tag President Lungu as Corrupt.
    Some people around him, want to deliberately portray a very wrong picture of President Lungu.
    President Lungu has allowed himself to be surrounded by Treasure Hunters and the Zambian Intelligence /OP. Both are deliberately misleading and misinforming the President with their common denominators of amassing wealth corruptly, and usurping of power respectively.
    President Lungu must be disappointed with out the outcome of the Alliance between the PF party and the MMD faction.
    The OP has also let down President Lungu.With its Network Country wide, OP can’t feign ignorance about the illegal cutting and export of the Mukula Trees and the rampant in Corruption in government.
    OP has allowed Corruption and plundering of national…

  35. L,it is some officers .You are and can not control your subordinates.Can you allow workers to steal from your company ?We gave you a mandate to govern us .You chose a team to help you to deliver. Fire them if they have failed unless you don’t care.Let them forfeit stolen resources /money. How I wish we had a reliable alternative government. The rest of the politicians are the same even if they yap.Do something now and do not focus on 2021.It is better to have few honest team members than a big bunch of thieves.Quality not quantity.

  36. Changwa is a lived reality of corruption and mediocre government. Government of thieves for thieves by thieves. The answer to this upsurge in corruption and suffering of majority Zambians is chase the guy. Its a must #Changwamustgo.

  37. Lungu insults the intelligence of the Zambian people to posture that he is not corrupt. It does not call for a miniscule of genius to conclude from the way he has conducted himself that he is corrupt. He must be living in his own cuckoo land where he believes the Zambian people are demented and he is the smart one to run circles around us. Wake up Mr. Lungu and smell the coffee, Zambians don’t buy your cheap lies.

  38. This is a serious lesson for us Zambians. Lungu had a dent in his character due to his appetite to embezzle his clients money when he was a practising lawyer and he was struck off the list of practising lawyers after being convicted. That was just one Client now as the President he has 15 million Clients, mamamama—— I will leave the rest to your imagination.

  39. zambia is a group of coward pipo who ran from wars en re grouped in zambia and called them selves as a peaceful nation! am i saying lets fight?! NO!! Let our voices be head, to tell u the truth, the way things are today in zambia not HH, not the sitting presdo not even ck is fit to be the head of state! dont show ur weakness to ur jnrs they will capitalize! corruption need a man enough to fight

  40. a good father is one who takes responsibility of the children’s mistake and takes action for others to learn en refrain from it!!!!!

  41. Your Excellence,
    you needs to be harsh on everyone labeled as corrupt or they will dent your name. Suspend everyone cited in AG report and let investigations take a swipe. We keep hearing of Government officials getting so rich within a short space of time. Quietness will earn you a bitter name of “corruption” WHICH IS UNFAIR. Encourage all our leaders to account for their wealth.

    No friendship when fighting corruption!!!

  42. Just thinking Mugabe is gone if Zuma goes someone too is going when you borrow you say we have secured we miss use you say they have misused fire them it will save you .

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