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Rights Commission bemoans unabated rights abuse in Zambia

General News Rights Commission bemoans unabated rights abuse in Zambia

THE Human Rights Commission (HRC) has bemoaned of the escalating rate on the abrogation of citizens’ rights in the country despite its existence to curb the vice in the country.

Commission chairperson, Mudford Mwandenga says it was saddening to note that people’s rights were still being violated in the country despite the existence of the HRC mandated to guard citizens from any of deprivation of their fundamental entitlements.

Mr. Mwandenga lamented that despite the commission having been mandated to fight human rights abuses under the 1996 Act 39, the entity has still been perceived to be ‘toothless’ to deal with such violations.

He has called for improvement of strides that would guarantee the fundamental freedoms and rights of people in the country.

The human rights chief said abrogation of children’s rights especially on early child marriages among girls was still rampant coupled with political violence, the application of the Public Order Act (POA), labour related incidents and deplorable police cells and prisons, a scenario he described that it leaves much to be desired.

He said the commission is saddened over the failure to incorporate the social, economic and cultural aspects in the bill of rights in 2016.

Mr. Mwandenga made the observations when he paid a courtesy call on Kalomo district commissioner, Cosmas Chiiba yesterday in the company of his director, Florence Chibwesha who are on a familiarization tour of Southern province to enhance and strengthen linkages with its various stakeholders in upholding citizens’ rights in accordance with the Universal Declaration of Human rights.

Meanwhile, Mr. Chiiba has called on the commission to consider establishing its offices in districts as opposed being in provincial centres to effectively address the challenges of human rights violations. The commission is currently having offices in six provinces in the country.


    • Well “that Lawyer” Jona, is only concentrating on his own Belly /pocket, & is currently on 100% overdrive to ensure he corrupts, & arm twists fellow Lawyer’s to sanction his illegal 2021 quest.
      Why Mr Dununa Jona only puts his energy in 2021 @ the expense of national development boggles the mind as the fella has failed to Govern, only gifting Zedians with Grinding poverty, & Cholera!

  1. The HRC has the power to prosecute so the claim that it’s toothless. If this guy is feeling hopeless, let him step down and let those who are not afraid of doing the right thing take over.

  2. The Human Rights Commission and President Lungu have failed or scared to act on reported cases of Gross Human Rights Violations, Torture, and Impunity being perpetuated by the Zambian Intelligence /OP.
    The OP has illegally acquired, using Public Funds, and is conducting unconsented experiments on Targeted individuals (TIs)and General Public, Instruments of Torture and Death, also known as, Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD), namely:
    —Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDD) , also known as the Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR): It emits painful, torturous and deadly Radiation which causes: Cancers, Paralysis; Insanity; Impotence; Infertility; Strokes; Diabetes Inspidus; irreparable damage to vital body organs;Induced or Hypnotic Sleep-causing Planned Air and Road Traffic Accidents;…

  3. Mr. Mwandenga,

    It is not true that “…the entity has still been perceived to be ‘toothless’ to deal with such violations…”, actually the entity IS TOTALLY TOOTHLESS and USELESS.
    Have you read Act No. 39 and if you did, PLEASE tell Zambians what can “the entity” do for them?

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