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Stop the sale of NRDC and Chichele Lodge or face legal action – HH

Headlines Stop the sale of NRDC and Chichele Lodge or face legal action...

Mr Hichilema addressing a media conference on Wednesday
Mr Hichilema addressing a media conference on Wednesday

UPND President Hakainde Hichilema has directed the Party National Chairman Mutale Nalumango to immediately write to Agriculture and Tourism Permanent Secretaries Julius Shawa and Liya Mutale respectively to stop the sale of NRDC and Chichele lodge or face  personal legal consequences.

Addressing the media at the party secretariat on Wednesday, Mr Hichilema said the insatiable appetite for corruption and illegalities by the PF has reached alarming levels which needed to be curtailed.
Mr. Hichilema said there is need for the country to rise and protect its abundant natural resources from the PF appetite for personal enrichment adding that there is need for the UPND to take stock of all natural resources on behalf of Zambians.

He said the PF’s intention to sale off the country’s historical and natural resources would disadvantage the UPND when it forms government as the country would be in disarray hence his directive to the party secretariat to immediately write to the Ministries of Tourism and Agriculture to stop the rot.

“I am giving Deputy SG and National Chairman up to 17:00hrs tomorrow. Write a letter to Shawa (PS Agriculture) as the controlling officer to immediately stop the sale of the historical NRDC. That is our college and any attempts to corruptly sale it to AVIC International should be met with anger from the public. Chairman, I am not asking you, it’s a directive. Follow it up with secretariat and make sure this is done before end of business tomorrow. If no action is taken by Shawa, the UPND will follow that with legal action. No more just talking now. We have to be action oriented and stop this nonsense”, he said.
He further claimed that government has through Eastern Province Permanent Secretary Chanda Kasolo confirmed his earlier statement that the PF was selling off national parks and other natural resources.

President Hichilema said Mr. Kasolo has confirmed that the PF is selling off Chichele presidential lodge in Mfuwe’s Luangwa national park.

“In today’s Mast Newspaper, Kasolo is quoted as saying the government is placing Chichele Lodge on a temporal sale. This is laughable. When I revealed this information two weeks ago, the PF and its surrogates said i was lying. We don’t just talk without research. Here it is now. They have confirmed. These people will finish our resources with their appetite for quick money. National Chairman and your team, before 17:00 hrs tomorrow, write to PS Tourism (Liya Mutale) to stop this ‘temporal’ sale of Chichele lodge or face legal action.” said Mr. Hichilema.

He said UPND lawyers worked hard during the treason and petition cases and are available again on behalf of Zambians to take the PF to court on its sale of national assets.

Mr. Hichilema also said Zambia cannot have a group of people that prides in shoddy deals.

UPND National Chairperson who has been directed to write to government to stop the same of NRDC and Chichele Lodge l addressing a media conference
UPND National Chairperson who has been directed to write to government to stop the same of NRDC and Chichele Lodge l addressing a media conference

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    • You are dull which most Zambians maybe those who have low thinking capacity would like there resources to be sold not a sober minded person

    • – ZNBC sold to Chinese
      – NRDC Avic (Chinese),
      – Kamwala Remand to Lamise (Lebanese),
      – RTSA sold to Lebanese & austrians (who brought E-Toll to RSA which was rejected by south africans)
      – ZAF Twin Palm land to Chinese.
      – Lusaka East Forest reserve to Avic (Chinese)
      – Chimbokaila sold to Chinese
      – Luburma Market sold to Chinese
      – Lusaka City Market sold to Chinese
      – Chichele Lodge sold to Lebanese
      – ZCCM-IH sold to Israeli shelf company (owned by Lungu)
      – Zambian Airways given to Ethiopians
      – 100 year old Mukula trees auctioned to Chinese

    • This man talks too much. His desperation to get to state house is clouding his mind. Can this man be like Gen Miyanda the submarine. He is cool and chilled out like a cucumber on ice.

    • Listen to this ” He said the PF’s intention to sale off the country’s historical and natural resources would disadvantage the UPND when it forms government as the ”
      Disadvantage them against what? Further privatisations of properties. That’s exactly what we felt when you were busy selling companies to yourself.

    • Yep!!! Ba Mushota is right … Ayatollah has zero capacity to drive policy. He can’t run his own household, let alone this country.

      We run this country and we make the decisions not him. Go ahead and sue, see you in court!!! And you will lose, yet again.

      Ati “Mr. Hichilema also said Zambia cannot have a group of people that prides in shoddy deals.” Is that your specialty? What is the statute of limitations on white collar crimes in Zambia? I want to sue this guy to open all books on privatization.

      God speed

    • I will sue him from the High Court in London just to make life even more miserable for him and I will hire Scotland Yard to investigate all prior dealings from his involvement starting at Grant Thornton to todate.

      We need to prove once and for all the sources of his wealth, since by his own admission people have the capacity to initiate “shoddy deals” through privatization.

      We should accompany the final findings with a TV documentary on the life of Hakainde from birth to UNZA to UK for graduate school to Grant Thornton to today.

      This going to be proper KYC (Know Your Client) portfolio for all the smart people of the Zambian Enterprise to see. We will give a copy to Amnesty International, BBC, Fox News, CNN, Al Jazerra, SBC, all major TV outlets in Zambia, etc

    • Guys, is B R Mumba Sr normal?

      At least we know Mushota is paid by LT to play devil’s advocate to spur debate. But abena B R Mumba Sr, awe sure, his comments leave you shaking your head.

    • You mean your kleptomaniac relations in PF? We cannot allow this wanton destruction of our heritage by these thieves in govt. Let those buying stolen property know that we shall repossess whatever it is that they may buy. They will lose their money!

    • B R Mumba, Sr is very dull. No other way to describe him. Minister of Mines Chritopher Yaluma through a ministerial statement presented to parliament categorically said HH had no part in privatization. That is why all useless MPs won’t say this in parliament because they will be held in contempt. What I don’t understand is why people in PF are not worried about the grand corruption just because HH talked about it

    • Did the UPND President really say this? Is Chichele Presidential Lodge owned by GRZ? How can GRZ sale what it doesn’t own? This sounds like fake news unless the UPND President is so misinformed. Once again, I urge us Zambians not to be too negative about our country. Let’s not do politics over everything. If there is anything illegal we have court system that can reverse these sales. But why frustrate your friends when they have the mandate now? God Bless Zambia & let’s work together rather than against each other.

    • That’s Sammy for you…! Giving “DIRECTIVES” to big people. He can’t just “ASK” them properly. And even if it’s true, why embarrass your staff in public by letting the whole world know that they can’t work on any instruction unless it’s a DIRECTIVE?

      That shows you a glimpse into Sammy’s Leadership traits. He respects no one but himself, and given a chance Dictatorship (Directives) will be the order of the day..!

    • @Maloza … there you have it, Little Jay Jay here has rightly explained for you. I am a fontini so don’t worry just continue shaking your head.

      Yours is a right under the First Amendment. It’s the beauty of freedom, abnormal (Above Normal) people like me exist so just co-exist.

      @Obatale … axiomatic!!! No need to worry, after two to three years of a thorough investigation, Scotland Yard will give us their report.

      After that we expect, the High Court in Britain to give their own judgement and Mr. You here don’t have anything to worry about until then.

      Just let the learned judges advise us on the case, forget what everyone says, let’s just wait for the verdict. In the meantime stop yapping like a rabbis dog.

      You might get cited for contempt.

  1. HH wants something to sell for himself when he gets into power. Again selfish interests. Listen to who is talking. He is currently enjoying money he acquired corruptly through the privatization process. On the other hand I think he is speaking from experience. Let us listen from HH. He really understands that selling out National assets leads to those involved getting away with the proceeds. HH speak louder and act harder now to save Zambia from the corrupt PF thugs. Since you are one of them criminals.

    • Legal action must be taken against all thieves unless there is no evidence. Where people are not taking any legal action, they should NEVER call that person a thief because it means there is no truth to it. It is all lies, if not, take action. If you can’t take legal action, keep quiet.

  2. Nothing separates UPND from bloody colours (Red).

    However, they are right on this one. UPND is right. We can’t see national assets being sold just like that. I have learnt that there are some things in life you cannot sell for money.

  3. Why should these State Assets be sold to Foreigners and benefit private individuals. This is a continuation of rampant Corruption in the Lungu govt. Any patriotic Zambian should welcome the reversal of such corrupt deals in the interests of the Taxpayers. Rampant Corruption under the Lungu govt must be stopped becoz the Koswes run the Zambian Economy bankrupt.

  4. HH
    please don’t talk about selling issues because it evokes bad experiences in most Zambians about u.

    U sold our mines and see how many people are suffering and how many people had died all because of u!

    Your hands are full of blood and this is symbolical with your HH UPND red color for blood of mines

    • @DJ7….So why are you not against selling of national assets today? To you, those sold several years ago are the only ones that matter because of your personal bad experience then. Why don’t you care about now and the future. You sound like a self-centred selfish person.

  5. Count your days as they last iwe Ichilema, a motion to limit the number of times a candidate be presidential, parliamentary or ward after previously losing the same attempt in a period of 5 or more years is surely coming and all this ranting and misbehavior will be put to rest.
    We cant have a country where perpetual losers of elections continuously direct their anger at the victors and innocent people thereby slowing down the much needed development. Since this expected bill will apply to all political parties, it will give immense opportunity to political members, especially the youth who are loyal , capable to lead their party but are oppressed by those who think its their sole right to lead it till they d1e, to realize their potential. So dont when this progressive bill is passed to…

    • Comment: I some times get surprised to see the ignorance most Zambians have, I just want to ask each one of you who ar saying HH sold our mines, did HH in government when selling of mines came up? he was just contacted, being the only Zambian known doing fine by that time. The decision was made by the government of the republic of Zambia of which we all were involved, I say so because our representative agreed (MPs). finance bank was sold but Mr Sata got it back but see what has happened to this bank it has been sold again by who? Same applies to mines, if the government truly wants to take back these companies they do so. But they can’t because all the monies which come from here goes into their pockets. higher government officials are on payroll in the same companies. So if you…

  6. u5 you sold mosi o tunya hotel in livinstone to yourself and ka mukuni.

    you sold lima bank. even a big house in suningdale next to golf club

    you sold mines

    you sold zambia airways

    you sold all companies cheaply and govt never benefited . only u and valintine Chitalu.

    You transfered money to panama

    • Your ignorance is obvious for all to see. HH worked for a private Audit firm which was hired by the MMD govt. to oversee privatization.It was a reqiurement by the IMF to heve all non profit parastatal companies to be sold off inorder to qalify for the loans. MMD had the right to reject the valuation reports from various auditing firms.Musi o tunya hotel is not owned by HH by the way.He bought shares with his hard eanrened money.
      Where were you or you father when companies and mines were being sold?

    • Katana u ignorant like your father and your grandfather. If HH had adviced the government correctly, we wouldn’t be in the problem we are today. How can we trust a man who failed to see the problems of privatization of our mines? Hopeless Tonga

    • He saw a loop hole so how could he advise. Even now if these allegations were actually true and he was asked to advise he was going to advise in favour of selling and buy the assets himself.

  7. Where is GBM and Nevers Mumba?they are no longer found with HH.its like all bembas have distanced themselves from this loser leaving him with Mutale Nalumango and Patrick Mucheleka who have no influence in the North…..PAIPA PANO FOR HH..KEKEKEKE!Mucheleka looks like a tonga name because it is not common in bembaland!!!
    HH does same type of politics 24/7 but expects different results after elections-shocking.surely is he not fade up with those meaningless press conferences at a rented upnd secretariat?WHY DOESNT HH GO AROUND THE COUNTRY TO MOBILISE IS TRIBAL UPND LIKE SATA USED TO DO?you’re U-5 poltician indeed!!

  8. contd
    So when this progressive bill that limits one the number of times he can appear on ballot papers after losing the previous ones, be at presidential, parliamentary and otherwise, is passed and becomes law, dont say its targeting individuals because it applies to ALL. It will make politicians realise that politics is not about self but service to the country. I just dont understand why it has taken us Zambians so long to advance such important laws which by all means will stand the test of time and compel people to think before they join politics.
    To our law makers, please take this matter seriously and support it.

    • Malinso nababiyo muli fipumbu. Hate him or love him HH is more than correct in trying to stop Lungus plunder. You can’t say an ex convict has no right to point out a potential murder er. Mule tontonkanya because your responses leave no doubt that you are clearly sponsored useful idddiots. Have a life Ba chimbwi. HH. Please don’t relent.

    • @Grade 7 failure
      Smart thinking! Let these bitter chaps without direction in UPND show evidence or proof. In other areas is called substantiate your claim. You know, when you lose elections so many times, anyone not wearing your party colours becomes a big enemy. Thats what has happened to Ichilema, he is angry and bitter even to his so called members though they cant see it.

  9. HH thing NEEDED psychological therapists to WEIGH ON his cerebral palsy. Previous WEEK HE said NRDC was sold TO CHINESE investors;TODAY is OPENING HIS mouth to SAY IF GOVERNMENT OF ZAMBIA will SELL NRDC , They will take TO COURT , Mr SHAWA the PS for MIN-OF – AGRIC. NOW WHAT is HE exactly telling the NATION? If I follow his quotes from previous weeks,ALL are based on RUMORS, FALSEHOOD , HATRED and BITTERNESS.i know, ministry of Agriculture is comprised of 70% tongas/ upnd supporters and in their usual BITTERNESS they are busy cooking up lies.THE sell of government property is not DONE by the PSs. PSs are controlling officers of ministry duties. SELLING of government property involved SOME MAJOR organizations.HH and your upnd supporters stop propagating politics of lies.

    • @ Mr P
      I totally agree with you. Is it a wonder why farming inputs are delayed to make farmers believe Government doesnt care? I wonder how the Minister of Agriculture is surviving in the that Ministry infested with Tongas. The chaps are a disgrace and its time they got rid of them and replaced with other people from areas which receive normal to above normal rainfall.

  10. Just go ahead and take legal action. Why are you issuing threats instead of action. The Zambian Galu Malonda is misleading you. Try to read something else for a change.

  11. Today he is praising upendi lawyers. yet Patricia scotland travelled all the way. Obasanjo. Telesphore Mpunda. These people negotiated his release

  12. These PF morons need to be sued; Lungu will be in courts over these corruption activities after he leaves office if he does not reverse these corrupt sells;

  13. Are those verified allegations or are someone’s ears itching again? A wise man will await the truth of a matter before uttering a word.

    That said, there’s no logic in bringing back the national airline and selling out national resources at the same time. I can’t support any decisions that favor foreign interests over national heritage.

  14. Like him or hate him, HH is onto something this time around. Our governing officials have not been forthcoming on this one. I miss the FTJ era when government spokespersons actually did their jobs by clearly explaining what GRZ was up to (never mind what became some of them afterwards!). You guys remember Newstead Zimba? He was clear, sober and articulate. Never leaving questions unanswered! Look at how there was ‘no information’ on Mukula issue then suddenly there was ‘too much’ information. As one B.R Mumba would put it ‘the smart people of the Zambian enterprise need you to step up!’

  15. Hakainde knows he has benefited from sale of companies so if private partnership will be benefit his friends waloba ilyauma.

  16. Look at the PF rats above not caring weather everything is sold as long as it is their fellow rats doing the selling and stealing……..

    We have repeatedly said PF is an entity based on working with borrowed money…that is all they know , borrowing and stealing…now there is no money to borrow it is only selling of state assets left. With ministers like lusambo , can they do anything ?

    PF have no capacity to create wealth for the nation borrowing , violence and stealing 24/7 selling state assets and taxing Zambians is what is left …..

    Zambians must be ready for the sale of national parks , we have information that the corrupt theif lungu and his gang of thieves have been told that mining in the game parks will bring them quick money..

    • Sparkalilo. You are just reminding us exactly what u5 to this counntry a decade ago.

      Yes keep the memories alive. u5 is now having flashbacks. people suffered and died due to privitisation. their spirits are hauntin u5. he cant have peace and he is restless

  17. sparka lilo. the best you and i can do is form a new tribal free and corrupt free party.

    if you have noticed am not pf but am anti u5 hardcore

    • Iwe Malinso, Na grade7 Na Mr P you are confirming that truly chaps are paid to write crap on this media. I now believe. Who appointed you as defense hyenas for corruption suspects??? Ati ‘ bring evidence’ ….is typically the language of crooks who foolishly believe they have destroyed the evidence??? Ati impupu nipa kuboko meanwhile the wanka is smelling stolen fish….simply because he has swallowed. Don’t force us to start dissecting you to prove. I don’t know whether its lack of education or simply being African which makes the like of you take such positions. Even god isn’t happy with you…traitors of the soil

  18. HH could be seriously sick in the brain chamber and please let him be examined before it is too late because prevention is better than cure.

  19. This utterly lazy corrupt moron Edgar will not rest until every profitable entity is sold off replacing them with fleas he is creating in the name of national airline.
    Sharon the govt spokeswoman must be dull or just not privy to any information.

  20. On this one I support the under 5 HH. Please ba PF dont sell our assets the same way HH sold our companies. Please HH given your experience in selling Zambian’s assets put an immediate injunction. I support you on this one.

  21. Looking at the picture, Mutale Nalumamgo can make a very good supervisor of alleged witchcraft research centre. She really looks like Ezemwa the Nigerian diviner.

  22. Now he feels the way we felt when we lost our Jobs in Zambia after privatization. We had no one to vouch for us, thank God that some of us had a privilege to escape how about those who had no way to escape, am not saying what PF is doing is right we condemn it in a strongest term, its painful to sell your only house and assert. Government would have acquired bigger land and build, am just flabbergasted. Lets wait and see

  23. HH is being so trivial and too political. No ONE buys a camp, Lodge or hotel inside a national park in this case South Luangwa. All the camps are on lease to DNPW. The current owners of Chichele Lodge, bought the lease from Star Of Africa. Where was HH then? The lease is due for renewal within 7 years and Sanctuary Retreats are no longer interested so they are selling the remaining tenure before the lease expires. Let us be factual, this is not an outright purchase.

    • Not quite right the lodge is on title deed and not part of the park, the park surrounds it, the title deed currently is owned by Zambian Govt but is now up for sale.
      Another big land owner of 99 year leases and parks in Zambia is African Parks Ltd who currently control 7% of Zambian land and claim they are helping run Zambian parks but accorning to thier own reports only pay less than $100,000 in fees to the Govt.

  24. having read some of the comments above. I now understand why Zambia is in it’s current sorry state.
    there are a lot of Zambians who are stupid. i don’t know if there’s a little financial gain for them for failing to see what’s happening to their country. i just don’t get it. take a minute and think. i don’t know whether it’s because of poverty or just ignorance. it’s mind boggling!

  25. HH is addicted to privatisation money. Just litsen to him, that UPND will be disadvantaged. This Man HH is haunted by the blood of our parents who died on copperbelt due to his love of money. He was in forefront convincing the MMD government in selling the most precious companies of our land. Now it looks like the money he got from selling the mines is slowly finishing through unfruitful campaigns, he want to convince citizens that even the current government is as evil as he is. We all know that you became rich after the sale of the mines. You are the champion of privatisation. If You you were clever enough, you can’t even talk about that because you reminds us of your bad dids.

  26. A party of red suit clowns. What is writing a letter going to do to influence anything? No amount of letter stopped HH from buying Sun Hotel. Him Him Hakaivotela Humwine

  27. Disadvantage him when he forms government? And when will that be, 2041? H.h, you are confirming that Mukobeko for at least a month is bad for your brain, right?

  28. Oh Adolf! Indeed I agree with you PF should have hired a private audit firm to value the assets and then give GRZ options on NRDC and Chichele lodge. The private firm would have been paid hefty fees for their ‘analysis’ and they would have sent some money off to a tax heaven and also buy cattle. Buy the house of the principle at NRDC and claim it was bought on tender when they know the value because their audit firm will value the asset. A few years one of the consultants can then try a hand at politics run 6 times and lose claim Zambia needs an economic manager. Even refuse to recognize an election result, refuse to yield to a presidential motorcade, put in some mediocre performance on hard talk and then tell others don’t sell or we go to court before judges we don’t recognize…


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