Wikama Cooperative in Mufumbwe has embarked on a peanut butter processing project to produce organic peanut butter product.

Speaking after the launch of a product called Vyelu Peanut Butter, Project Officer Annic Sakazanga announced that the product is not only certified by the Zambia Bureau of Standards but also an organic package.

Ms. Sakazanga encouraged the public to consume their peanut butter because it is chemical free.

She said the plant at the moment produces 390 bottles of 500g peanut butter per month translating into 4,680 bottles per year.

Ms. Sakazanga disclosed that about K144, 000 was spent on staff training, mentoring, infrastructure and machinery.

And Wikama Cooparative Secretary Henry Soneka has commended Caritus and its cooperating partners for their support on the project.

Mr. Soneka has assured the funders that Wikama Cooperative will not only take care of the facility but also work hard so that they realize the expected benefits of the project.

He however, appealed to government and other interested parties to help them with funds to acquire the bigger machine than the one they are currently using to process the peanut butter.

Mr. Soneka explained that a bigger machine will enable the cooperative to produce the peanut butter on large scale thereby, supplying to a larger customer base.

Meanwhile, Caritas Solwezi Director, Albert Sakala has promised Wikama Cooperative team that his organisation will help to market the product.

Mr. Sakala called on the public to be on the look for Vyelu Peanut Butter as they go shopping adding that, the product will soon be available in leading shops and chain stores.

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    • Why are you appealing to government? You are a business and I personally already like the Organic product… go to the banks, that will keep you on the toes to work harder and expand the business to pay back the loan.

      You solicitation here rings to my mind that you are not up to the job. You already are producing the products what you need to do like you have done is inform us of your presence of which I as an individual and many others reading have taken note and looking forward to buying.

      You have such a fantastic product and as we are going local, in my mind I see you expanding. Forget government, go to the banks unless you have ulterior motives


  1. That’s good news and hopefully they can also get an international market for Vyelu.

    I love peanut butter but the one sold here tastes different, so what do I do? I head to the nearest African shop to to find one that tastes like the home version but… the label says “Pinda Kaas” produced in Swartberg Rotterdam Holland. Something is not right.


  2. If you assure me that there are very few or no chemicals as you grow the groundnuts and process the butter I can get you a huge market in Europe for the product



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