National Union of Public and Private Educators of Zambia (Nuppez) Central Province Chairperson Godfrey Moonga has called on civil servants to report anomalies in their salaries after the recent increment.

Mr. Moonga has warned civil servants to report irregularities reflecting in their salaries following the recent January salary increment by government.

He told ZANIS that the increment of salaries was coupled with anomalies adding that other civil servants found more money while others less than the stipulated amount.

“All teachers know their salary scales, the moment you find a lot of money in your account report to avoid problems,” he said

He further warned that Nuppez members should follow the amount stated on their payslips or risk serious deductions in future.

“Such issues need to be reported, failure to that will attract serious deductions” he warned

The increment was effected on January salaries for all unionised serving employees and those recruited on or after January, 2018.

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  1. Comment: I have several times reported to human resourse for the wrong deduction that has been appearing on my payslip since 2016 but upto now nothing is happening. what should I do?


    • Just as the government is passing its responsibility to investigate any corruption to the people of Zambia and asking them to report corruption instead of ACC, it seems that this incompetence is spread into the civil service as well. Nothing works. How can you, honestly, rely on Civil Servant to report irregularities reflected in their salaries.What the .he.ll is going on in Zambia, kanshi?
      Nations are moving to machine intelligence, to streamline their processes, and we have our civil service struggling with the handling of salaries? I feel sorry for people like @cat mouse. Yes, once in while there could be a mistake, but this doesn’t sound to be so


  2. Have the Financial Orders been set aside they are very clear on what to do when one notes a discrepency


  3. Yes, that is important. We need to be patriotic! Unlike that guy who goes outside and begins to insult the finger that feeds him! Under Five!



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