Prophet spraying doom on his congregants

A South African self-styled prophet who sprayed his followers with the insecticide, Doom, has been found guilty of assault, local media report.

Lethebo Rabalago – widely known as the Doom Pastor – was also found guilty of contravening the Agricultural Stock Remedies Act, a court ruling said.

Rabalago claims the insect repellent he used in 2016 could heal cancer and HIV.

A sentence is yet to be handed down after the verdict by Mookgopong Magistrates Court in Limpopo province.

On Friday, magistrate Frans Mahodi told the court the state had proved its case beyond reasonable doubt that the five people who laid assault charges were violated, South Africa’s national broadcaster SABC reports.

The magistrate said the fact that the complainants “were sprayed on their faces with Doom makes this offence [the] worst of its kind”.

He also revealed some of them had suffered “detrimental side effects… like coughing for more than seven months” after the incident.

Rabalago – who run the Mount Zion General Assembly – was arrested after it emerged he had used the product to “cure” his followers of various ailments in 2016.


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    • It is sad that people in desperation will believe anything including miracle healing and making money.
      WAKE UP people its through hard work that you will suceed these pastors are only after your money!
      AFRICANS will never learn at all.


    • Read the Bible. Ask God to forgive you your sins and be filled with the Holy Spirit. When you become a follower of Jesus Christ and He becomes your Saviour in Spirit and in truth, the Holy Ghost will start showing you what is wrong and what is of God Almighty. Stop talking nonsense about Prophet Shepherd Bushiri, Prophet TB Joshua or any other real men of God!!


  1. Me l don’t blame this chap in fact, he’s a very smart crook. It’s those hundreds of vipuba who flock to his so-called church to be sprayed with those poisons.

    But mwandi we BLACKS never cease to amaze me especially when it comes to religion. It seems we shall continue to believe in everything abasungu tell us including, men marrying fellow men. I wish there was another world somewhere l could have left this one and never to return.


    • You’re not far from the truth. Some of these women even pay for “anointed knickers” . Just wonder if they have all their senses in good working order.


    • Children of God, please give your lives to Christ and He will guide you in all things. You don’t have to leave this world for there is no other one but this one. Christ in you will make all the difference for you. You will have no fear but He will grant you peace, love, joy and a sound mind. The owner of our lives and owner of all things on earth and in heaven is about to come back like He promised. So, we all better be ready for that Day will be like no other before. Treat your Bible like you treat your cellphone and God will show you mighty things that He has put in place concerning His creation. We own nothing He owns everything on earth and in heaven. Allellujah!!!


  2. South africans can be as primitive as members of a certain prominent opposition party in Zambia whose leader is as good as the doom prophet from what he says to his followers.



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