We will demolish all structures build on top of water lines – Kaziya


Minister of Water Development, Sanitation and Environmental Protection, Lloyd Kaziya has directed Kafubu Water and Sewerage Company (KWSC) to demolish all structures build on the water utility company’s sewer and water lines.

Mr. Kaziya who is also Matero Member of Parliament says government has reiterated on many occasions that it will not entertain people that have encroached on various installation lines.

He further stated that the state will not allow to be subjected to unnecessary pressure of sourcing for funds to install new networks as a result of irregularities by a few individuals.

ZANIS reports that the Minister added that government structures built on top of water and sewer networks will also not be spared.

Mr. Kaziya said after touring some maintenance and rehabilitation works on both water and sewer systems being undertaken by KWSC in Ndola’s Mine Masala compound yesterday, the company owes no one an apology but get court orders and raze the illegally build structures.

He was responding to questions by Journalists following complaints from the water utility firm that it is having challenges to work on installations where various structures have been erected on top.

Meanwhile, Mr. Kaziya has expressed delight after learning from the residents of masala that KWSC has put an end to sewer problems which the compound was faced with.

The Minister said government is committed to ensuring that its citizenry is provided with quality water and sanitation services.

Before now, Mine Masala residents used buckets to answer the call of nature, a situation that put them at risk of contracting diseases.



  1. It’s time to look at the operations of our councils. Even after transfers it appears corruption is still high. It has just exchanged hands. Solution is to reintroduce KK’s leadership code where we shall be asked to explain our wealth.


  2. How do you build property on utility lines? What sort of people do such things? No wonder, the stench never goes away, sh1thole country!


  3. Comment:
    The tragedy of the Kaunda era: no housing policy whatsoever, other than the mushrooming of filthy shanty connubations throughout Zambia.


  4. Well and good to clear these structures but where the f**k was this Minister and the Local Council initially when the structures were in foundation stage. You chaps should have nipped the problem in the bud. Save the cost and inconvenience these desperate settlers are to encounter. The problem is that you need somebody to think for you.



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