COMMISSION of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence chairperson, Munalula Lisimba says the political violence and regional voting patterns that characterized the 2016 elections needs to be checked thoroughly.

Justice Lisimba says the patterns needed be urgently addressed as they have the potential to destroy the unity and democracy the country has

“ The root causes of these vices that preceded even in the previous elections must be established in an effort to promote a united and peaceful violent free Zambia during or after
elections in future, “ said Justice Lisimba.

He made the remarks when his team paid a courtesy call on Chief Chikanta at his Habulile’s Chuungu palace in Kalomo yesterday.

And Chikanta of the Tonga people in Kalomo district of Southern province has claimed that the voting pattern in the region in the past elections has come as a result of developmental neglect to some areas by government.

Making his submission to the Commission of Inquiry into Voting Patterns and Electoral Violence in Dundumwezi constituency of Kalomo yesterday, the traditional ruler said the voting pattern in the country is determined by the problems people are facing in a particular locale and not on ethnical grounds.

The traditional ruler , who is also Southern province royal foundation chairperson, said the voting pattern was an issue based one and cautioned politicians to avoid using hate speech as a tool to propagate their party manifestos during campaigns.

He cited out Dundumwezi constituency which occupies three quarters of his chiefdom where the electorates gave the ruling party over 30,000 votes against a paltry 225 votes in the presidential 2016 race , as a practical example.

The chief submitted that such a pattern was due to its constituents having suffered long to underdevelopment by government and even in the previous regimes despite the area being the most agriculture productive zone in the province, with no good feeders and mobile communication networks.

“People voted in such a pattern because they feel neglected and sidelined. What criteria is used to bring development to an area, you have the population and production but government seems not to be appreciating, Sometimes people do not talk but when they vote, they talk.” Chief Chikanta said.

However, the traditional leader hastened to commend President Edgar Lungu as the first one to answer to the Dundumwezi area’s demands for development.

Mobile communication towers, he pointed out, have since been installed and are operational in some parts of the constituency alongside with the upgrading of the Kalomo – Dundumwezi road which will be an all – weather standard one with the funding of the African Development Bank under the Climate Resilience project.

In the recent past, chief Chikanta has persistently lamented of poor road network, electricity grid connectivity and mobile communication facilities in the area claiming that out of the 19 constituencies in the province, only Dundumwezi was affected in that aspect.

Meanwhile, a convoy of support staff of the commission and other government officials including Kalomo district commissioner, Cosmas Chiiba’s officers that went to Dundumwezi for submissions yesterday (Friday) was temporarily prevented from crossing to the other side of the road at Muyobe stream as bridge to the area was submerged due to heavy rains forcing the team to wait for several hours until the water level subdued.

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  1. Lies.the tonga chief is lying.tongas do not vote based on development-NO!!many tongas simply vote for HH on tribal lines.Mr Sijeni made it simple in 2006 when he said that only a tonga can lead upnd and Mr Daniel Munkombwe repeated the tribal talk in 2015 in HH’s presence when he told the world that its time for a tonga to rule Zambia!!so even if PF Govnt develops southern into America before 2021,still majority tongas would vote for a tonga HH!!UPND HAS DIVIDED ZAMBIA ON TRIBA LINES TERRIBLY!!HH SHOULD BE BANNED FROM TAKING PART IN LOCAL POLITICS IF TRIBALISM IS TO END IN ZAMBIA!!
    MPs should do us a favours by passing a bill which will prevent losers from appearing on a presidential ballot paper for more than 2 five year terms (10yrs)!!!
    Regional voting could be worse in 2021 if HH…


    • Topman, telling citizens that “fiwelewele”, is wrong.
      If others say the same back becomes ” political violence “.


    • Bembas have been saying this for years. UmuBemba fye nangu uwasumunishiwa no muBemba. You are blaming Tongas for speaking your language? Shiiit!


    • Are you a kid or you are have just decided to be mediocre on a very serious issue?Fredrick Chiluba, Kambwili, Lungu E. and their minions are on record saying No other tribe shall be allowed to rule Zambia other than Easterners and Northerners “tukalateka na mbuya”. We people that hail in these two provinces must censure ourselves and stop the rot for this country to be united. Since Kaunda southerners have voted progressively as can be seen from the almost 100% they gave FTJ. Even Banda scored well in the province even if there was a candidate from that area on the ballot.
      Now again they have tried to point the country to progress by voting for HH. But we people from eastern and northern regions will vote for even a f001 as long as it’s our own. And use the media to demonise the…


  2. It is clear knowledge who the perpetrators of electoral violence are, why is the commission of inquiry wasting tax payers money when the answer is obvious. On the case of regional voting patterns my personal view is this that this was never an issue in previous elections until now when PF and it Govt. openly and shamelessly encouraged tribal talk against the Tongas using the GRZ controlled media.


    • This Commission is an example of how things are going wrong in the country.First of all it is unnecessary,if as a nation we dont know why there was electoral violence then we are jokers.
      Secondly wasnt this commission given a limited timeline when it was commissioned in 2016?
      It has now been turned into a cash cow whilst the powers that be watch,that is if they are watching at all.
      This Commission is an example of where PF has lost it.It is each man for himself.If the Commissioners want they will sit till 2021 without the executive batting an eye.


  3. In a democracy it is not necessary to complain about regional voting, the pipo have spoken via their vote.
    This is a nonsense because his party didnt get votes… look at why your party acheived so few votes not look for a conspiracy. Very narrow thinking.


  4. Chiluba was bemba speaker who gave chance to a neo tonga to rule. this historical fact must not b twisted mr zeous



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