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Zambia Association in South Africa sign MOU a leading South African Law firm

General News Zambia Association in South Africa sign MOU a leading South...

The Zambia Association in South Africa(Zasa NEC)
The Zambia Association in South Africa(Zasa) NEC Members meeting with Zambia’s High Commisioner toSouth Africa Emmanuel Mwamba

The Zambia Association in South Africa ( ZASA ) has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with a leading South African legal firm that will help provide legal representations to Zambians that face Police and Immigration related challenges.

Mr Lungu says that his Association decided to sign the MoU following the alleged constant reported cases of Police and Immigration harassment of some Zambians living in that country including their inability to meet legal fees.

ZASA Vice President Abel Lungu said the MoU was a welcome move following an increased number of its members that were experiencing harassment and victimisation from that country’s law enforcement institutions.

He narrated that the partnership will enable ZASA members who are in good standing with the Association will have legal representation by the firm’s panel of attorneys at no cost.

Meanwhile Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa Mr Emmanuel Mwamba has advised Zambians living in that country to perceive law and order in order to avoid being in trouble with the law.

He said Zambians living or travelling to South Africa need to ensure that they have proper documentation to avoid deportations or other legal inconveniences.

Mr Mwamba also noted that Zambians should maintain good reputation in that country, hence upholding the good image and reputation that Zambia has earned over the years.

This is according to a statement to ZANIS by Naomi Nyawali, First Secretary Press and Public Relations at Zambia’s High Commission in, South Africa.


  1. ZASA
    Is an illegal grouping of some Zambians who have entered South Africa illegally. If you have no papers go back to Zambia

    ZASA is a hopeless thing ever and reasonable zambians have known it and don’t join it. Hopeless!

    • Muli Bapuba Tata you are just a frustrated and disgruntled chap you are the same I.D.O.I.T.S that are busy fighting the hard working ZASA mind you will not stop supporting the efforts being made by ZASA the large section of Zambians living is SA are happy and will continue to be part of this wonderful Team

    • Ubufontine ba DJ7. If you know of any Zambian( brother/sister for that matter) sit down with them and advise on how you managed to get the papers. The PULL HIM DOWN syndrome will not get us anywhere. I have been happily living in South Africa for 10 years now with my family but I know that one day I will go back home. In bemba they say SHILUNGAFYE. Have a welcoming heart. Ebwina Zambia.

  2. @Dj7- Your comment is a typical duplication of the Zambian mentality which you need to defeat Support your local team or keep QUIET. Nigerians wl be happy to read this news but Umu Zed bwafya! Kano nga ni mwebo. CHANGE YOU BAD ATTITUDE

  3. “Mr Lungu says that his Association decided to sign the MoU following the alleged constant reported cases of Police and Immigration harassment of some Zambians”
    If you’re in a foreign country legally, why should I worry about victimisation from Immigration officers? Problem I have seen with some fellas from my country is they have that sense of entitlement when it comes to South Africa as if it’s an annex of Zambia simply because we previously hosted those ANC freedom fighters. No,it’s a sovereign country whose laws must be respected

  4. Emmanuel Mwamba needs to stop using Zambians in South Africa for his politics as this attracts the attention of Xenophobes. There is political tension in South Africa with Jacob, Guptas and the opposition and what Mwamba did was to put Zambians in this midst forgetting that they would soon become targets by those that see them as indirect supporters of Zuma. When you are in a foreign country it is better to comport or you will be harassed no doubt.

  5. Dj7 is right these guys bapapaulafye amalwa nokwita amaule yaba kemba ukufuma ku ZED ukwisa mukula yalaula nabo. I know most of these chaps and they block dignified Zambians in South Africa from being elected into important positions, you can see already from the picture some posing will tell you many stories I can even show you Bashifwe bachimena apa!
    There is a lot of red-tape in this organization all over South Africa ine teti nyateko no lukasa nkese nafikila mumalushi ya bwalwa aata bane!

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