Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency withdraws 101 cases of expired mineral water from Game Stores

Christmas Shopping in Lusaka
Shopping in Lusaka

The Zambia Compulsory Standards Agency (ZCSA), formerly the Inspections Department of the Zambia Bureau of Standards has withdrawn 101 by 500mls bottles of Refresher Still mineral water amounting to K312 on account of being expired.

This is in a bid to protect the public from harmful products.

Public Relations officer Lee Haamunji said selling of expired good is prohibited under the Compulsory Standards Act, No. 3 of 2017 because the safety of such products beyond their shelf life cannot be guaranteed and hence have potential to put the health of consumers at risk.

Mr Haamunji said the expired products were seized from Game Stores at Manda Hill Shopping mall in Lusaka on Wednesday, 7th February 2018.

“We would like to urge members of the public to be conscious whenever they are buying products to take time and read the product labels before making a purchase,” Mr Haamunji said.

“Consumers should read the product labels carefully and take note of information such as the expiry date of the product, the manufacturer of the product in the event of redress, the batch number, product ingredients and any other relevant information. This is particularly because it enables consumers to make buying decisions from an informed position.”

“Business owners are urged to ensure that they monitor their stock and keep expired and unsafe products off the shelves as required by the law, thereby safeguarding public health and safety.

“Additionally, it is also expected that various manufacturers will adhere to the requirements of standards by ensuring that they provide necessary information to consumers regarding their products,” he said.

Mr Haamunji said manufacturers are urged to adhere to labelling requirements thus ensuring that their products contain relevant information that helps consumers as they shop.



    • It doesn’t expire but as a bureaucratic rule – Water is a consumable food product, and as such, it is subject to laws requiring expiration dates on all consumables. Although the packaging (bottle) leach chemicals over time.
      Imagine you drink water that has gone past it’s “expiration date” and it taste’s funky and maybe you have diarrhoea (caused by another thing) and then you sue, the company can easily deny it by just pointing to the best before date.
      It’s basically for QUALITY ASSURANCE.


  1. Public Relations officer Lee Haamunji… The man is a TONGA born from Tonga father and chinese mother ,, nothing good can come out of UPND its all agonizing pipo in and out


  2. I bet you they will fine the Game Stores a laughable $2000 for selling them crap water to docile Zambians…am sure another shipment of expired goods are en-route from RSA.


    • It’s water its not going to expire what is going to get rotten, they sell water from ice burgs overseas and thats 1000s of years old. it still drinkable. if it was milk or juice i would understand.


  3. Yes ba ‘Che che’ you are very right. l also bought a litre of expired famous grouse whiskey from one of these South African so-called Malls. Imagine after draining the whole bottle, l managed to cycle home.


  4. If this agency is serious why haven’t they prosecuted bata for not having the composition and country of origin on their shoes as prescribed by law. Pipo think these shoes are zambian or sth african and pay high price. Many shoes come from china, and sth america. This is illegal to sell goods that are not described correctly abd it is also against import regulations to import without country of origin and composition. Zambian compulsory standards agency another toothless tiger taking theceasy way out, fines for importing incorrectly marked goods are high but not enforced against the zambian darling Bata. Rule of law applles to GAME as well as othere companies. How hard is it to check a shoe.


  5. Zabs please visit parmalat premises. We shall get sick Ka. All the time the fresh milk we buy is sour . Check their machines or mixture or something . We are tired of going to return the milk kuma shops all the time . Fuel isn’t cheap



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