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Lusambo summons the Mayors of Kitwe and Ndola over poor service delivery


Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusaka Lusambo during the commissioning of a a Solar Milling Plant
Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusaka Lusambo

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo has summoned the Mayors of Kitwe and Ndola with their management teams to discuss issues of poor service delivery noted by President Edgar Lungu during his three-day visit to the province.

Mr. Lusambo has also summoned managements of the three water utilities on the Copperbelt.

These are Nkana Water and Sewerage Company, Kafubu water and Sewerage Company and Mulonga water and Sewerage Company.

Mr. Lusambo says it is unacceptable that Copperbelt residents should continue getting poor services from those entrusted to deliver quality services to them.

He told ZNBC news in Kitwe that Copperbelt residents should get value for their money instead of the poor services they are subjected to.

Mr. Lusambo said he wants the two local authorities and the water utilities to explain why they are failing to provide services to the people.

During his visit to the Copperbelt, President Lungu who checked on sanitary conditions in some markets and the water reticulation system in some residential areas, was not pleased with what he found.


  1. What an I’d.iotii……it had to take lungu to see for him self before this bone head jumps and starts farting orders ……he is busy bribing people with free food for media attention that is why he is not working…

    • I thought Kitwe had the most hardworking Mayor. Why is he being summoned for poor service delivery? The Lusaka Mayor is ever dozing, the Deputy Mayor is in a comma. Somebody to wake up these people. Lusaka province minister can you also summon your people.

    • Henry I am also wondering. Lusaka mayor has been sleeping every time he attends meetings but no one seems to care to summon him. Kitwe mayor is the most hard working mayor in the whole country and he is a qualified civil engineer. Bowman be careful when calling these guys. By the way if I were the president I would first fired you Bowman for not supervising your staff. How can it take the president to see what you Bowman was supposed to see in copperbelt councils. This is exactly what happened in Muchinga province. Why is the president not firing these lazy bones.

  2. Dereliction of duty is a tradition now in Zambia …this stone thrower has taken time off bribing people with free food to fart orders….where are the area MPs ??

    Lungu should put them to task….so now lusambo is a hero that saves the day , hey give a cheer…..usless thieves…

    • It’s the job of MPs. There’s Lusambo, Minister of Local government and councils. MPs are not part of the executive.

  3. “Mr. Lusambo has also summoned managements of the three water utilities on the Copperbelt.”

    I hope the exercise their rights and revolt.

  4. Lungus GRZ is a zoo for sure, with ministers falling over each other to lick his boots when they are not stealing…..the people who’s job it is not are barking orders trying to be heros while the people who’s job it is are busy with tuntembas… accountability what so ever.

    If there ever was an example of how hopeless lungu is , this is it…..

  5. This shows that people are not working. They are only made to work when the President checks on the works going on and finds total a mess. Our beloved President keep up with the good work of checking on these people or else “bakulaliila kumo nembuto”

  6. so called principal officers in councils just enjoy global trotting at expense of service delivery. hope they are bk from Kuala lumpa to attend the meeting

  7. Minister this, that ..mayor this,this..etc.. What a bunch of TIME WASTERS that deserve NO further chance to preside on the affairs of our country!! How can a responsible person allow people to live side by side with human waste until a President tells him to solve the problem that is when he wakes up to show his power to clean his house- the REST OF THE TIME IS SPENT IN PARTY CARDER POLITICS OF INTIMIDATING PEOPLE WITH CONTRARY VIEWS and ENGAGING IN ABUSE OF OFFICE AND CORRUPTION AT THE EXPENSE OF WORKING TO DEVELOP THE COUNTRY!!

  8. Who can blame this block head when his incompetent boss Lazy Lungu is always creating Task Forces, issuing directives everywhere and his dull Party SG is warning civil servants.

  9. Kang’ombe is trying, it’s just difficult to change the mindset of council workers. Water utilities have failed, it’s even better to revert them to councils to reduce overheads because they’ll be headed by an HOD instead of an MD. If he misbehaves you fire him. All the need is to enhance debt collection or install prepaid meters

  10. Mr Lusambo where were you all this time for you not to realise that these people are not working?infact you need to be sumoned first by the President before you sumon your coleagues.

  11. He can’t see what’s happening in his province because he’s always busy thinking how he will explain his unexpected wealth he has amassed in few months time..where he is buying and bought expensive cars for each of his child…. time is running out very quickly for these guys…

  12. The President should have taken Lusambo to task for allowing utility companies to profit from poor services they offer people in his province while he warms his seat in his office and getting paid trolley loads of tax payers money. The President is not supposed to be going on a fact finding visit when he has appointed Lusambo to represent him .

  13. I don’t hide my displeasure with this Lusambo thing but now he is now disgusting me. What? You Lusambo summoning Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe, you crazy? The young man works compared to you. You want to.make a cheap name over the hardworking Mayor, are you not ashamed of yourself? If you are minister of the province are you not part of the blame?
    And did you tell the President the good things that the Mayor is doing in Kitwe with limited resources? He cannot do everything. If you were genuine mr Lusambo you would have advised the President accordingly seeing that he only saw part of Kitwe and could not possibly have seen everything in Kitwe. Obviously muli nama jealous nomba iwe Lusambo because they do good things without you.

  14. Ninshi mu pf, you get summoned for working hard. Christopher Kangombe is the best mayor we have now. Now i am surprised he was summoned… anyway wonders shall never end.

  15. Good job Mr. Minister! The real iDyoti is pointing at the minister with one finger while four are pointing at it! Tribal wars packaged in Under Fives! Namawala United! It is a team.

  16. Leave Mayor Kangombe alone please. Ba Lusambo thank God that you were appointed minister.The difference is that Kangombe has education and his understanding is definately beyond our minister Lusambo’s level. Give Kangombe a break please.

  17. If this report is factual, wrong call ba Lusambo on Kang’ombe. He is an intelligent, down-to-earth and hardworking Mayor. Kang’ombe has built his political CV on rock: COBUSU presido, Councilor, Mayor (and current President of Mayors’ Association). I will be glad to see him in parley and cabinet. Keep it up Mayor Christopher Kang’ombe.

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