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The Rev. Hon. Sumaili’s War with Sex Toys


Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili
Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Godfridah Sumaili

On Sunday, Lusaka Times carried a story attributed to the Minister of National Guidance and Religious Affairs Rev. Godfridah Sumaili-stating that the PF Government won’t ‘condone and entertain unacceptable practices to infiltrate and corrupt the moral fiber of the citizens’.

Rev. Sumaili’s call is laughable except for the bad precedent it can set. The respectable and honorable Rev. Sumaili should know better — over the centuries, Church history has taught us that Christianity dies when it marries the state. We should be careful not to depend on the state to enforce Christian morality–the gospel should.

I have always opposed the marriage of the church to the state—the two are independent and must be left as such. The Church is not the State and the State is not the Church. The creation of Rev. Sumaili’s office is in many ways contrary to the gospel mandate; we are commissioned to make disciples of Christ through the proclamation of the gospel.

We should not ignore the power of the gospel. We are not called to make disciples by force as Jesuits once did, but only by the proclamation of gospel – which is sharper than a two edged sword (in today’s context powerful than the WMD). It is the gospel which would allow individuals to make godly and moral decisions.

Without the power of the gospel, sex toys will defeat Rev. Sumaili–people will always buy sex toys elsewhere unless the Rev. is willing to inspect each handbag or computer bag. Even then the business of sex toys will continue under the ladder – with adverse public health results since fake ones will hit the black market. If Rev. Sumaili’s argument was centered on public health—that sex toys do not meet health standards of the nation or are spreading HIV and other STDs, then the state can intervene as it does with other unsafe commodities.

The question before us is whether sex toys can be sold in Zambia or not. Yes, they can if they are safe and there is demand for them–but they must be taxed. The moral fiber of the nation is not something that can be secured by stopping the sale of sex toys – rather by ensuring that people’s values are transformed by the gospel of Christ.
Many Christians in Zambia are married to one partner since they consider plural marriages wrong. This is not something that the police enforce. The conviction is enshrined in the moral landscape of believers. Of course, plural marriages are in contrast with our Christian nation mantra — but outlawing them will be against natural justice.

Likewise, many Evangelical Christians oppose the drinking of alcohol. After all, how many people have died due the misuse of alcohol? How many marriages and children are ruined by the same? Following Rev. Sumaili’s logic, Zambia should stop selling beers. Zambia should not the sale condoms either—they are used sex workers, and youth people. Tobacco products too! If the government went after these commodities, I can predict that the Rev. Hon. Sumaili’s fellow cabinet ministers and the president will personally force her out immediately.

I believe that the Church must work hard to change people’s lives to reflect the values of Jesus Christ. Our task of making disciples is not sanctioned by the state but by God – thus expecting people to change by outlawing sex toys is mere politics. People will continue to buy and sell such toys because it is within their human rights to do so.

A well-discipled Christian, however, will not waste money on such products if they violate their conscience. We do this when we come across the bar—if anything we feel pity for drunkards. Like beers, sex toys will remain a lucrative business and no declaration will put them to death. We have tried this with kacasu and other traditional spirits—to no avail. We have done so with sex work, but how many men buy sex in our Christian nation? Morality cannot be enshrined in law, but in individual hearts.

Hon. Rev. Minister, Zambia may be a Christian nation, but it constitutionally a secular state. Unless you can explain how someone use of sex toys affect me, I believe it is a misuse of state power to start a fight with sex toys!

Rev. Hon. Minister, I have agreed with on many issues—but on this one, you are wrong!

By Rev. Kapya Kaoma


    • Really shooterz this is unnecessary. Why make such vile comments about other Zambians? The wise have said “if you having nothing good to say, then keep quiet”. You will be a better man by heeding that advice. What good are you doing by insulting our Tonga brothers? Just because you can hide behind an anonymous alias on LT should not be reason for you to behave like a moron. You may be hidden from other people eyes, but not from God’s eye. Beware.

    • Under what category does condoms fall, are they also sex toys? What about G strings? What about…. Eeeh nasiya pali bafana pa LT.

    • what is the problem with this Rev. Kapya Kaoma? what is he talking about? he cant even quote the verse because he knows that what he is saying is from his mind only.

    • @lag divide & rule lets not encourage what is wrong to happen just because theres some wrong things in the society. we need to do what is right by even encouraging what is right? this Rev. Kapya Kaoma want what? is he encouraging sex toys or he is supporting REV Sumaili.

    • This reverend is so down to earth Lungu should make him his Special assistant for Religious affairs. The MMD and PF who decreed our nation a Christian nation need to read this: “The Church is not the State and the State is not the Church.” This is a truth which most Christians in Africa dont want to understand. In Europe they do because they went through Christian churches loong ago.
      Zambians have been docile enough to think if a President declares a country a Christian nation he is saving the nation. No! he is only serving himself.
      Such a President just wants to prey on the large numbers of Christians in his country. Large numbers of Christians who feel insecure. They are insecure if there are no people in church. They are insecure if other religions pop up. They are insecure if…

    • They are insecure if other religions pop up. They are insecure if they are alone in their beliefs. They are insecure if there is no authority to force others to join them. Religion is a personal decision. Let others practice what they want because their salvation is their responsibility. Sumaili wants to pretend sex is not a basic desire. We are here because of sex so stop muzzling sex. It wont work. People will do sex stuff in their privacy Sumaili or no sumaili

    • Shear stupidity, instead of arresting the buyers, don’t you think you can do better by arresting the sellers? Oh sorry I forgot! the sellers are your Chinese friends

    • This issue is for women.
      I am shocked how Rev. Kaoma understands about “sex toys”.
      I have never seen any. All my women never showed me or they forget about those “toys” when they feel my “tool”?

  1. Well said Rev Kaoma.
    The state and church are separate. The idea of having a “minister of religious affair” is preposterous. A waste of tax payers money. There is nothing this cabinet minister does to contribute to the national wellbeing and development.
    Please let the church do it’s job and the state stick to it’s job. The state may seek counsel from the church, but it may not usurp it’s role as the preacher of the gospel.

    • what is the church? is religion the church? why was this ministry formed was it to marry the church and government? is God restricted to the church only? is the Gods guidance from the bible restricted to the church only or government should not be party? Read your bible more especially on Daniel, Shadreck, misheck, abedenigo and Joseph.

    • This is not even a ministry of religious affairs. If it was it would be making sure all religions are heard. It propagates only Christianity. The government wanted to donate money as a salary to one of their preferred busas. Its a ministry of Christian affairs masquerading as religious affairs. No justice in this decision

    • A rev. failing to advise you correctly is the one maturbat….ing together with kapushi mu mpoto. Read the article again, Practically its correct but Biblically its wrong for a rev to write such an ambiguous article. What morals is he teaching ill-learned contributors like you?

  2. For me its about relevance. If Rev Sumaili had been consistent in condemning the wrongs of this nation, then she would have been taken seriously on the issue of sex toys. But she was quiet on the fire trucks, ambulances procurement, cadre violence, tribal insults, kulya mwibala, Iris painting, police brutality on opposition cadres, the army torturing citizens in the name of cleanliness, Lusambo slapping Kambwili, cadres undressing a UPND female, PF violence against NDC at Levy Mall, Vincent Mwale allowing bars to remain open but denying churches to open etc. But she has been loud on sex toys. Prove your relevance please otherwise people will take it that you and sex toys have a historical vendetta

    • True, ba Paya Farmer -P.F, are only proactive on totally useless, & irrelevant issues.
      How bout commenting on late farmers inputs, or a Citizen who had a hand chopped off@ a funeral by P.F state sanctioned thugs.
      Godfidah wuka!! Ukali ku gona!

    • Ba Godfridah
      Firstly you do not strike me as sharp so perhaps reading the comments above may help you.And this fixation on sex toys in view of more relevant issues may actually be a mask

    • Ba Divide and Rule, A woman can still posses sex toys even if she is married and the husband so perfect in bed. Sex toys mainly enhances your sex life…experiencing orgasmic pleasures in a variety of ways. Cmon, you can reason better than this.

    • Ba Divide and Rule; am an open minded mwamuna ngaongao… Not a sexually closed and boring type. I explore into a woman’s fantasy world and sail with her! Explode with her! Open up ba mudala imwe!!!! 😉

  3. I think this woman is obsessed with sex toys….she is really enjoying the conversation just like her boss Kawalala Edgar Lungu is also obsessed with corruption and theft..ubomba mwibala alya mwibala

  4. The honourable minister’s stance is even more laughable considering how much immoral sex there is in the churches, including, and especially between pastors and and their congregants. Its like, okay, you can have sex, just dont use toys. Hypocrites!

  5. The author of this article is misled. Zambia is a Christian country and anyone who thinks otherwise will burn at the stake.

  6. Thanks a million times rev Kaoma. Church and state are separate James 4:4.Alos worthy to note that you cannot tame people to be Christian .They must give their service to God voluntarily. Israel was the only Nation God had during the time of Israeli kings and the reason was to ensure that Christ was born in that Nation. Due to their un faithfness, God abandoned them and embraced all nations. So God cant look at one nation with favor.Judgement will come to us as individual and not a nation. so you cant force people by using your powers but let the truth transform them.Agree with Rev Kaoma

  7. Are we debating sex toys or talking about something out of topic,,,,that is why we cant progress ….how can you bring the different topic on another topic

  8. Sumaili should also ban the sale or importation of condoms. We all know that condoms are used by all people either marred nor not married and does not in any way lower the moral fibre of the nation.

  9. We are a Christian nation and we can’t allow such devices and shops to operate in Zambia. The minister is right and she is just promoting moral uprightness amongst the citizens, which actually can help us preserve our society and keep us safe and live longer, especially preventing our young adults from contracting HIV & AIDS (which is ravaging our communities today). Remember the church has always preached abstinence, which is and will forever the best solution. God bless Zambia! Ecclesiastes 3:1-3

  10. They are insecure if other religions pop up. They are insecure if they are alone in their beliefs. They are insecure if there is no authority to force others to join them. Religion is a personal decision. Let others practice what they want because their salvation is their responsibility. Sumaili wants to pretend sex is not a basic desire. We are here because of sex so stop muzzling sex. It wont work. People will do sex stuff in their privacy Sumaili or no sumaili

  11. Rev Sumaili is an Idio.t. Her Current Pentecostal Church does not permit Beer. Has she banned Bars????
    Govt must not police individual lives and preferences. Its like I want to each meat and they tell me eat chicken against my will (when I’m using my own money).

  12. The people who proclaimed Zambia as a Christian nation mercilessly plundered national coffers thereby condemning masses to abject poverty. They stood at pulpits with other people’s wives as theirs while poor young ladies paraded themselves before dogs for sex. When KK asked them about proceeds from privatization, they answered with bullets!

  13. Today pastors go to Dubai for shopping with church money, they’re the biggest formication specialists. Joseph Mwilwa is full of women selling their bodies, Devil’s street is nearer the Blessings Mall in Emmasdale. Can Sumaili remove these specks before she goes for other’s logs

  14. @rev Kaoma, so you know carrying the title of Rev does not equal to being filled with wisdom or knowledge, firstly we will not discuss this issue based on how u feel, whether you agree with church working with the government or not because feelings change. Is it not written in the Bible that God appoints rulers? (Romans 13:1) . what’s surprising is on one hand God claims he appoints rulers who govern us, on the other hand you FEEL the church (assembly of Christians) should not associate itself with the government or the rulers of which the same God appointed? Did you know King Solomon today would be called president? Same job different title. Did you also know that its written in (mathews 10:16) that God has sent us out like sheep amongst wolves? So please spare us how u feel, this is…

    • So God appointed Hitler, Mussolini, Gadafi, idi amin and all the nasty dictators? Tell us more! Captain Solo was nearly appointed to be President of Zambia before God sent him to jail.

  15. Sumaili ayitaya. All goes to show how irrelevant her job is. Zambia practically will remain a secular state. The much talked about Christian nation is a utopia.

  16. Continued….. This is not time to debate of whether the government or kingdom should merge with the men and women of God or the church , because if we are to follow the bible and you very well know many believers had royal positions, David, Ezra, Joseph, Saul but to mention a few didn’t have this figure of a Reverend preaching to people how he feels, Rev Sumaili is very much in line with biblical principles… Are you?

    I’m Breaker I’m transcendent and I approve this message

  17. ….the Rev will one day wake up and ban the sell and use of condoms….no Viagra…no prostitution finally she will touch the nerve of her boss…ban the sell and consumption of alcohol…. only then wl she realise she is fighting a losing battle…

  18. What a waste of resources having such a ministry. Irrelevant ministry. Religion and the State don’t mix. Nothing good comes out of it. Zambia is a nation of hypocrites and pagans – especially as led by the politicians themselves. Its not the sex toys that dictate immoral behaviour. The ‘grounding’ is already there, influenced by the underlying social economic base. Resolve these and other things will fall into place. Nothing is gained by trying to ‘fix’ the off shoots through misplaced methods. Are the toys infectious, by the way? Do they impregnate?

  19. Sexual curiosity begins at an early age. As we grow up and visualise better and enjoy better sensations we experiment more and become more daring. We start with show me yours and ill show you mine, to superficial sensational skin contact. We quickly move to soft spanking to biting and scratching to eating like theres no tomorrow. All the while your mouth, hands, nails, belt are sex toys. So what is the problem if going to the store for greater sophistication and pleasure is an option? Enjoy your dinner at 69.

  20. so this is wat this ministry is all about? lack of serious work in this ministry is making this woman hunt for issues to comment on, for xample cholera issue she popped up to say something, encouraging pipo to pray coz thats all her ministry can do!!!!

  21. Has she ever heard of edible underwear that glorious sex toy? It tastes like chicken, better than mulamba and kapenta.She should try on one and she will never regret once he starts enjoying his lunch, Dinner and breakfast there. toys r us !

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