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Cabinet reshuffles are meant to boost government performance-President Lungu


President Lungu addresses journalists at State House
President Edgar Lungu says his Cabinet reshuffles are meant to boost government performance.

President Lungu says it is part of his responsibilities to make reshuffles to the Cabinet.

He says the movements in Cabinet positions do not mean one minister or another has failed to perform.

President Lungu also says he is a team player and acts as a coach of the Cabinet who can re-position any of the players so that the team wins.

The Head of State said this at State House after he swore in newly appointed Minister of Mines and Minerals Development, Richard Musukwa and Permanent Secretary – Budget and Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance, Emmanuel Pamu.

Others are Permanent Secretary -Legislative Drafting at the Ministry of Justice, Andrew Nkunika and Commissioner of Police-Luapula Province, Elias Chushi.

President Lungu has told the newly appointed officials that the nation is highly expectant of their positive contributions.

He has also directed Mr. Musukwa to perform not only to his expectations but also to the expectations of the miners and help improve their welfare.

President Lungu has also tasked Mr. Musukwa to look into the awarding of contracts and services by the Mines so that the companies begin engaging local people instead of foreigners only.

Meanwhile, the Head of State has told Mr. Chushi to help Government raise the confidence of the people in the Police Service


    • This is the mwanakatwe and her husband who field to pay back the CDC loan, Did you even do a credit check, They do this in developed world if you are appointing someone do finace position.

    • Mugabe and Zuma have been kicked out, Lungu should be the next one….. the man and his team are corrupt and incompetent..

      And why doesn’t Lungu appoint people from Southern, Western and North Western provinces? The man is a tribalist.

    • “President Lungu has also tasked Mr. Musukwa to look into the awarding of contracts and services by the Mines so that the companies begin engaging local people instead of foreigners only”

      I hope Musukwa won’t have family members opening companies to supply the mines.

    • Ti na Fulamila ndani to deserve this poor crop of leaders?
      – We told you about rhetoric Mutati, you refused to listen. He failed ACCA 3 times & has no track record of any achievement. Mutati doesn’t even know what fiscal policy management is. IMF saw through his rhetoric
      & lies and refused to borrow $1.3-billion.
      – We told you about Dora you refused to listen. The hunger that will grapple our villagers this year is too ghastly to contemplate. How do you appoint a manicured/Brazilian-haired loose woman as Min of Agric? She would rather spend time in Las Vegas with toy-boys during planting season. I miss Mundia Sikatana in that seat, dancing on a combined harvester with a cob in each hand, celebrating a successful winter maize harvest.
      – Mwanakatwe is also another big mistake. Speech…

    • CONT’D…
      – Mwanakatwe is also another big mistake. Speech after speech, opening seminar after another, one workshop after another, everyday on DeadNCB TV. I miss Magande in that seat.

      We are really cursed under this Malawian Drunkard & his bunch of losers. 2021 is too far.

    • Very few player coach actually perform very well you are either a good player or a good coach and you Mr President are neither of them.
      Your team is scoring too many own goals fire tenders , NRDC, dual carriageway, fake drugs the list is too long.
      In the end a coach is fired. 2021 is not too far away. Chiluba ,Mugabe and Zuma all thought they were popular they bribed and dribbled their way through politics and their end?

    • Reshuffling non performers equates to performance….really laughable…if this was a business and the lazy thing was CEO it would have closed down years ago.

      I have reserved comments for Madam Mwanakatwe. Don’t wanna be a sexist but I wish her well in her appointment. I hope Dora will survive her new hot seat too. I am happy that the overstayed Yaluma has been moved. Too much inertia in the mining sector. Iwe mwaiche Musuka congrats on your appointment, I hope you will now fine oil in Zambia. Bowroman mubotu Lusambo congrats, Lusaka is big ka? It’s good you won’t have easy picks with worried CK. Iwe new C/belt minister, you better up your socks demented CK will chew you alive. Atishani apo Mulenga, increase livestook production pa Zed. ECL kindly also reshuffle HH to Mukobeko again! Chuckles!

    • This team looks like Bournemouth, no matter what the coach does they keep losing games, why has mutant been demoted?

    • President Lungu says it is part of his responsibilities to make reshuffles to the Cabinet. So when are we having the next “reshuffle” bwana Presido?

    • maloza – what you have to understand is that Lazy Lungu’s reign is underpinned by corruption, even sacking mere advisers is a daunting task as they know too much to be kicked out and same with ministers, just imagine if the likes of dull Jean Kapata are sacked and are not pre-occupied with a 9 -5 office to sit in? This what corruption does its a cancer …Jacob Zuma is an example of endemic corruption. Lazy Lungu is in deep with it he is lucky Zambians are docile and the country has weak governance laws.

    • Cabinet reshuffle will boost looting of the public resources as Ministers implement UUBOMBA MWIBALA ALYA MWIBALA. Ba Koswe mumpoto have been swapped.

    • Really laughable meanwhile the likes of Joyce Nonde are spared no matter how incompetent they are…lazy Lungu knows that if he brings a new person in this post his Chine paymasters will not be pleased.

    • Mshotah – Should people also say that because people from those Provinces did not vote for Lungu, then they are tribalists?

  1. Bufi the reshuffle of this cabinet of ours
    is not aimed towards improving the efficiency of
    Ministers in their portfolios but as a personal
    tool to plant fear in the minds of the cadres of
    the PF deployees

    • And one of getting rid off of financially disciplined and prudent Mutati .He tells them the right way to use the financial resources prudently but apf led government refuses. These reshuffles are just disguise for ubomba mwibala…..Dora is an experienced of ubomba mwibsls theory, hence defending it heavily. Tukomfwako ukoooo!!!

  2. Bufi the reshuffle of this cabinet of ours is not aimed towards improving the efficiency of Ministers in their portfolios but as a personal tool to plant fear in the minds of the cadres of the PF deployees

  3. Mwakalombe, your first task is to make sure that you facilitate transfers for some surveyors at Ministry of Lands in Ndola to a rural post like Masaiti or Lufwanyama. They are corrupt, they are always on private jobs, no one is at work on time.

    Please work on this. Bowman failed on these because he became part of the problem. The surveyors always said they are working on the Minister’s jobs.

    Very sad.

    • If this govt was efficient they would have introduced door cards or fobs to swipe in every morning….in developed countries even the CEO has to account for having extra 30 mins lunch break. …if he leaves early he makes up for time in the month.

  4. when you are sure of what you are doing you do it in broad day light at a live press conference the kk way not this fly by night announcements by Amos then in the morning you start justifying your decisions…weak weak weak weak..

    • He is not serious… everything he has done live has not been geniune …last live broadcast was a joke declaration of state of emergence where no one was arrested.
      These are wasted years!!!

  5. No doubt these have been inculcated in the “UBOMBA MWIBALA” work culture. In the leader’s mind its the only way performance is improved. Maybe dashing a few brown envelops under the table for the boss from the ibala!! You wonder how Chitotela, Kapata and Kampyongo escape the swing of the cutlass??? Rid the government of corruption Edgar Lungu, then you can talk improved performance.

  6. It’s time to reshuffle the opposition too. Some leaders aren’t playing their role, they’re just waiting to be on ballot papers.

    • @8 Ayatollah in Zambia and Africa at large,opposition politics the one who pays the piper calls the tune,if understand that you will see why its pointless to call for changes in the leadership of opposition parties.

    • Ba br mumba aka zambian enterprise /ayatolla/kakolwe ni ballot paper yanyoko? Why would a normal person allow someone to decide for them who should be and who shouldn’t be on the ballot paper, are you saying you don’t have free will to decide on your own.

  7. How can a lazy non performer expect performance from his lieutenants.

    “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat” – Sun Tzu

  8. To lungu a reshaffel is a job well done….no it is not , we are yet to see results.

    You fired one minister who should take the blame for poor sanitation …good

    The VP should also be replaced by some one more energetic…

    • You can not replace Veep she is a running mate elected by voters…if she was younger she would be hot on Lazy Lungu to fight corruption as she would next in line if he is kicked out but she is an OLD HEN wasting taxpayer money.

  9. Congratulations Dr. Mulenga Pamu. You are an effective economist. The Sky is the limit.

    Stay professional. Please do not tainted by these PF chaps.

  10. Edgar Lungu is even better. During Sata’s time reshuffles used to be the order of the day. Ministers and PSs never used to stay long in their portifolios.But let’s face it: there’s no way anyone can be moved from a certain Ministry to another if he/she is performing well.

    • Better in what sense? There should be a result at the end…this years poor harvest should squarely be heaped on Lazy Lungu not Dora, he appointed a person who had no interest whatsoever in Agriculture.

  11. A clear display of incompetence by this president. I wonder if he knows what he is doing? It appears to me as though he is tinkering with trial and error.

    • What are his objectives, goals, performance standards, if not only to ensure that cholera does not, once more, steal the show, and to blind our minds to the mukula logs saga?

  12. This is, unmistakably, a case of the blind leading the blind. They all fall into the ditch. We seem headed there – into the ditch.

  13. What we have in this president is an unlicensed driver taking us all for a ride, through a game park, full of lions. It’s what Jacob Zuma did to South Africans.

  14. The tribalism in Zambia stinks, it’s now as though North Western, Barotseland, Central and Southern provinces do not exist at all. Anyway, this bigotry will only hasten the demise of Zambiai.

    • Kina yoo Mukwamanyinga Njangwamuloty, na pila hande, mi na itumela kwa litekulo Wanamenda. Ni wena Uyoyange wino wino. Ni sa’ zibi kapa Kamuyongole yena u utwahalela kai mazazi a, ni musala’ hae wa litaswa? Yela, ba basweu bali: “It’s a small world.”

  15. Those of you criticising, could you give us the shadow cabinet of your choice? you can even choose outside parliament for a broader spectrum.

  16. Keep working sir for Zambians! Those who see sense in your governance appreciate. Those in the animalia kingdom who WILL NEVER appreciate whatever you do, will continue to be what they are – witch hunters! “Corruption, etc,” and they fail to see that their leader got rich by dribbling Zambians!

  17. Lungu, it’s time for you to start auditioning for comedy shows. This one is just classic! Those sangoma uncles visiting you are no good to you. You keep embarrassing yourself!

  18. No Jonathan we won’t be fooled, you only managed to deceive @Sharon, @Njimbu and yourself.
    Every normal person knows you Jonathan need to step down now.

  19. No Jonathan we won’t be cheated, you only managed to deceive @Sharon, @Njimbu and yourself.
    Every normal person knows you Jonathan need to step down now.

  20. This has nothing to do with tribe, it’s simple logic from the good old adage about insanity, and quote: that “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.l”. Dora has been in Govts of Levy, RB & now Lungu. She’s the new VJ, she has nothing besides stinky pu.ssy to give!

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