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President Edgar Lungu does not condone and encourage theft by public servant-Siliya

Headlines President Edgar Lungu does not condone and encourage theft by public servant-Siliya

President Edgar Chagwa Lungu speaks with Agriculture Minister Dora Siliya during the 112 th Zambia National Farmers Union annual General Congress at Mulungushi International Conference Center in Lusaka on Thursday, October 26,2017 -Picture by THOMAS NSAMA
FILE: President Edgar Chagwa Lungu speaks Dora Siliya

Newly appointed Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services and Chief Government Spokeperson, Dora Siliya, has said that the impression created by some local journalists that President Edgar Lungu condones and encourages theft by public servants is wrong.

In her first statement released to the Media, Ms Siliya said that President Lungu swore to defend the Zambian Constitution whose laws prohibit theft by public servants.

“Therefore, it is mischievous for any right thinking member of the public to twist, for political gain, a common Zambian adage that the President used to warn public servants against stealing, ” read the statement

Ms Siliya said the President was in fact cautioning public workers against corruption and emphasized the need for all public servants to be above board when performing their various functions.

“Which President in the world would encourage public workers or indeed citizens to steal?” she asked

Ms Siliya said that it was unfortunate that some politicians and journalists have banded together to promote fake news as a means to frustrate Government efforts to develop Zambia.

“The PF Government’s accelerated development agenda and programmes to fight poverty are unprecedented and this is what is driving enemies of Government to concoct stories aimed at misdirecting citizens from real issues,” she said

Ms Siliya advised international media to verify with Zambian missions in their localities, especially on some ludicrous stories sent from Zambia by their so-called correspondents.

“Zambia, like the rest of the world, is certainly not immune from fake news which undermines the credibility of journalists and other purveyors of information,” concluded the statement.

Earlier this week, UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema warned President Edgar Lungu to desist from stealing public funds.

Commenting on sentiments by President Lungu that “ubomba mwibala alya mwibala”, Mr Hichilema said the remarks are a confirmation of Mr Lungu’s corruption and public theft.

Mr Hichilema said the UPND will stop President lungu from stealing anymore, soon.

“When a so called leader is corrupt, they do not care about the suffering masses, their preoccupation is to steal from government and steal more and more to enrich themselves,” Mr Hichilema said.

He added, “Clearly, watching and listening to the man, he literally says he will leave the government of Zambia bankrupt. Who says a thing like that”

Mr Hichilema stated that only a man who is preoccupation is self aggrandisement using public resources can utter such words.

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    • We want to hear from the real PF about what they are doing for the people who voted them in 2011, when you and RB were fiddling with the tax payer’s money and you were removed. I cannot believe that your are now masquerading as a PF spokes woman! You ate as artificial as they come. One report claims that you are eyed for vice Presidency, how does that work?

    • Dora hitting the ground running. I.di.ots are taking Lungu’s comments out of context and creating War Rhetoric out of it. Kambwili is evil.

      Kampampa milking cows no kusesa inkoko ku Livestock!

    • Please call a spade, a spade. Truth alone is what is going to save your party. What has this president done against corruption? Or do you mean to tell us that there is no corruption in PF?

    • The first thing ex-MMD spokesperson is to defend a party she called lunatics thugs.
      This is an insult to the same PF who mobilized 60% of Zambians to chase her-RB away from corrupt saga.

    • Dora is arguably one of the best politicians on the pile at the moment but what is so wrong about her, is her rugged path in her political career. If only she had been in the other parts of the world where PR could have been managed could have done very very well. She has very good isolated (but also bad) characteristics as follows
      1) Her beauty and display of ‘buhule’ in chipata during 2011 elections- the breasts campaign politics and disclosure of why she divorced the husband-could make her great for oldest profession not politics
      2) Her eloquence and education could make her a good and strong political leader
      3) ‘Her principles’ at one time to resign for investigations to be made during RB’s time – good temporal principle
      4) Her lack of principles exhibited in insulting Sata…

    • 4) Her lack of principles exhibited in insulting Sata and his PF then coming back to join PF for a ministerial post synonymous with Bootlicking like Lusambo (the former money changer)- no good for her. She should be above that.
      Dora would just need to hit a reset button and we can have a real good and strong leader in her. Dora really needs to reinvent herself. Right now she will not do for me!

      Fallen out’a Zambian public favor I think DORA will handle the pressure. There is however no holiday from bitter lots from the UPNDestruction. Rants alone will dog her on this podium. How she carries herself will earn her the tag IRON LADY joining the ranks of Mambilima. Otherwise, her own mouth will crobber her jusk like thick CK just learnt. TAME your tongues people, otherwise your own words would come back to haunt you in this advent of social media and Youtube in particular. Wanna revisit CK’s vile mouth? It only one click away.

    • This is what happens when you have no vision and do not know who your Party’s core members are ….Lazy Lungu will hit the ground hardest when he falls from grace; imagine in 2011 you campaign against these people today they are depending your interests. Deep down Dora has no respect for Lazy Lungu as she knows she is smarter than he is as she worked with far much intelligent men and women in the MMD.

    • who is Dora Siliya to educate us on president Lungu and thieving behaviour? Dora is the only Zambian who doesn’t know what Lungu, the then lawyer did to his client. If as a lawyer he stole, what of him being president sorrounded by fellow professional thieves? He has failed to explain his wealth and the wealth of his so called honourable ministers and state house special advisers for corruption officials. Unless Dora tells us that the president encouraged uubomba mwibala alya mwibala under the influence of Chibuku. After working up and Chibuku was expired, iam sure the wife told him, you made a mistake to utter those words. Bembas say UBWALWA NINSOKOLOLA TWEBO. You cannot hold your breath when chibuku is under control.

    • Dora was insulting president Sata day in day out to an extent of producing brochures about gays to which she linked Sata. Ba PF you have no respect for President Sata. President Lungu has no respect for late president Sata. If president Lungu was in Zambia at the time Dora was throwing insults at Sata with Chanda Chimba, he could have not considered this terrible woman for such a senior position. Poor PF members who were listening to all insults she showered on Sata are the ones clapping for Lungu for such appointments.Lishamo sana Lungu to forget the one who made you who you are today. Dora cannot represent the views of PF but RB and MMD.



    • There is now going to be a very big buster-up between Kambwili and DORA. This will be on an unprecedented scale similar to Trump and the rocket man’s war or words. Like a camel seeking a shade for the scotching sun in the desert Dora has pushed CK out of the tent. I do not want to be around when CK realizes what’s just happened.

    • I hope the courts won’t witness the waste kind’ a suing and countersuing as the duo dig some meat between their “bigged-mouthed” teeth.

  1. You can spin it which ever way you want but the truth is that it meant that they can steal but shouldn’t steal everything. Your boss is a very careless man. We know he’s always drunk that’s why he said what he said coz no normal person can say something like that at forum like that one.

    • I heard his speech when he used the words of the proverb and there is absolutely nothing sinister in that except that some people have no real arguments and are taking things out of context to assassinate his character.

      It is just reality that those that labour in the field must also be nourished from the fruits of the field. It is a law of fairness and also an ordinance in the Old Testament: “thou shalt not muzzle the ox when he treadeth out the grain.” Deuteronomy 25:4

      See also 1 Timothy 5, 18: “The worker is worthy of his wages.”

    • This country is full of lazy and unproductive bu.f.f.00ns. Even songs and t-shirts are circulating??? And we wonder why the economy is lagging???

    • Nine Chale,

      Please listen to ECL again —> www . youtube(dot) com/watch?v=YFGPZcffn1M

      Please note that the scripture you have quoted is misplaced. You have actually CONTRADICTED (yes, I mean contradicted) what you are trying to say.

      ECL is NOT addressing a wage dispute in this case. Do you comprehend what “Do not muzzle the ox” means in the Bible?

      Here is the meaning —> www . patheos(dot)com/blogs/christiancrier/2016/03/07/what-does-do-not-muzzle-the-ox-mean-in-the-bible-a-biblical-definition/

      In fact, the way you have put it, it encourages workers to ‘take something’ from their workplaces over and above their gazetted pay. If that is not pilfering, then please explain what it is.

    • Nine Chale,

      You are very right and I am actually shocked at the distortion of this proverb. The ignorance of some Zambians is so profound and even deeply troubling because they don’t even know the difference between a proverb and an idiom.

      What ECL used was a proverb and not an idiom. An idiom is a phrase that has a meaning of its own that cannot be understood from the meanings of its individual words. For example, “To rub someone the wrong way” means to irritate someone; “By the skin of your teeth” means that something was successful, but only just barely.

    • On the other hand, a proverb is a short popular saying that gives advice about how people should behave or that expresses a belief that is generally thought to be true. In virtually all societies and cultures, a proverb never promotes immoral or criminal conduct. Examples of popular proverbs include “Don’t cry over spilled milk” or “A stitch in time saves nine” “A bird in hand is better than two in the bush” or more famously now: “Uwikala mwibala alya mwibabala”.

    • That’s Nine Chale for you he/she is like an abused woman who is always battered her abusive drunk husband when you tell her to report him to the Police she says he beats me because he deeply in loves with me

      PS: There is 79% probability Nine Chale is a woman and an emotional “religious” woman…when there is absolute evidence he/she tends to sit on the fence and posts vague proverbs!!

    • I have grown up appreciating the profound meaning of this rich Bemba proverb only to have some parvenus polluting and distorting it to gain political mileage! Shockingly, I have come across people with only a superficial knowledge of the Bemba language arguing that this proverb is all about the promotion of corruption and theft! Take quack who goes by the pseudonym of Anonymous who claims to be Bemba but says kawalala instead of kabwalala!

    • @Brabus, that is the way I understand it and I’m sure that is the way the president would explain it when given the chance to do so. You are, however entitled to your own opinnion.

      @Jay Jay I will engage into a debate with you once you stop being childish. We’re not on this forum to prove our manhood to each other. Any how, you can bring your wife and kids to visit if you have any and I’ll be glad to receive you and introduce you to mine.

  2. Ba Lusaka Times please you just an embarrassing site the editor hopeless- ” In a in her first statement released to the Media in her new position, Ms Siliya said that President Lungu swore to defend the Zambian Constitution whose laws prohibit theft by public servants.

    • People like Lazy Lungu love to play stupid games, he will surely win stupid prizes…let him vigorously reshuffle his worn out cards till the catch fire and burn down his house!!

  3. One thing i remember ms Dora during president Sata`s time was when she lifted a midle finger in parliament. It was then directed at PF. And today she is the spokesperson of PF. I am just thinking those suffered for PF how they are feeling.

  4. The recent events that have happened in Zambia, Zimbabwe and South Africa should send some if not a very clear message to HH and UPND that presidents are chosen by God through ordinary people.
    If you haven’t been destined to be a President of a country by God, no matter how much you try it can’t happen. Lungu, Munagagwa, Maphosa, Trump, George Weah only attempted once and became Presidents. HH on other hand thinks time and money can make him President, let him examin himself critically otherwise I feel sorry for him.

    • presidents are not chosen by GOD,@TRUMP chosen by GOD?
      TRUMP own words,
      I dont need prayer or forgiveness because i dont sin,
      he twists the truth just like what the serpent did ,did GOD said he shouldnot eat the fruit,eve ,yeah GOD forbid us.trump they were fine pipo on both sides ,NEO NAZI,and those against jewish slaughter.
      TRump champions hate ,GOD IS LOVE
      JOHN 8.44 u of your father the devil,he has been a liar from beginning ,this description perfectly fits trump,
      religion has/do mislead people and has been used as a tool for political/personal enrichment.

    • @Malinso, you want to argue your point away from the notion of God choosing leaders. Why is it that Jesus preached and fed the 5000 and today we have entire poor congregations feeding a preacher? Chosen by God? Try something else please. Let’s just look at what elected governments promise to do and whether or not they live faithful to those pledges. Creating Religious Ministries or declaring religiosity of nations is so passé now to say the least. People are no longer fooled.

    • God will not give you brains and still choose a thief for you wechipubawe shove that primitive school of thought into your ntwenu try using your brain for once.

  5. This is not about HH but the president s utterance of a bemba phrase, can you not keep to the theme? what has HH got to do with this.

  6. You can never hide corruption, not even under cover of darkness. In this PF government, no ones needs to light a candle light to see it.

    • The sad part is you have failed TERRIBLY to even pinpoint a single incident of corruption that can yield a conviction. Ironically, it is that big empty 1.d.io.tic drum Kambwili who is in court for corruption!!! So that corruption rubbish is hot air from your **** that has found it’s way in your head!!!

    • @ 10.1 Zambian Citizen

      I doubt that you are a Zambian citizen. Otherwise, you would have felt sorry for this, once beautiful country, now gone to the dogs. You are seriously not aware of the billions of dollars which have disappeared in thin air? And that, in your giant mind, is not corruption? Do I have to list every single incidence of corruption? Why should I? You say: “…a single incident of corruption that can yield a conviction.” You mean, you are not aware of how even the courts have been muzzled? And that to you is not corruption? What kind of a Zambian citizen are you? No, you are not.

    • @ 10.1 Zambian Citizen

      Even our trees have started walking away from our forests, following the Chinese to where they come from. That, to you, is not corruption? You need an operation. I reckon you lack a single ounce of grey matter.

    • Like I said, you want us to believe your imaginary and jagged view of the country I wake up in every morning and live in. HOT AIR FROM YOUR **** FINDING ITS WAY INTO YOUR HEAD….try something else, knucklehead!!!!

    • @ 10.4 Zambian Citizen:
      Any wonder you so speak! You are sheltered from it all, eating big, and stealing big. But that is your Zambia, the Zambia that you and Lungu live in. It is not the Zambia that the rest of us live in. There are two Zambia, yours and ours. Yours is the Zambia of the well-to-do, ours, the Zambia of the poor, the unemployed, the forgotten. You forget that we too are Zambians, and that managed properly, Zambia’s resources would have sufficed for everyone to have at least a full four-square meal a day. At independence, Kenneth Kaunda had promised us an egg a day. Today, you can afford ten chickens a day, while we, the poor, cannot afford an egg in 365 days! Enjoy your Zambia, Mr. Zambian Citizen.

    • @ 10.4 Zambian Citizen:

      Just be careful that your “Pabwato” does not capsize in man-made lake Kanyama, which is now deeper than lake Tanganyika. You may drown.

  7. Why do people want to twist what Lungu said? Is Lungu so daft that people have to re interpret what was caught on video. Why can’t Lungu come out and tell all Zambians his version of the Bemba idiom? If you employ farm labourers you do not tell them to eat what is on the farm. They work and you pay them. It is not free for all. Lungu is encouraging stealing. Simple.

    • some people no matter how naked the master is they will deny it despite seeing his nakedness,LUNGU from the video he was talking on money and he went further by saying not ukulya pamo nebuto.(seed,capital,receipted govt money but accept bribes-corruption.

  8. ZCCM used to absolve college and university graduates. Not that ZCCM should come back, that’s water under the bridge. But what can the intelligencia do to help the situation by creating an environment where the young men and women have jobs? The whirl wind phenomenon! We are 15m Zambians, if 3m of us contribute K5000, we can have 3, 000, 000 x K5000 = 15, 000, 000, 000. This indicates that resources can be mobilized cheaply which can be used to facilitate development of industries that could absolve our graduates. Who benefits from the Whirl wind effect? The individual contributors whose contribution are their shares. Depending how successful the ventures undertaken dividends can be paid out to the contributers.

    • @ Mutxwalo, you are right. But can Lungu facilitate such project. It’s too far fetched for Lungu. He is busy travelling making allowances

    • Then they go buy second hand fire engines @ K420,000,000 instead of K105,000,000
      Ambulances @ K144,000,000 instead of K26,000,000
      Dual carriageway @K1,200,000,000 instead of K600,000,000.
      Who pocketing the difference in all these cases?
      No one wants to finance theft.

    • So all the prisons in Barotseland are full of Bemba thieves!Even the thin Lozi cattle are stolen by Bembas !What tribal nonsense.

    • It’s not bembas running the country. You must be easterner trying to divide lozis and bembas. This strategy has been used for a long time but the unsuspecting bembas didn’t realise early enough. Thank God the bembas are awakening now.

  9. Lungu, you are inept, juggling incompetents and thinking things will be better. What’s wrong with you? You cut down on flying everywhere and anywhere. I thought you flipped the coin for the better. Eeish, having you in the country is even worse! There is no redemption for you, go away!!

    • Totally agree. And for him to come up with such a saying when farmers are not being paid at all and minimum wage is zero and university lecturers and teachers are not being paid is just utterly rude and insulting to the people of Zambia
      Now that the IMF have refused to help the government he will have find another lender to help!

  10. “Which President in the world would encourage public workers or indeed citizens to steal?” she asked

    One , like lungu who does not deny that he is indeed a corrupt thief…..

  11. Ms Siliya said that President Lungu swore to defend the Zambian Constitution whose laws prohibit theft by public servants…..

    Yes dora , like he swore to uphold principles of the law fraternity but went on to steal a client’s money…..

    • And also from government- the fire trucks! —$42million for those items, really! And no one bothered to investigate the deal? Just like the airport radar issues what happened to that matter? Who is being awarded tenders for this? Ati developing Zambia under PF! Really

  12. Lungu said it clearly using that damned Bemba phrase to state that he condones theft ,pilferage and fraud on grand scale from state resources.Mscheew ,huyu mjinga Lungu asitudanganye potea mbali.

  13. Dora Siliya, has said that the impression created by some local journalists that President Edgar Lungu condones and encourages theft by public servants is wrong.

    Dora, 42/42 ??

    380km/1.2 billion ??

    • She is playing it like Mutati when he went to Finance …pretend as if you have just come in as a new govt on a clean slate!!

    • Fire tenders $42million if we can add more
      These funds could have gone into hospitals health care system and housing initiatives

    • Cadres are in government they calling shorts in the marketplace and bus stations. Did you ever get on a bus unaided? Today at each and every bus terminal there are some self certified cadres who take your luggage forcefully and ask you to pay for your luggage to get on the bus. If you don’t oblige you lose your ticket and your luggage as simple as that. This the new SME initiative under PF government
      Ordinary citizens are being subjected to this sort of thing every day and there’s no law to stop harassment!

  14. If I wanted something translated from Bemba, I will ask Kambwili and not Dora because as of the last time I checked, she was mwine Chipata Koswe Mumpoto from Katete. The cat is already out of the bag and after what happened in South Africa last night and two months ago in Zimbabwe, Lungu Koswe Mumpoto mambala must be sleeping with one eye wide open. He will have to sooner than later answer for his stinking thieving ways he even has the audacity to gloat about in public. The man’s gutless stupidity sometimes makes one wonder whether its a gift he has from god, or he is simply on substance abusing!

    • Cleaning those white people’s behinds really makes you people dull, don’t it?? How is Zuma’s resignation in any way related to the Zambian situation??? That cr#p you wipe daily seems to find its way up your head and you start spewing sewer??? How sad, after those white people throw bananas at your children… it’s hard my guy!!!

    • Read your constitution you dullo.South Africans have chosen their path of finishing only one term in case of old and fragile hero Mandela; and two successful resignations of Mbeki and now Zuma. Zambians never oust their leaders; it’s full terms plus kambasela – third term bids.

    • Mbeki’s own was Misuse of Power; Zuma’s issue was Corruption. Both S.A. former chiefs got dumped by their party, ANC. In Zambia where intraparty DEMOCRACY is like a whistle in the vacuum, issues affecting the now Xenophobic S.A. have no place in the mature national democratic dispensation world our motherland, Zambia. No easy way for dumb UPND. It through the ballot.

  15. By the way, why is Dora not looking at Lungu in the eyes, what is she ashamed of? You amasuka ko mnkondho mambala uyu Koswe Mumpoto! I pity him though cozying around with a Katangese spern chamber because whatever HIV is resident there could be a very corrosive one.

  16. Our state was captured by corrupt elements, by people who purported to be close to the president who have been doing really bad things by getting into State institutions,” said Ramaphosa. “We are going to take action against the people who acted wrongly against the people of the country…we allowed corruption to continue growing within the party, we have recognised that this is a problem, we have decided that we will root corruption out…once we knew the facts and the figures, we’ll began to stand on our two feet…the future is about taking action against the people who have been harming

    the people.”

    • Sounds like a political mirage stunt. Just listen to demented Julius. Reading just one side of the story does not help at all. Zuma helped oust Mbeki, now Rhamaposa has just done exactly what Zuma did. May be it is the ANC manner or trademark of ushering new leadership to their plot one. We shall watch this space.

  17. No comment from me, can’t be debating with low life forms upndeez.
    Upndeez are a people who long lost their chance to the Presidency of the country.

  18. Zuma has been sacked by ANC becoz of his high propensity towards Corruption and State Capture. Lungu stands accused of enriching himself thru corrupt State Contracts and State Capture. Ramaphosa is the new President of RSA and Chairman of SADC. His priority is to eradicate corruption and State Capture in South Africa. What is Lungu doing about State Capture and Rampant Corruption in his govt in Zambia? We want Action..Action and not words from the Koswe Mumpoto President.

  19. why do u want to put hh out of this topic while was your god father hh who took this words out of context ,hh he must be a professional thief what ever he hear all he see is stiling

  20. As i understood it, the President made a major reshuffle of Government amongst which the ministry of information was one. By the tone and vile language of opinions one would be inclined to think all the powers of govt were vested in Dora. I hear not a snipet of other changes or their underperformance..You are so drunk with the fighting queen Dora your tails are cowed between your arz to cover your ever shrinkin balls. Dora is smart, resilient progressive and cares for our country.

    • Dora, being a politician, a career journalist is better positioned to counter the rubbish being spewed by the useless opposition. With the PF media team behind her, donkeys must brace themselves.

  21. Sinjonjo,
    If you really think Dora is smart, maybe try having a faecal transplant with her and see the kind of excremental diet she has subjected Zambians to politically.

  22. Thanks Peter for your question. The his excellency has enough on his plate. Such a project is meant for the ones who have contributed the resources to see to it that all projects embarked on are brought to a logical conclusion. But who are these? As an alternative or while government is going with its model to develop mother Zambia, citizens can mobilise resources without borrowing from IMF or indeed any bank. This mobilization of resources is a first step and it begins with perhaps 2 people, then 5, 6 up to X. So if 2 Zambians contribute K5000, they will have 2xK5000=K10, 000 at THEIR disposal. When you have X people contributing K5000, what you have is X x K5000 = K5000X, giving the Kavuluvulu effect!

  23. How can Lungu and Dora who are none Bembas interpret a Bemba idiom better than the Bembas themselves? The idiom was misused by Lungu to encourage thieving at work places. Prominent Bembas have said Lungu encouraged workers to steal at their work places. Ati Lungu “defending the Constitution”. What nosense is this? Lungu abrogated the Zambian Constitution when he refused to step down and handover Power to the Speaker of Parliament during the Petition Hearing. Right now Prof Luo is illegally performing the duties of a Minister when High Court ruled she is no longer an MP. Illegal Ministers have not paid back salaries and benefits earned in 2016 when they were no longer MPs during the campaign period. Dora should give us a break and stop lying and defending the indefensible.

  24. Its a leadership that has lost its moral campass that believe that it can defend what is indefensible, spew any ridiculous explanation for their dirt and sincerely believe the public will believe them. It an insult to the people’s intelligence and disrespect for the people who entrusted them with the mandate to rule. Dora Slit with that statement looses more of the shine if she had any. Its imprudent to allow the system you are serving to diminish your worth. Look at what Lungu did to Vincent Mwale who was generally seen as upright by making him defend the theft through the exorbitant fire tenders!!

  25. The more Lungu’s ministers try to defend what he said the more ridiculous they come across. And the more lowly the public thinks of the PF ministers. This one is beyond damage control; its the truth their divided cabinet must live with as hey wait for the day of reckoning! The people of this country do not trust this government anymore, their reputation and record as a ruling party is in tatters!! Dora Slit, however genius you could be at spin, you will not change that fact. The whole thieving lot of you should actually FORSERK!

  26. njangaMuloti, Resolting to baseless, nonsensical insults instead of thoughtful factual discourse of whatever disdain you harbour for The hon. minister, serves no purpose but to expose you as an incompentent fraud and shameful ignorant chauvanist. Dora offers more clarity on many levels to issues vexing Zambia. your failure to recognise her immense intellectual qualities and ability to connect and resonate with the public is undeniable. In the process she opens herself to a vulnarable target and unnecessary ridicule. There are not many who can singularly write position papers. She can! Bigotry has no place if we are to progress.

  27. The president of Zambia only talks when he is criticised by Pilato and he never has a national agenda for his work. KK used to address the nation once a month and everyone knew there was a leader at the top but today’s leader is seen on social media advising his ministers to support him no matter what and there is no agenda for the country
    Zambia is not poor. Zambia is mismanaged. Hospitals, schools, community development should be on the top of the agenda
    IMF is not going to give the government to put cement on a bridge or tarmac on a road to libala or mandevu!!!
    IMF wants to see a plan not travel expenditures for lazy people
    Next Zambian government will lease the country to China for 100 years and we shall go the Sri Lanka way and lose control. Nigeria is known to have sold their…

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