Lusambo warns local authorities

Lusaka Minister Bowman Lusambo
Lusaka Minister Bowman Lusambo

Copperbelt Minister Bowman Lusambo addressing the media during a press briefing at his office in Ndola


Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has warned that he will not tolerate lawlessness from local authorities.Mr. Lusambo said many councils have disappointed the public by carrying out illegal land allocations.He said he will endeavor to ensure proper planning is done, to avoid challenges of flooding that have rocked the province.

Mr. Lusambo said his first task is to ensure that he inspects markets across the province.He further said he is determined to ensure other districts are fully developed and infrastructure brought to proper standards.

Mr. Lusambo was speaking when he appeared on Tv2’s News and Current affairs Segment of Morning Live.He called on all government departments to unite and work together as a team to deal with the challenges of the province.

Mr. Lusambo also urged residents of Lusaka to maintain high standards of cleanliness.


    • Mr minister the Lusaka storm drain mitigation is not a simple project. Let’s engage ‘proper’ experts to help solve this issue for once and for all. We all know it’s not a PF problem but ours all, however, it needs our attention yesterday.

  1. I hope he does what he is promising with immediate effect. I still wonder why the mayor is still in office despite the clear indication of failure he has exposed. Lusambo may sound excited but maybe we need such characters around but only if they stick to their words. Actions not only talking!

    • @The Observer The Mayor was last seen (last week) in Bamako, Mali attending an African Mayors Association conference 2018. So will be visiting wherever the meeting is for next 5 years!

  2. He is just a loud mouth attention boot licker…..with no concept of how things work…..or the chain of events like revenue collection channelled to the right priorities for things to work…

  3. Way to go Minister Lusambo. Its important that you remind these guys in councils that Local Government is the lens for Government ‘çause they are expected to work closely with the community.
    For once, stand out from the crowd and make Lusaka great again. How possible is it that these guys in councils even fail to pay good salaries for that matter when infact, in other countries, local authorities as they are called attract the best employees.
    Lets bring it home, imagine all properties in Lusaka are expected to pay some form of levy to the councils and we all know it, why do they fail to collect this money and use it to plan the city, maintain cleanliness and order?
    Please ensure that street vending ban is enforced to the book including the ban to sell Airtime on Robots. These are…

  4. Lusambo boss tell the chancellors to start collecting garbage in their constituencies.In Lusaka west,metero,lilanda estate,lilanda chungu no one collects the garbage despite people willing to pay for the services.Indeed this MP of matero temutu.please PF is losing metero bcoz of such mp like Mulenga kazhiya.saulosi nakwe in lilanda can’t even organise the vehicle to collect the garbage.Why can’t concellors use CDF money to buy truck to collect garbage mwebantu.Ba Lusambo u can with these chaps called concellors

  5. It snowed in Lusaka last year. UPND’s official stand: “It is Lungu’s fault!” Are these people so dull that they can’t think or it is just ignorance?

  6. Its all lipservice he thinks LCC is illegally issuing out land who is he cheating…he should go and talk to his Party SG!!

  7. Land!!!land!!! Hon Minister. I think we need more strategic planning and road map to the talk. Its important there is unit in revenue collection,accountablity and its utilization. The province is rich! We need all stakeholders to play a role and this not only for lusaka but in all the 10 provinces of the mother land. There is already drainage projects going so i would rather u experdite.L400 project! Airport project! And,???

  8. Politics are dirty. This guy must have convinced Lungu that he can handle Lusaka better during his visit to the Copperbelt. Equally Mwanakatwe must have convinced Lungu that she can handle the economy better than Mutati. Dora had no right to be at the ministry of agriculture She is now in her element at the ministry of information.

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