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I am here to work and change the face of Lusaka-Lusambo

Headlines I am here to work and change the face of Lusaka-Lusambo

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on a familiarization tour of City Market Market and part of Lusaka CBD
Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo on a familiarization tour of City Market Market and part of Lusaka CBD

Lusaka Province Minister Bowman Lusambo has vowed to transform the face of Lusaka as he begins his tour of duty as Lusaka Province Minister.

Speaking to Journalists Monday morning after touring the gutted City Market on a familiarization visit, Mr Lusambo revealed that he will spend most of his time in the field interacting with the residents of Lusaka to find solutions to their challenges.

Mr. Lusambo said he was touring the gutted market in response to an outcry from Marketeers that the trading conditions at the market had worsened following the heavy rains that the city has been experiencing.

The Provincial Minister has since disclosed that he will meet with business houses and cooperating partners to find a short term solutions to the roofing problem at the market which was gutted last year.

Mr. Lusambo who is also Kabushi Member of Parliament said he will not disappoint the people of Lusaka and most importantly the appointing authority in the execution of his new role.

“We are here to work and for me, work starts right here. There will be no time for wearing neckties,” he said.

“In this market, we have a lot of people, some are widows taking care of many orphans and it is important that we quickly find ways of improving the situation at the market,” Mr. Lusambo said.

Mr. Lusambo who also held meeting with market authorities said he will mobilise the business community to provide tents at the market as a short term measure.

He also called for team work and hard work in Lusaka Province in order to deliver on the promises of a modern capital city.

“I will not do this alone. I will work with my team at the Provincial Administration and everyone else in Lusaka to ensure that we create a city that we can all be proud to live in. My record is clear where I am coming from and I am confident that with the support of our people here, we will change the face of Lusaka because that is what we are here for,” Mr. Lusambo said.

He said he toured the market to reassure the people that President Edgar Lungu is still committed to addressing their plight as the government looks at ways of reconstructing the gutted market.

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    • There was a market fire in Ndola. Lusambo failed. You remember Kambwili went to mock him, and Lusambo send boys to beat Kambwili. That market is tiny compared to City market of Lusaka.

    • Then you ask why after 50 years we are the 3rd hungriest country in the world we cannot mert our own budget and still a sh!thole country? There you have it lusambo, Kampyongo, kaiser, freedom sikazwe, Davis Mwila, Edgar ………

    • He wants to show Lungu that he can change Lusaka? Tell us your strategic plan Bootlicker. What will you do to achieve that? These guys are jokers; They love barking like DOGS..

    • Don’t forget to change Katondo street, a place of your humble beginnings. If you forget your colleagues there you might just fine yourself needing to go back there and it will be sad if they do not accept you back.

    • Where were the cholera victims buried? Or did they even have families? Or was this just a scam to steal money? How come it’s only the government that tells us but we don’t know of any family that lost a loved one to cholera?

    • How can the president take Lusambo to Lusaka? The only Ministry he could have tried him is Ministry of chiefs where he does not need thinking. Lusaka deserves a better minister than a cadre who only knows how to write his name. Lusambo cannot change the face of Lusaka, how will he do that? Tell the nation your unique approach that will change Lusaka apart from throwing stones the trade mark you are known for.

    • These kind of Ministers in Kawalala cabinet kuti waseka
      Uubomba mwibala alya mwibala just shut up and eat like your boss told you

    • SATA Changed Lusaka as a governor by building the fly over bridge at Zesco, he changed the Ministry of Health by introducing the health care system, he made his party (which you guys have hijacked and ruined) single handedly and dislodged the thieving MMD. Then we have a money changer telling us that he’ll change Lusaka, oh please!

    • Bafeekala you complain too much. Lusaka mayor sleeps you whine like little .ibtches. The Minister does the opposite you complain even more. What the ufck on earth do u want. 1di0ts

    • Lusambo is NOT Minister for Lusaka city. He is Minister for Lusaka Province. And he doesn’t even know that. He hasn’t read the strategic plan of the Lusaka City Council nor the Budget allocations for Lusaka Province, and he wants to change the face of Lusaka. From which budget? Lord God save us. In three years Sata destroyed the strong economy that Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda left reducing GDP growth from 6.7% to 3%. And Zambians do not even know this. We even have to thank EL for saving us from worse disaster. We Zambians are our own worst enemies.


    • Whatever happened to the market coming up near Shoprite Wholesale? It was supposed to be up and running in 2 weeks… But over a month gone and Work is on stand still. Another one of PF’s unfinished projexts? Or did you sell the plot off to the china man??

  1. Upnd blind cadres may call this man a Kaponya but he is hard working minister!!
    Hon.Bowman Lusambo is a hard working minister!!keep it up Sir and continue ignoring opposition parties who are up for no good!!NOTHING GOOD COMES FROM OUR OPPOSITION MOUTHS AND THET REASON IS SIMPLE-THEY WANT YOUR JOB TOO MUCH!!

    • How do you define hard work? Give us a trail of what Bowman has done so far. Someone above has tabulated some of the things the late MC Sata did…fly over bridge, LUDC buses, Ministry health reforms. Yes Bowman talks and he does not work hard and even himself knows that very well

  2. Welcome to Lusaka Lusambo, remember this piece of advice don’t read Lusaka times neither watchdog, grow a thick skin and keep keeping on doing the good work. Haters will hate

  3. He will change the face of Lusaka!!!!! He thinks it’s a small job this cadre. U throw away our money on useless second hand fire machine now u want to go beg from over taxed business community. Let lightening strike u pipo for taking advantage of us.

  4. This is what grassroots like a minister running around asking why the bin has not been emptied instead of policy creation and lobbying…i highly doubt it a kaponya like Bowman can chair a sensible meeting!!

  5. Well, he changed the copperbelts face by putting his face on all billboards!. We all know you were brought here to sort out NDC.

  6. Hopeless loud mouth……when lungu went to CB on his tour he found all manner of things wrong , and had to issue directives , that’s when this loud mouth woke up farting orders…..

  7. put your plans on paper then show and we will see if they can work,dont just bark like an attack dog…you and that sleeping mayor twalamimona…the yellow bins are already filling please do something..

    • That’s real barking. he failed to change the face of copperbelt a smaller city now hallucinating to change Lusaka. Dementia yamwikata bwangu Lusambo.

    • One thing to note of that yellow bin is that carton box sticking out in there …if you had a forward thinking govt; they would sit down and think of creating a recycling plants thereby creating employment via a sustainable sector. I bet you 90% of that waste can recycled where food waste is turned into compost…I remember a time when Lusaka city councils used to sell compost/black soil at their Horticulture depot in Woodlands.

  8. I do not see anything wrong with Bowman Lusambo giving us his plans for the city of Lusaka. He has even gone further to say that he will not work alone, but will engage business houses, cooperating partners and the team at Provincial Administration. A vision very few of our leaders have expressed.

    So, Mr. Lusambo, show us what you are made of. We are watching and waiting.

  9. LUSAMBO, PART OF THE INEPT, CORRUPT BUNCH OF DAY DREAMERS!! Didn’t President Lungu find people living side by side with faecal matter on the Copperbelt while this same Lusambo was busy antagonising his party and dishing out land corruptly to all manners of foreigners!! It had to take President Lungu to show him that governance had failed on the CB he needed to talk with mayors and heads of organizations involved in water sanitation! NO STYLE, NO QUALITY, NO LEADERSHIP AT ALL!!

  10. Zambia a country where morons rise to the top. Starting with the so called President who fails articulate issues. Backward people. Backward country.

    • @14SHIMA, it appears for the appointing authority improving the city or province is talking too much and antagonizing the opposition and certain ranks within PF. That is what he best did on the CB and the President seems to lack that in the bigger place, Lusaka that is why he brought him to Lusaka!! Otherwise WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO TO THE SLEEPING MAYOR WHO WAS ELECTED, HE CAN’T FIRE NOR TRANSFER HIM!! WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO TO THE ENTIRE LUSAKA CITY COUNCIL WHICH FALLS UNDER LOCAL GOVERNMENT? WHAT IS HE GOING TO DO TO PARTY CADRES THAT COLLECT COUNCIL LEVIES WHEN THE PRESIDENT HAS SAID “Uubomba mwibala..”? As we debate Kitwe City Council where he has just come from complained that PF cadres are collecting bus levies from stations, thereby reducing council revenues! So WHAT DID HE…

  11. It’s the lazy educated tribalists and elitists in UPND who are relentlessly barking while Lusambo leaves a mark on Lusaka.
    They said the same about Sata.Today you can’t talk about Lusaka without talking about what Sata did when he was Governor of Lsk District.
    Stop listening to these UPND arm chair critics Lusaka and give the ‘Lusakans’ a signature project like the Great East Road flyover bridge.

    • You have mentioned Sata, he left a mark on Lusaka, what mark has Bowman left on the copperbelt. This guy is divisive because he has an inferiority complex where he thinks, credit to someone else is debit on his side. How can almost all PF structures on CB celebrate at his transfer. This guys just talks and talks and talks and talks and talks with Zero tangible things to show for it.

  12. “Mr. Lusambo who is also Kabushi Member of Parliament said he will not disappoint the people of Lusaka and most importantly the appointing authority in the execution of his new role.”

    This is the mindset of these myopic politicians of the day like Bowman he sees the appointing authority as top on his list to impress people who pay his wages are at the bottom…he is there because of his boss in State House.

  13. With ministers of this caliber, no wonder Zambia, after 54 years of independence, shall remain a REPUBLIC OF HUNGER!!

  14. Lusambo? Don’t barking whn u hvn’t done anything. Lusaka is not Ndola, ask yourself, wht hv u done where u coming frm. You think we’ll listen or cheer you ati Lusambo ala pangapo. Akulyafya, ni mwibala.

  15. Someone told me that the Catholics are good at exorcism! They must, I think, chase the demons in Humpty Dumpty empty tribal party and in Kambwili! I forgot and in all Under Fives on Lusaka Times! Then Zambia will be all fine!

  16. Dull UPND analysts are exercising their rights of being tribalists! They have no substance! The oppose anything and everything as long as it does not come from a chronic loser.

    • what substance have blogged? That is a sign of defeat…you are the people that pick stones first when you lose and argument. Just hep Bowman by arguing for him on the blog maybe you can win some hearts on LT.

    • Victor there is nothing to oppose because he has not said anything,he should let us what his plans for the city and the province are then we can debate

  17. At tents just for temporary. People should not be fooled because those tents will be permanent. They will start changing from tents to structures when 2021 is getting close.

  18. IN lusaka we speak NYANJA Does this kaonde understand NYANJA or speak it. Mwakalombe IS ALSO ANOTHER LENJE WHO CANT SPEAK BEMBA FURTHERMORE CANT DEFEAT CK IN COPPERBELT Hmm.. PF is gone to NDC now

  19. @Nostradamus; this boy Lusambo has failed in Ndola and on the Copperbelt; did you see the state of housing and sewer in Masala? Ndola was better planned but what has he done there; for now the boy is just making empty noise; but let us wait and see;

  20. The first line of business the honourable Lusaka province minister should do is to WAKE UP the Lusaka mayor from deep slumber as evidenced by the picture on social media two months ago and make him work. And after the recent reshuffles, the first line of business the Secretary to the Cabinet should do is to ensure that all ministers are not paid for reporting for work, but that they should be paid for working. My thoughts exactly.


  22. Lusambo mwana you are not provincial minister for markets. You are Minister of all the sectors in Lusaka Province. Just to help you with a work plan. You have to visit all ministry departments, namely the Police stations, Hospitals, Colleges, Universities, Schools. Newspaper companies, Radio station, Milling companies, Churches, Old peoples home, Chiefs, Dropping centers for street kids, Shop, City Council. the prisons. If a police station has no transports, help them to get one from the business community and other working areas within the province.

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