ZMA seizes 300 underfilled containers of cooking

Cooking Oil container
Cooking Oil container
Cooking Oil container
Cooking Oil container

The Zambia Metrology Agency,a Statutory Body under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI), has seized three hundred (300) containers of cooking oil from a named manufacturing company in Lusaka.

This is when the Agency’s inspectors carried out a random compliance inspection at the company’s manufacturing plant and found all packaged cooking oil products non-compliant with regards to the net content declared.

The inspected products of cooking oil included 750 milliters, 2 Liters, 2.5 Liters, 5 Liters, 10 Liters and 20 Liters.

Fifty products (50) from each denomination were sampled and a total of 300 products were seized for non-compliance.

The company was also found using four (04) unverified automatic fillers for packaging.

The seized underfilled cooking oil containers have since been disposed of through the Courts.

The client was summoned for a hearing and shall be charged and penalised accordingly.

It is Law that all companies involved in producing, distributing, packaging, buying or selling of measured goods must have their weighing and measuring instruments verified regularly for accuracy of measurements.

The Law also provides that prepackaged products of correct quantities declared as well as have accurate labelling on the packaging

The Zambia Metrology Agency carries out compliance inspections on weighing and measuring instruments used for trade as well as prepackaged products with regards to accuracy of measurements.

This is to protect consumers against unjust measurements and to promote fair trade.
Zambia Metrology Agency is a Statutory Body under the Ministry of Commerce, Trade and Industry (MCTI) established by the Metrology Act No 6. of 2017. The Agency is the national


  1. Shady business

    So you disposed of the good oil that could have been repackaged properly?

    How is anything our government does legal?

    Ashamed Zambian

    • They aren’t done disposing of the cooking oil yet, estimates are it will take them ten years to fully dispose of the contraband.

    • Yes repackage by filling to the right mark and you end up with say 20 that are empty containers! Fine the culprit company heavily for that …

    • Should be an Indian company because they are so stupid evil in their thinking. Nothing will happen anyways, sure the team involved has already eaten Mwibala…

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