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Cabinet approves funding exceeding 200 million U.S dollars for the L400 project

General News Cabinet approves funding exceeding 200 million U.S dollars for the L400...

Dora Siliya
Dora Siliya

Cabinet has approved funding exceeding 200 million U.S dollars for the L400 project.

In its 3rd meeting lasting 8 hours chaired by President Edgar Lungu, the meeting approved the funding which will go towards rehabilitating, upgrading and construction of selected urban roads in the capital city.

Cabinet has further approved 1-hundred and 97 million dollars for road works on the Copperbelt Lot one project.

The project will result in the Engineering, Design, Rehabilitation, Upgrading and Construction of approximately 1-hundred and 52 kilometre of selected township roads in Kitwe, Chingola and Mufulira on the Copperbelt.

The Meeting also expressed the need for Government to quickly rehabilitate economic roads such as the Chingola-Solwezi, Kafue -Mazabuka and Lusaka-Mongu roads which are currently in bad state.

The Cabinet meeting also approved 27.9 million dollars for the implementation of the Electricity Service Access Project supported by the International Development Association -IDA- targeting rural areas.

Cabinet further approved the introduction of 2 bills to Parliament providing for the repealing and replacement of the National AIDS Council Act as well as the conversion of Medical Stores Limited into a Statutory Government Agency.

Meanwhile, President Lungu and Cabinet has regretted the death of Six children who drowned in Central Province.

This is according to a statement released to ZNBC News by Chief Government Spokesperson Dora Siliya.


  1. We seem to always rehabilitate township roads when rural areas need new roads. What economic gain is in township roads compared to roads in rural districts?

    • There is no review or encouraging innovation its the selfsame cycle…there are companies that are building concrete roads but these thieves are too greedy to look for efficient technologies out there!!

    • When we said Dora’s ministry, we didn’t mean to appoint her as PF government spokesperson. This is ultra insults to Zambia voters.

    • Fix the storm drain system imwe, ala. You keep on patching roads every year at very high prices. Fix the storm drain to reduce flooding

  2. Surely how can the whole cabinet be talking about upgrading and construction of selected urban roads in the capital city….leave this to municipal councils!!

  3. Am sure that $200 million is going to pay for projects that have overun their budgets and stalled…projects that were recently finished but are shabby jobs!!

  4. We thought such an amount, $200million, AFTER THE CHOLERA CATASTROPHE could have been used to IMPROVE WATER SUPPLY and SANITATION in some of the affected areas but WE GO BACK TO THE SAME SONG OF URBAN ROADS!! May be bcoz they have DEVELOPED SPECIALIZATION IN LOOTING THRU ROADS CONTRACTS!!

    • We have several road material innovations yet we are still stuck with heavy dependence on asphalt ….what are the lecturers in the School Of Civil Engineering doing there!!

  5. It’s about time government should be thinking of putting up new rail line from chigola to Livingstone,al so by law all Villegas should have brick house

  6. Headlines only $200 million but read the article and the other roadworks takes it to over $400 million.
    Clever press release because most pipo only interested in the headline.

  7. Misplaced priorities or the sheer lack of them altogether is just shocking. With Lungu & the PF, one is given to wonder sometimes what compels them to act like mental retards all of the time, are they on drugs or it’s an endowment from God?

  8. The concentration of development in the North and the line of rail is also very myopic, just how’re you going to curb rural/urban migration like this? And how could cabinet sit for 8 hours discussing one item, kupusilatu ngako vizende vya PF.

  9. Those who have interfaced with Siliya will tell you she’s intellectually incapable! She at best floats with intellectual tide but more often sinks stone cold! The girl is a plain ***** whose conjugal prowess propelled her via UNZA & Cabinet. Now imagine sitting for 8 hours in a meeting with such dead wood, agony!

  10. We should be asking where this $200 million is coming from. Is this another loan, diverted funds or another pitch for funds carefully put together by government beggars? Why are the opposition parties not scrutinizing these colossal sums for what appears to be shoddy jobs? Are Zambians getting value for money? Is there an independent authority looking at the procurement process or is state house the new treasury and authority on all infrastructure projects in the country? The same state house announced a single road project costing $1 billion not so long ago, what’s the progress on that?

  11. Until such a time that Zambians start holding these imbeciles called ministers to account for theft and sheer lack of vision, the strides into underdevelopment will even hasten pace! Zimbabwe that’s been in limbo for 20 years will sooner than later overtake us. Our affinity for fools vexes me deeply.

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