Sudan takes interest to supply oil to Zambia

Energy Regulations Board (ERB) offices

Energy Regulations
Board (ERB) offices
The Energy Regulation Board (ERB) has disclosed that Sudan has taken interest in supplying oil to Zambia.

ERB Executive Director Langiwe Lungu said ERB has recorded an increase in the number of Zambian registered companies applying for oil marketing and renewable energy licenses.

This is contained in a statement made available to ZANIS by the First Secretary Press and Public Relations at the South African Embassy Naomi Nyawali .

Speaking on the sidelines of the 10th Africa Energy Conference being held in Sandton, South Africa, Ms. Lungu said her organization has been approached by a delegation of the representative of the Sudanese government on the possibilities of the country supplying oil to Zambia.

She said if actualized, the move will help to reduce oil and fuel prices in Zambia adding that ERB will refer the Sudanese government to the Ministry of Energy for further consultations.

Ms. Lungu said the interest shown by Sudan was welcome as Zambia was looking for solutions in reducing fuel prices which has affected many people.

She said a total number of 96 standard licences and 85 provisional licences were last year issued in different sectors of the oil and energy sectors showing an increase in the licences issued to local companies unlike in the past.

Ms. Lungu said the increase in demand for licences in the oil and energy sectors can be attributed to the allocation of quotas to the transportation and procurement of fuel as well as the demand alternative energy sources such as Solar and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG).

She said Zambia was engaging Kenya and South Africa to help in formulating regulatory framework including building capacity in the geothermal and wind energy sectors respectively.

Speaking at the same event, Zambia’s High Commissioner to South Africa, Emmanuel Mwamba has expressed happiness that Zambia was applauded for being one of the African countries that embraced renewable energy in addition to traditional hydro and thermal energy use.

Mr. Mwamba said Zambia was investing in energy infrastructure such as transmission lines to help bring some areas on the national grid as well as export power to need countries.


  1. We have heard such stories before….. Where is the cheap fuel from Saudi Arabia that Lungu went to negotiate for? 3 years down the line nothing has happened.

  2. Why can’t we have cheap fuel?Why always sourcing from saudi arabia when there is cheap fuel in Africa.Corruption indeed can make poor people suffer more.Please president stop it fuel has killed the economy of this country.People won’t manage in this country.A politicians should help people live better.Don’t always listern to business men otherwise insala ileta umusebanya.Pipo now hate you coz they can’t afford to buy anything.why having a president who can’t supply cheap stuff to his/her nation.yo role is to make lives of zambians better.listerns to us

    • Upto date you don’t know which part of Sudan is rich in minerals.
      Just continue with your usual insults seems thats wgat you know best.

  3. I keep wondering what happened to the planned pipeline from Angola passing thru kalabo,mongu,kaoma, mumbwa and finally kapiri-mponshi. There Refineries to export to Malawi, Congo, Malawi and off course Zambia

    • @O.Kabanda, Oil Refining is not just a matter of buying crude anywhere and shipping it to Indeni for refining. Indeni is only able to refine certain types of crude oil and all to put it simply. From the little I know Angolan oil is too heavy to be refined at Indeni as the Indeni Refinery is right now.

    • Ilyashi lya pa nsaka ……….. Ubomba mwibala ………… Umulembwe wa cipuba ………. SO IS THE STATUS QUO OF OUR COLLECTION. I was mesmerized today listening to a young Finance Minister of the Republic of South Africa articulating policy shifts anchored on a National Vision: DO WE ZAMBIANS HAVE SUCH? Save for some piece of paper (based on CUT en PASTE) called 7NDP. The HOW is generically evident for us that is we keep hopping and oscillating countrymen and women.


  5. Those journalist donthe even follow up where they left off with these stories. Just a few days ago there was negotiations with Saudi Arabia. Today it’s Sudan. Eish!

  6. The Information Attachee of the Embassy of Sudan in South Africa would like to state that the above news piece is incorrect. as no such statement was made in that regard.

    Please be informed that The Government of Sudan Did Not send any delegation from Sudan to the for-mentioned Indaba . we kindly request the necessary action to be taken to rectify this mistake with the correct information.

    Mohamed Zakaria Bashier Imam
    First Secretary,
    Embassy of the republic of Sudan

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