The decisions of Cabinet at its 3rd sitting on Monday 19th February, 2018

Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP
Chief Government Spokesperson, Hon. Dora Siliya, MP

At the 3rd Cabinet Meeting held on Monday, 19th February, 2018, at State House, which lasted about 8 hours from 10:15 hours, Cabinet discussed six (6) substantive Agenda Items. The following were the decisions made:

  1. Engineering Design, Rehabilitation, Upgrading and Construction of selected urban roads in the City and Province of Lusaka, Zambia Project

Cabinet approved the financing of selected roads in the Lusaka City (commonly called the Lusaka 400). An amount of US$ 204,940,174.80 has, therefore, been approved by Cabinet to support the Engineering Design, Rehabilitation, Upgrading and Construction of selected urban roads in the City and Province of Lusaka, Zambia Project.

His Excellency the President and his Cabinet have agreed to continue with infrastructure projects country-wide as the Government is aware that it is through such projects that economic progress could be achieved. Therefore, a total of US$ 241,106,088.00 of which 85% (US $204,940,174.80) will be provided by the Export-Import Bank of China while the 15% (US$ 36,165,914) will be provided by the Industrial Commercial Bank of China.

The general scope includes periodic maintenance, rehabilitation (gravel to paved and single lanes to double lanes) and new construction of approximately 400 Km roads, construction of 1 grade separated junction, construction of 90 Km of walkways and re-engineering of 10 junctions in the City of Lusaka project. With this project, the face of Lusaka City is expected to change completely as has been the case with key roads such as Chilumbulu; Burma; Nationalist; the Matero/Lilanda; Old Mumbwa Road and many others in townships. Cabinet further, emphasised the need for all road projects under this project to include drainages and street lighting.

2. Engineering Design, Rehabilitation, Upgrading and Construction of approximately 152 Km of Selected Township Roads in Kitwe, Chingola and Mufulira in Copperbelt Province – Lot 1 Project

During the same Meeting, Cabinet approved the financing of roads on the Copperbelt Province. For this project, Cabinet approved a total amount of US$ 197,391,777.85 to finance the implementation of the Engineering Design, Rehabilitation, Upgrading and Construction of approximately 152 km of selected township roads in Kitwe, Chingola and Mufulira in Copperbelt Province dubbed, the Lot 1 Project. The project also includes walkways, street lighting and traffic lights at selected junctions. Like the L400, this project will also involve the putting up of drainages.

A total of US$ 232,225,621.00 of which 85% (US$ 197,391,777.85.) will be provided by the Export-Import Bank of China while the 15% (US$ 33,833,843.15) will be sourced by Government to ensure a complete implementation of this important project for the Copperbelt Province. Government believes that improving the road network on the Copperbelt Province will facilitate greater economic activity.

This is an important project for the Copperbelt as it will result in the improvement of roads, decongestion of the current road network and improved accessibility to more areas, spurring further investment, economic activities, general development and improved living standards for the people on the Copperbelt.

3. Electricity Service Access Project.

Cabinet also approved implementation of the Electricity Service Access Project. The support from International Development Association (IDA) amounts to US$ 27,972,919.06 to finance the implementation of the Electricity Service Access Project.

The Government of the Republic of Zambia has identified the Electricity Service Access Project as a priority project with the main objective of increasing the country’s electricity access in the Zambia’s targeted rural areas.

Government is aware that with improved accessibility of electricity, especially in rural areas, this will enhance establishment of industries in these areas, thereby, increase economic activity.

4. Appointment to the Board of the National Prosecution Authority.

Cabinet approved the appointment of two Government officials on the National Prosecution Authority Board. There has been a vacancy in the position of Vice-Chairperson of the Board for the Authority and in the position of a Member appointed as a representative of the Ministry responsible for labour due to staff movements within the Ministries responsible for Justice and Labour.

These appointments complete the required number for the National Prosecution Authority Board, in accordance with the provisions of Section 7 (1), of National Prosecution Authority Act, No. 34 of 2010.

5. Medical Stores Bill, 2018.

Cabinet approved in principle to the introduction of a Bill in Parliament that will provide for the conversion of Medical Stores Limited into a Statutory Government Agency.

Currently, Medical Stores Limited is being supervised by the Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) as majority shareholder (98%) and Ministry of Health holds 2% of the shares. Continued placement of Medical Stores Limited under the IDC implies that it will be considered as a profit-oriented entity which is contrary to its mandate. Furthermore, MSL is a grant-aided institution with all its income coming by way of a grant from the Treasury and from Cooperating Partners.

Since its creation in 1976, Medical Stores Limited has been operating under the Companies Act and has endeavoured to provide the necessary medical supplies.

6. The National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council Bill, 2018.

Further, Cabinet discussed matters pertaining to HIV and AIDS. Cabinet approved in principle, to the introduction of a Bill in Parliament to repeal and replace the National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council Act, No. 10 of 2002 in order to:

(a) strengthen the legal framework which provides for coordination, monitoring and evaluation of multi-sectoral national response for the prevention and combating of the spread of HIV and AIDS, STI and TB to reduce personal, social and economic impacts of HIV and, AIDS, STI and TB;

(b) enhance public health protection through adoption of best practices in the prevention and management of HIV and AIDS, STI and TB; and

(c) right size the composition of the National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council in order to provide for a lean but effective governing body.

Economic Affairs: Update on the Performance of the Economy and the 2018 Outlook.

During the Meeting, Cabinet took note of the information in the brief by the Minister of Finance on the performance of the economy. His Excellency the President and his Cabinet agreed in the past Meetings that it was important that the Minister of Finance keeps updating Cabinet on the economic outlook in order to, among other things, check the progress the Patriotic Front Government was making in the implementation of policies and where possible, which remedial measures should be taken in order to continue to serve the people of Zambia better as promised.

The Minister of Finance in her brief highlighted that:

  1. GDP growth continued on a positive trajectory, though at a slower rate than earlier projected;

  2. inflation was contained within the projected band of 6%-8% at 6.1%;

  3. relative stability was achieved in the exchange of the Kwacha against major trading currencies;

  4. the preliminary budget deficit at 6.1% was contained below target of 7%;

  5. the external sector improved as the current account deficit narrowed to US$760.3 million from US$1.037 billion in 2016; and

  1. the 2018 outlook shows continued positive growth and macroeconomic stability although risks remain related to financing of the budget, adverse weather and health conditions.

The Meeting also expressed the need for Government to quickly rehabilitate economic roads such as the Chingola / Solwezi; Kafue / Mazabuka and Lusaka / Mongu roads which were currently in bad state.

In concluding the Meeting, and on a sad note, His Excellency the President and Cabinet regretted the loss of lives of 6 children who drowned in Central Province. Cabinet wished all the bereaved families heartfelt condolences and God’s help and guidance during this mourning period.

Hon. Dora Siliya

Minister of Information and Broadcasting Services/

Chief Government Spokesperson


    • More and more borrowing! I thought you had been warned against China. It may look like a friend indeed at the moment, but wait until you fail to pay back what you owe.

    • I fail to understand.Borrowing more money again,while.Look at what was on the agenda.How can a nation rely sorlely on borrowing?Arent these people supposed to come up with measures to stimulate the economy by for example reducing taxes?They have reached saturation point of borrowing but they still dont care but according to the president those cautioning against borrowing can go to hell.This is when the phrase “..chimbwi no plan” makes sense,agony is even with no plan they are fixed on re election come 2021.

    • From a professional perspective, very well presented, unlike what we were used to reading from Kampamba Mulenga or the real VP, who is Chanda.

      If there is any discussion about kongole, that is another topic and question for ECL. But this lady has a very clear style of communication.

    • At least some sensible outline of MOM. Well done Dora. Tell them you are simple Dora, not Vima “Honorable Titles” that’s why some of the Ministers can’t perform coz they are so embedded in their stupid TITLES.


  2. Other important issues such as;
    1. The poor performance of the Ministry of Agriculture where Dora was coming from,
    2. The prolonged closure of public Universities
    3. The long over due dialogue and democratic engagement with the opposition parties should have been tabled.
    By the way, why banking on new projects financed by new loans, when we have so many unfinished projects?

  3. Lusaka Roads will cost $241m, and Copperbelt Roads will cost $232m. TOTAL $473m. These are new projects, which are will also stall and will require further funding. We have been told that Government requires K4,6b to finish the stalled projects countrywide. I guess these stalled projects were fully budgeted and funded.
    New Projects: Even when the IMF advises strongly against new Loans for new projects, the PF dunderheads go ahead. Its amazing!!!!

    • There must be an explanation for this irrational borrowing. Possibly the borrowed funds are being used to finance government itself.These people should be collectively punished this is beyond financial indiscipline even incompetence can’t explain these decisions.

  4. Besides being corrupt; she is at least good in the areas of communications than in areas where she was a disaster; just never allow street vending again; and hope you and your other PF crooks will not steal again;

  5. There is also a suggestion that to prevent genocide the new registration cards should have no tribe on them.

    I have got a suggestion on this: How about having identities like vehicles.

    For example what if I call myself AAB2030. This means you can’t tell my tribe or deny me a job based on my reg. If there is need, you can then scan my ID but only when I have committed a crime.

    This means all of us will have to register ourselves just like vehicles.

    Just a suggestion.

    • I agree with you on that. If indeed we are to stay true to our motto “ONE ZAMBIA, ONE NATION”, we should get rid of tribe/chief/district things on our ID’s. We can’t be living like it’s still 1964. It’s time for change.

    • I have also seen this, but i don’t know if it is authentic or its the usual deadNBC fake news. I have not seen anywhere on my NRC where my tribe has big mentioned, there’s only the name of my village, chief, district and district were i was born and when i was born, WHAT’S WRONG WITH THIS INFORMATION? Why should i not be proud of the village of my forefathers and my chief. By the way even if your tribe ain’t on your nrc, immediately you say you are mulenga, or hamulenga people already know your tribe, i guess my brother’s suggestion above will be appropriate just code names and no village, chiefs name, but frankly i wouldn’t allow anyone to remove that from my documents.

  6. Only when you speak can the rest know whats on your mind. These reviews are good because things change and we equally must change in tandem with them. Even when the buck stops at the President, we are made aware that he does not rule alone. He is not the type that dances on the graves of those that met their fate through cholera who go to extents of finding fault instead of remedy. Keep your ears open to what people are saying but more importantly analyze before reacting. Insults can not make you bleed.

  7. For a government known to be the most corrupt in post independence Zambia, it would have been prudent to discuss how they plan to spruce up the negative perception of being a cabal of plunderers and improve their image. What are they doing about the rot amongst them who are in the majority? FIC and the auditor general’s report point to a cabinet reeking with bad governance and endemic corruption. Its incredulous that the extortion price for the purchase of fire tenders was a collective decision reached at a similar meeting. These are not honourable men and women, but thieves and pillagers of Zambia’s natural resources!!

  8. Madam Spin Doctor. now that you’ve gone back to what you know best, take the opportunity to brief us on your wedding arrangements. You have kept us in the dark since President Mulyokela proposed. We anxiously await your regular updates

  9. More borrowing, who will build the roads, its the Chinese. The money will still go back to China. They will come and use your materials and then charge you. Where is revenue from copper? What happened to the Euro bonds?

  10. Good work borrowing sad mutation said further projects will be done by PPP what has happened and please consider the Meanwood Mutumbi roads we have suffered and we will all contribute when paying back only right we also use the cash

  11. Dora indeed always articulates intelligently and in a most basic format. However it is a pity that the current system necessitates her to easily unveil minutes and proceedings of a high level cabinet sitting. Cabinet is not an adhoc committee and all care must be undertaken to secure detailed accounts. An agenda of the meeting suffices for this purpose. That is pretty much mirrored in parliament where debates are privy until released in the Hansard if you follow. Some issues may present vulnarabilities to enemies. Nevertheless the professional summary as presented by the minister is exemplary.

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