Power Dynamos have organised a four-team invitational pre-season tournament that will feature Napsa Stars, Forest Rangers and Kabwe Warriors.

The tournament takes place from February 23-25 at Arthur Davies Stadium in Kitwe.

According to Power team manager Lombe Chipupu, the tournament will be played on a round robin basis.

Local teams are preparing for the 2018 Zambian season that will start on March 3 with the Samuel “Zoom” Ndhlovu Charity Shield.


FRIDAY- 23-02-18

13:00 – NAPSA Stars Vs Kabwe Warriors

15:00 – Forest Rangers Vs Power Dynamos

SATURDAY – 24-02-18

13:00 – Kabwe Warriors Vs Forest Rangers

15:00 – Power Dynamos Vs NAPSA Stars

SUNDAY – 25-02-18

13:00 – Forest Rangers Vs NAPSA Stars

15:00 – Power Dynamos Vs Kabwe Warriors

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  1. Good start. I would like to know some of the new players. Let’s intensify the preps. All the best power 90


  2. @ Ayatolla we use such pre season games to assess players and various formations. So results matter less.


  3. Power are so scared to invite neigbours nkana for fear of being emballased at their own backyard , to bad plz pack your bones and go back to div one amatures



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