File: A ZESCO LTD worker working on high voltage power cables

ZESCO limited and Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company have been instructed to amicably resolve outstanding payments they owe each other.

On Tuesday this week, ZESCO cut off power supply to Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company in Nakonde District due to outstanding payments, a move which disrupted water supply to Nakonde District Administration Offices.

It is alleged that ZESCO took the move to cut off power from Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company in Nakonde after Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company in Isoka cut off water supply to ZESCO offices in the earlier hours of Monday.

The cutting off of water supply to ZESCO offices in Isoka is also due to an outstanding water bill amounting to over K582 000that the utility company had not cleared as at 21st February, 2018.

Muchinga Province Permanent Secretary Jobbicks Kalumba has charged that the two sister companies should immediately resolve the issue and restore supply of water and power to the areas that have been affected.

Dr. Kalumba, who met managers of the two companies and Nakonde District Commissioner Field Simwinga at his office in Chinsali, advised the two companies to formulate a payment plan that should be respected and honoured.

The Provincial Permanent Secretary stressed that ZESCO and its counterpart Chambeshi Water and Sewerage Company should learn to dialogue instead of resorting to cutting off supply of power and water, a move that has affected innocent residents.

He urged the two companies to start afresh and reconnect both power supply in Nakonde and water supply in Isoka district respectively.

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    • Useless State-owned so-called companies (Ibala) that are inefficient with dull MDs so silly that these cash cows cannot perform. They are run by useless leaders who are lazy and can innovate. Shame on PF.


  1. why should a water utility company be relying on hydro generated power in this time and age? ever heard of solar power generation?


  2. This is the effect of poorly run state owned companies…this ZESCO has never recorded a profit yet its managers and directors are driving brand new Jeeps and everyone is getting discounted electricity.



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