Four solar panels stolen in Nchelenge

Solar Modules
Solar Modules

Four Solar panels for the solar hammer mill under the Presidential Initiative in Chief Kambwali’s area in Nchelenge District have been stolen by unknown people.

Nchelenge District Commissioner (DC) Derrick Mwelwa who rushed to the scene found four out of the sixty installed solar panels at the hammer mill missing.

And speaking to ZANIS in an interview, the DC said it is unfortunate that people have started vandalizing the hammers mills which are meant to easy their living conditions through supply of cheap mealie meal.

Mr. Mwelwa stated that there is need for the community to guard the hammer mills jealously because they are meant to provide a readily available market for farmers to sale their maize and lower cost of mealie meal as opposed to vandalizing them.

He has since appealed to police to investigate the matter thoroughly and ensure that the perpetrators of crime are brought to book.

Mr. Mwelwa has also disclosed that 14 out of the 26 Solar Hammer Mills allocated to Nchelenge District were installed and are currently operational.


    • Let’s not laugh at our brothers from luapula, nostra from luapula ntondo my brother from another mother will also testify to, major source of income abantu bakufishiba is fishing, with the current fish ban coming an end on 1st March which started way back in December last year, a man is got to do what he is got to do to survival.

  1. This speaks volumes of how poverty has done to Zambians. Lets be factual most Zambians are below the poverty line and if support structures like skills training and entrepreneurship incubation are implemented it can bring the scourge to the end.Stealing as a means of survival will be a thing of the past if proper systems are in place. Thieves and corrupt elements are the same, they should be dealt with forthwith without fear or favor. Its a blow to the community support initiate PF government is undertaking.

  2. Thats because there is nothing smart about their design…am sure Chine contractor is laughing all the way to the bank about our docility!!

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