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Ex-Zambian coach pays tribute to former Zambia U20 defender Aaron Simutowe

Sports Ex-Zambian coach pays tribute to former Zambia U20 defender Aaron Simutowe

Ex-Zambia coach Patrick Phiri has paid tribute to the late former Zanaco and Zambia U20 defender Aaron Simutowe.

Simutowe died over the weekend in the United States in a road traffic accident.

The left-back was part of the first Zambia Under-20 team to qualify to the FIFA U20 World Cup in 1999 under coach Phiri.

“It is a great loss to Zambia and to the family. It is a terrible moment, “Phiri said.

“The young man has gone before his time after a fantastic time during his youth career.

“Our hearts are with his family.

“He was a very determined young man who wanted to excel and never gave up.”

Simutowe is the son of the late Zambia defender Boniface Simutowe.

He played for Zanaco from 1999 to 2000 before moving to America. Simutowe collected a couple of senior caps in friendlies in 2000 under late Chipolopolo coach George Mungwa.

His contemporaries in the Zambia Under-20 Class of 1999 include Kampamba Chintu, Andrew Sinkala, Emmanuel Zulu, Perry Mutapa, Ronald Mbambara, Bernard Makufi and George Chilufya.


    • We got from TV news. We have trategy here in our neighborhood. I never meet him, but heard of him all time from friends, that he was cool guy.

    • Nostradamus
      Don’t just talk we need contributions come where exactly are you so I can give directions to come to the funeral

    • @Why Anonymous, napachililo.
      Did you open “Go Fundme” yet? Post it here.
      However I like you, you have already mobilised me and more.
      I know it happened apa pa Bridgeport, CT.
      Please ask those with contacts like:
      Ba Mizinge, Ba Fred Ruwe
      to publish details. Most of mature ones are not on Facebook.

    • @Nostradamus
      We are having a fundraising event in Massachusetts this weekend.Yes it happened in Connecticut.I dont have full details of the event yet

  1. Za Yellow! Gone too soon my friend. You will forever live in our memories mwana. It seems like yesterday, our Avondale, and Chelstone days will always be special. We will LOVE YOU always Za Yellow.

    With heavy hearts and plenty of LOVE, HAPPINESS AND LOVING KINDNESS in celebration of your life // our lives together,
    Your Friends for ever: Elton, Mwansa – Power 90, Coby Jones, Chiko, Chishale, Sunday Olise, Sam Jere, Dabwiso Nkoma, Jack Cameroon, Juman, Baba Mukwa (and the tank boys)+ Chelstone BIG stars, Profound Warriors, Zanaco FC, Munali Boys, Zambia U20 swag, and, and….
    Rest in eternal peace Mwana. ONE LOVE!!

  2. Its sad that he was run over by a hit and run car. What’s even more disturbing is the clip that shows a homeless man describing Simutowe as a good man who used to live on the streets.

    • Where did you see that clip? Because I don’t believe it exists…the only tv news clip there is, shows a body trapped underneath a car, let’s be factual instead of feeding people with wrong information, Aaron, had loving friends who wouldn’t have left him to be homeless. Yes he had taken much to the bottle, but he wasn’t homeless.

  3. The guy played with the likes of chintu kampamba,perry mutapa,Andrew sinkala and you have forgoten moses sichone who is FAZ techenical director today and the rest are coaches but you people still call him a youngman he was above 40 RIP BRO

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