Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya
Health Minister Dr Chitalu Chilufya
The Ministry of Health has recorded 18 new cases of cholera in the last 24 hours.

Minister of Health Chitalu Chilufya said out of the 18 cases, 13 were recorded from Lusaka and five from Kafue.

Dr. Chilufya attributed the cases of cholera recorded in Kafue to linkages of contaminated water from the fishing camps which he said will still remain closed to curb new cases.

He stated during a cholera update in Lusaka today that cholera cases in Lusaka are coming from George, Kuku, Matero, Chelstone, Chawama and Ng’ombe compounds.

The Minister noted that escalated interventions through multi-sectoral approach such as contact tracing, chlorinating of water and hygiene sensitisation are still being implemented in communities and affected areas to reduce on new cases or bring the number to zero.

Dr. Chilufya said he was confident that the cholera epidemic is reducing as cases in epic-centers have nearly zeroed.

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  1. Well, ba Chilufya mwa lufyanya! With the new cholera strain Koswe Mumphoto brought from banyaMulenge in Kigali, ni lwakwa Noah nomba, kano lunye! Cholera haita feza nimina mu tambile tunaminungu tuni masila Amina a nyenyisa.


    • You clever enough to put comment but not clever enough to check facts.
      Just try Google ” new cholera strain kigali” and see if anyone in the world agrees with your comment that can incite a violent reaction on innocent people.
      Shame on you. Clean your own house. Don’t blame others.


  2. NO CHOLERA CASES FROM LAKE TANGANYIKA, LUAPULA, or ZAMBEZI and KARIBA, but the poor fishermen there are still prevented from earning a living there.
    Is the Minister going to compensate them for their loss of earnings? Is he going to send them nutritious food to replace their daily source of nutrition? Is he going to treat all the cases of malnutrition and loss of school days in the children?
    So, because of some cases of cholera from Kafue, this Minister thinks we should shut down the whole of Zambias fish production?
    There were some cholera cases on the Copperbelt. Why has he not shut down all the MINES? And there were some farmers with cholera. Why has he not banned farming in Zambia?




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