Minister of High Education Prof. Nkandu Luo inspecting the room at one of the hostel at UNZA
Minister of High Education Prof. Nkandu Luo inspecting the room at one of the hostel at UNZA

The University of Zambia (UNZA) and Copperbelt University (CBU) will open in the next 10 to 14 days after senate sitting to adjust the academic calender, Higher Education Minister Professor Nkandu Luo has announced.

Speaking at a joint press briefing in Lusaka yesterday, Professor Luo said after sanitation improvements, it was decided that both institutions reopen.

“I have visited the various universities and I am impressed with the work done so far. Sanitary and water reticulation work at UNZA old residences is completed. Work done at CBU is at 95 percent complete,” she said.

She said that UNZA sanitation and water reticulation works in the old residences had been completed while the new residences were 80 percent complete.

She added that the remaining critical works at UNZA would be completed by Friday, March 2, 2018 before reopening.

“UNZA management has assured me that the critical works to the reopening of the institution will be completed by Friday while the sanitation and water reticulation works at the old residence had been fully completed,” she said.

On CBU Prof Luo said that 95 percent of the works had been completed with the help of Zambia Army personnel.

“CBU sought support from the Zambia Army to help in the rehabilitation of all the campuses which included Riverside School of Graduate Studies, Michael Sata School of Medicine and Mukuba in Ndola and Kapasa Makasa campus in Chinsali,” she said.

And Minister of General Education David Mabumba has ordered the 61 government, private and community schools which had been closed following the Cholera outbreak to open immediately. Mr Mabumba has directed the 12 government and 49 private and community schools which are still closed to be opened next Monday.

He said the decision follows a reduction in the number of cholera cases the country has continued to record.

“Some of the schools have introduced sanitary and maintenance programmes which we shall continue to support to prevent any possible outbreak of cholera. All the schools which opened one week late in January will close one week late in April,” he said.

Mr Mabumba said the ministry will soon announce when schools which are opening next Monday will close to compensate for lost time.

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  1. Some good news finally. Wait a minute. What was there to rehabilitate at Kapasa Makasa and Michael Sata School of Medicine? I thought these are very new schools/campuses.


    • Why is Luo being given an audience when she has no legitimacy to be a lawmaker. The woman is a MAN who has no moral authority. She won the seat by violence and it was nullified. Why is she holding on. Nkandu go away.


  2. Has the Minister of General Education David Mabumba inspected these schools to ensure that they comply with sanitation standards? Instructing closed schools without conducting an on the spot inspection by the minister or his subordinates does not make sense.



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