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Zambia Police recovers suspected cooked human hearts and livers

General News Zambia Police recovers suspected cooked human hearts and livers

Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Home Affairs Minister Stephen Kampyongo
Zambia Police investigation team into the ritual killings have recovered suspected cooked human hearts and livers and other uncooked body parts.

Minister of Home affairs Stephen Kampyongo said that the investigation team working with one of the suspects who is suspected to be the mastermind led the investigation team to the recovery of parts which have since been submitted to the forensic laboratory for examination.

Speaking when he delivered a ministerial statement in Parliament on Thursday, Mr Kampyongo said some neighbours to the suspect are also suspected to have eaten the cooked human body parts unknowingly.

Mr Kampyongo however said the investigations are still ongoing and the suspect is scheduled to appear in court soon.

The Minister however said the police have intensified security measures to curb the spate of suspected ritual murders.

He also explained that suspected ritual killings are a result of false beliefs promoted by some traditional healers and herbalists who claim that the use of human body parts in rituals can help people accumulate wealth.

Mr Kampyongo has since called for community participation to help bring the culprits to book.

He has also urged the members of the public to desist from taking the law into their own hands.

Mr Kampyongo disclosed that since October 21st, 2017 the country has recorded seven suspected ritual killings of males between the age of 25 and 40.

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    • PF Home Affairs minister not even embarrassed to present in Parliament that citizens start to eat each other due to hard times.
      Open fishing season please.

    • “…suspected ritual killings are a result of false beliefs promoted by some traditional healers and herbalists who claim that the use of human body parts in rituals can help people accumulate wealth.”

  1. No need to involve yourselves in rituals so you can get rich. Just join PF. You’ll eat mwiibala…

    • Yes was ritualist. He urged his followers to eat his flesh and drink his blood. He added it was a sacrament they needed to be perform constantly.

      Be careful with the demands of that dead poet.

  2. In recent years, this country has been flooded by many “prophets, witch-doctors, etc”. We have freely allowed these repercussions on our own. Look at the tabloids – classifieds are full of people advertising all sorts of charms – many of them are foreigners.

  3. Any suggestion that human parts were distributed as offals to villagers in one part of the country should be dismissed outright!

  4. ok, this is good news that the animal is now in police custody. But the disappointing news is that so far the Police has failed to secure convictions for other ritual murders. No progress has been made in outstanding court cases to ensure justice is served accordingly. The government must make an example of these people whereby when convicted; they must be speedily sent to the gallows as provided for in our statues. An example needs to be made urgently; the President must sign the execution orders once these dangerous individuals are convicted otherwise people will lose faith in our judicial system. Someone cutting and cooking body organs, what kind of depravity is this?

  5. The Zambian Intelligence, also infamously known as the Office of the President (OP) , has an Hidden Agenda and steeped into the Occult.
    The ultimate goal of OP’s hidden agenda is to usurp power in Zambia, indirectly and then directly. OP is bent on this and prepared to pay anything, to achieve its goal.
    OP has been and is still paying for witchcraft services aimed at helping to achieve the ultimate goal of its hidden agenda.
    OP is the biggest culprit in wasteful, extravagant, reckless, and unregulated expenditure of Public Funds.
    Apart from paying for witchcraft services, OP has illegally acquired Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs)- Electromagnetic Radiation Devices; Poisons; and Toxic Gasses – with which OP is conducting Secret Experiments , especially on Military Personnel and…

    • Kampyongo must fish out indoshi called traditional healers who cheated those bastards to kill our people. All these problems are caused by witch doctors. Why the witchdoctors themselves are not rich and continue to live in poor slums where they cheat ignorant and desperate people in a christian nation? It does not make sense for Kampyongo to hunt those bastards while at the same time inganga shili busy advertising fake fortune messages and banners in Lusaka Shanty compounds are everywhere. Arest them and put them in jail.

  6. These witch doctors that are promising wealth through such killings are not Zambian. They are foreigners who illegally entered Zambia a while ago. Places such as Misisi and Chawama house these illegal emigrants and yet nothing is being don’t to chase them.

  7. Ba community,if you catch these serial killers,just cut then into pieces alive,as long as police don’t catch you.or prick a sharp instrument in their eyes,make them blind forever.

  8. There is no short cut to wealth other than hard work. No charms or politician or indeed a pastor will improve your life. In bemba we say Lesa afwa aba yafwa. It’s a pity many Zambians have fallen for this nonsense.

  9. And it’s time those ugly posters flying all over Kitwe advertising witch doctors were banned. Apart from duping gullible people, they are making the town look like something out some ancient book.

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