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Brian Mushimba secures mining licences for illegal miners

Economy Brian Mushimba secures mining licences for illegal miners

Communication and Transport Minister Brian Mushimba announcing the cabinet approval of a new national airline during a "Team building" cocktail at Lusaka Intercontinental Hotel on Monday, 18 December 2017. Picture By Jean Mandela
Communication and Transport Minister Brian Mushimba announcing the cabinet approval of a new national airline during a “Team building” cocktail at Lusaka Intercontinental Hotel on Monday, 18 December 2017. Picture By Jean Mandela

Kankoyo Member of Parliament Brian Mushimba says he has secured two mining licences for the cooperatives of Zimba in Kankoyo constituency to legalize the illegal mining of silica in the peri uban area.

The minister is optimistic that President Lungu will address issues facing the black mountain in Mufulira the way it was done in Kitwe so that the cobalt rich heap can be beneficial to the district.

Addressing journalists yesterday morning in Kankoyo constituency, Mr Mushimba said that he was committed to ending illegal mining through legalization.

“There is an illegal mining of Silica in my constituency in Zimba which is a peri urban area. People survive through Agriculture and mining of silica. That mining has been illegal by and large. I have acquired 2 licences given by the ministry of mining and mineral development for the community of Zimba for Zimba cooperatives miners and I will hand them over at the ceremony that is being planned. What that does is the illegal mining operations are now going to be recognised by law,” said Mr Mushimba

Mr Mushimba said he will end exploitations that the people of Zimba have been subjected to by businessmen by connecting the two cooperatives to Mopani and Kansanshi mines so that they can supply directly and cut out the middlemen that take the chunk of the money without doing real work.


  1. …Despite submitting all requirements for the licence and even paying the K3,000 they requested for, me l have been waiting for the same mining/Quarrying license since beginning of December 2917 and still waiting whilst others; just walk in/out with documents. What a system mwebantu, it’s pathetic to say the least.

  2. Nice work, honourable. While the mps in the 6.5 are driving their agendas forward, their misguided colleagues in the 3.5 are chewing free taxpayers’ money and walking out of parliament and have nothing to show the people who voted for them. Really pathetic!!

  3. Correct me if i am wrong but i thought that a mining licence had to be applied for by the mining entity. Mr mushimba so you are saying that you are part of the mining entity and will benefit accordingly.
    LTwould be better clarifying what the ministers actions were ,in securing the mining licences. It is ambiguous

    • No, as area mp he is helping these people by encouraging them to form a cooperative and helping them acquire a licence which makes their quarrying and mining legal. To you everything is corruption??

    • And also what that does is instead of being illegal, the cooperatives are recognised by law and taxes paid accordingly.

      People just criticise for the sake of. Pathetic to say the least.

  4. Giving permits to PIRATE TAXIS or ILLEGAL BAR OWNERS in the best interest of the state and ZRA as long as it does not infringe on any ones space.

  5. Well done Hon. At last the people of Zimba have been empowered in a big way and they will be able to enjoy the fruits of their labour other than the upnd conmen who have exploited these people for a long time. We will ensure that these people don’t come anywhere near this project, it seems these people are allergic to development. Even at national level they behave the same way, they are always trying to shoot down progressive bills/policies eg health insurance and many more. Lastly ka road Boss, it’s only 500 metres from Section G. I will never stop talking about it, it’s just too close to my heart and the people of luansobe .

  6. Zambian citizen, can you point to where in my post i refer to corruption. Your are an intelligent person so it shouldnt be too hard with your intellect
    Read the news item again and concentrate on the words used then you will sorry might understand better.

    • @ Masalamuso I read “Mr mushimba so you are saying that you are part of the mining entity and will benefit accordingly”

      In every sense of the word, intellectually, that is called innuendo no matter how you cut and dice your explanation… fULL STOP!

  7. Is this not abuse of power? There are people who have applied for permits …who is the chairman of this company? Alcoholic Kaponyas trying to work together in co-op we all know how this is going to end.

  8. Way to go honorable Mushimba. Empowering your community this way in a legally acceptable way is the way to go. The fact that it took you over a year to secure this should not deter you. You have done well for your community.

  9. PF chaps you need a blueprint for these people you can’t just be handing out licenses with no proper plan for them and if you want to support them you can empower them through loans and provide them with equipment rather than leaving them to their own devices. Africans lose a lot of money and time on mining with their primitive methods

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