The Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) has dispelled assertions alleging that the national team was not paid for the Ivory Coast and Namibia African Nations Championship games which were held in Morocco.

FAZ president Andrew Kamanga maintained when he featured on ZNBC Sunday interview programme that all the players were fully paid by government.

Kamanga said as far as the association is concerned, no player is owed any money by the government for the CHAN tournament.

He explained that government took over the paying of players after they qualified for the CHAN tournament in Morocco.

FAZ President Andrew Kamanga
FAZ President Andrew Kamanga

The FAZ president said the monies for the players were directly deposited into their accounts during the tournament.

However, Kamanga quickly pointed out that players have not yet been paid for the qualifying matches.

He said FAZ will only pay the players when the Confederation of African Football (CAF) releases the funds.

The FAZ president stated that government only comes in when the national team is playing in the tournament.

Kamanga said he would be shocked to find that government has not paid them.

And commenting on the fate of Zambia national soccer team coach Wedson Nyirenda, Kamanga said the association was still reviewing his performance.

Kamanga however revealed that Nyirenda failed to deliver according to the set targets in the contract.

He disclosed that according to the contract, the coach was supposed to qualify the national team to the World Cup 2018 and Africa Cup 2019.

The FAZ president also revealed that the coach requested the association to make changes to the national team technical bench.

Kamanga said FAZ accepted the request adding that the association will therefore make further changes to the technical bench.

He said once changes are made, FAZ will officially communicated to the public.

And Kamanga disclosed that FAZ has organised a four nations tournament.

He named Angola, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Zambia as the teams that will participate in the tournament.

He said the tournament will be used as preparatory matches ahead of the AFCON qualifiers.

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  1. FAZ, find an expatriate coach for the national team. We won’t get any where with the current coach. Ask 4-5 big companies in Zambia to contribute to the salary of a good expatriate coach. Working with ZRA, the companies can be incentivised by making their contribution tax deductable as social responsibility.


    • Give chance to Chris Katongo to coach national team. His friend Numba is doing well at Zanaco.


    • That is baseless WADA WADA is ok we do not need to disturb the flow please keep your hatred!


  2. Paying players for what they have worked for should be routine and automatic, therefore it should neither the make news headlines nor be considered as a big achievement for FAZ.


  3. The problem with the National Team is team selection, whoever will not select players on will fail. Bestone picked the Under 20 fairly and got the results. Numba failed before even the tournament began because of biased player selection. Kamanga is always blaming King Kalu for his failures. King K has given you space to work. Kalu is still very popular amongst soccer fans, were he to be at every game he would overshadow you. Some fans might beat you to show their anger. So stay cool and do your job


    • @Ayatollah, the culture of beating should not be allowed, differences should be resolved in a more civilized way. Unfortunately pa Zed nowadays, the culture is that if someone does not agree with you then they unleash physical violence on you. Abash cadre mentality.


  4. By the way employ your own coaches, you always disturb clubs each time you pick coaches to assist with coaching the National Team. Most senior coaches will be busy with continental football so it’ll be difficult for clubs to answer to your call ups. If Wada has requested changes whom are firing because he’s your only employee on the bench



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